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Dr. Nolan Karp, MD is a General Surgery Specialist in New York, NY and has over 37 years of experience in the medical field. Dr. Karp has more experience with Breast Surgery and Plastic Surgery than other specialists in his area. He graduated from Northwestern University The Feinberg School Of Medicine medical school in 1983. He is affiliated with NYU Langone Health Tisch Hospital. He is accepting new patients and has indicated that he accepts telehealth appointments. Be sure to call ahead with Dr. Karp to book an appointment.

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Dr. Nolan Karp, MD - Reviews

May 18, 2020


Dr Karp is a disgrace to women’s health And ruined my life

5 Dawn V. – Jul 05, 2019


Direct to implant bilateral mastectomy. Dr. Karp is very calm and approachable. I felt comfortable and in good hands. Answered my questions. I am healing well.

1 none – Jun 04, 2019


Dr. Karp did an excellent job on my recent breast reduction, the results are fantastic! Everything went very smoothly and he and his team were attentive and responsive. I had no issues of any kind with the operation, his office or staff. I wouldn't hestitate to go back to him.

2 1 Sallie S. – Dec 06, 2018


Dr. Karp recently performed direct-implant reconstruction at the time of my bilateral mastectomy. There was no problem or infection of any kind in the surgery's aftermath, and I healed remarkably quickly. Even at four weeks post op the reconstructed breasts look great. Beyond his indisputable expertise, Dr. Karp has a wonderfully kind and engaging manner. He's low-key but very friendly, with a wry sense of humor and an obvious concern for his patients as people. Highest recommendation.

1 Rena Booker in Bronx, NY – Oct 17, 2018


Dr. Nolan Karp is an excellent surgeon who is compassionate and cares about his patients. He performed a flap breast reconstruction on me and did an excellent job. He and his physician's assistant Brooke took the time to explain the procedure, and answer all my questions, and make me feel at ease before and after surgery. He has a great beside manner and is always smiling. He even takes the time to call his patients the day before surgery to check on you. All of his staff do a great job.

1 Gail in New York – May 31, 2018


Dr Nolan preformed my breast reduction surgery the end of October 2017 I Couldn’t Have Found A Better Surgeon. Dr Nolan has a gentle caring manner. He has wonderful support in his office. They were always available for my questions or concerns. Dr. Nolan is the best!!!

Raymond Strom – May 25, 2018


Dr Karp and his staff were friendly, helpful and professional during my treatment

2 MCS in New York City – Feb 09, 2018


I had a mastectomy on my left breast last September, my second bout of breast cancer. I had my final surgery in January. Dr. Karp was a good surgeon and reconstructed my breast like the old one. All through out my healing, I had no pain......... His staff totally made me feel at home thru the process.

1 Jan 09, 2018


Dr. Karp performed my breast reduction October 20, 2017. I recently had my final post op appointment, and I can honestly say this surgery has changed my life. I went from 34I to approximately 34D/DD. My scars have healed splendidly, and all of my physical ailments associated with my large breasts have all but disappeared (back/shoulder/neck pain, rashes and scarring from bras, headaches). Dr. Karp and his staff are topnotch, and made this experience seamless and stress-free. I have zero regrets.

12 1 New York, NY – Dec 21, 2017


Disaster. Screwed up my breast reduction. More than a year later, I am virtually the same size I was before the surgery. He just changed the shape, not the size. Still huge and uncomfortable with all the same issues. My complaints repeatedly fell on deaf ears. He did nothing to rectify the situation. Colossal disappointment.

Joan Giannola in New York, NY – Sep 20, 2017


I recently had breast reduction surgery with Dr. Karp. I cannot say enough nice things about him and his staff. He has a very nice bedside manner and is such a wonderful surgeon. I could not have asked for better results. Everyone in his office is terrific...kind, caring and very patient. I couldn't be happier.

Sarah in New York – Sep 06, 2017


No words would ever do Dr. Karp justice as he is truly the best. He does beautiful work but also has excellent bedside manners. He really takes his time getting to know his patients and his whole team is very special!

1 1 New York, NY – Jul 25, 2017


I had a incredible experience with Dr. Karp. I happen to love his entire staff and that was part of the wonderful experience. Everyone was super attentive and helpful with questions. My surgery was awesome and my recovery was quick. Breast reduction & tummy tuck. It does take 1 complete year to see the final results.

6 2 New York, NY – Sep 11, 2016


Extremely happy with the results so far --Just 10 days post-op but can't wait to until to see final results!!