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Dr. Norman Rowe, MD is a Cosmetic, Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery Specialist in New York, NY and has over 28 years of experience in the medical field. He graduated from Tulane U, School of Medicine medical school in 1992. He is accepting new patients. Be sure to call ahead with Dr. Rowe to book an appointment.

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Dr. Norman Rowe, MD - Reviews

May 22, 2020


Dr. Rowe and his staff is amazing, I highly recommend him. Best decision I’ve made. Thank you guys.

Dec 02, 2019


I needed emergency stitch removal after the eye surgery. The medical tam is excellent! I had most amazing experience on my extremely urgent matter and everything went very well. I would highly recommend Dr. Norman's office.

2 Mar 08, 2019


Dr Rowe and his staff are so professional and friendly and helpful! I just had a breast reduction yesterday and I feel great considering I just had surgery. In a little pain but not much. I was worried about getting the surgery covered under insurance but Dr. Rowe’s staff took care of everything and insurance approved surgery within a few days. I was shocked! The office is beautiful and in a great location. Dr. Rowe’s staff is always available whenever I have any questions and I’m so happy!

2 Maggie Carey in New York, NY – Feb 01, 2019


I had a breast reduction and lift and am very pleased with the results. Not only was Dr. Rowe very good his staff was extremely helpful

Sonia in NY – Feb 01, 2019


Dr. Rowe and his entire team is amazing. Lisa and Simone, his receptionists are very friendly and do a great job in making sure you feel welcomed. His PA, Elizabeth is such a kind heart and makes sure that all your concerns are answered. Dr. Rowe shows that he truly cares about what he is doing and he does it best. He did a terrific job with my breast reduction, I am very satisfied.

1 Sabrina in NY – Feb 01, 2019


Dr. Rowe and his staff were absolutely incredible and professional. This was my first surgery ever and I have to say that if I had to do it all over again I 100% would without hesitation! Dr. Rowe and his staff are very sweet and personable which I love, they made me feel comfortable and answered every single question I had. For my consultation I had a million questions in my mind, before I could even ask he answered absolutely everything. He is extremely thorough with his explanation.

N in NY – Jan 22, 2019


7 months post OP and the results are amazing! I was super scared going under the knife for a BR, but Dr. Row and his staff literally made the whole process virtually painless! I barely needed the prescription medication that he gave me post op! Also, his staff is fantastic! Simone is super...Read More

1 Telling it like it is... in BROOKLYN, NY – Nov 10, 2018


At Rowe Plastic Surgery you are greeted by the warmest, most professional staff. Simone and Lisa will welcome you, make you feel comfortable & are as efficient and professional as they come. I had my BBL, Tummy Tuck & Breast reduction/lift done by Board Certified Plastic Surgeons Dr. Rowe and Dr....Read More

1 Katherine Fox in Long Island City, NY – Aug 04, 2018


I want to say a "SINCERE THANK YOU" to Dr Rowe and his team, Simone, Lisa, Michele, Elizabeth-PA and all the ladies in the surgery room!! I had a consultation with Dr Rowe back in March of this year, he explained the whole process, what the best outcome for my Breast Reduction would be, very...Read More

1 Leah in New York, NY – Jul 17, 2017


Dr. Rowe was very attentive and caring. His entire staff made my experience very comfortable and they were so nice to work with! Mia especially was a great help. She showed a lot of care before, during and after my procedure. The operation was simple, as was the post-op. I would highly recommend...Read More

2 Maria in Kew Gardens, NY – Jan 13, 2017


On my first consultation with Dr Rowe he spent at least 30 min speaking with me. He was warm, personable and had a pleasant bedside manner. His conversation was engaging, not rehearsed. His office is inviting and comfortable. His entire staff (office manager, receptionists, nurses) is helpful,...Read More

1 MICHELLE WEXLER in New York, NY – Oct 27, 2016


Dr. Rohe treats his patience like they are family. He is one of the kindest, smartest and compassionate doctors I have ever experienced.

1 Ana M in Brooklyn, NY – Aug 02, 2016


If I had to grade Dr. Rowe and his entire staff i would give them a...... A++++++ I had a breast reduction done by Dr. Rowe and I must say it has been one of the smoothest procedures I have had done. From the initial consultation to post surgery appointments- all have been pleasant experiences....Read More

3 1 Danielle in Redding, CT – Mar 30, 2016


After much due diligence and consults with 6 other top rated plastic surgeons in NYC, I decided on Dr.Rowe to perform my recent abdominoplasty and breast reduction/lift and I couldn't be more happy. He took the most time and interest in my case over any of the other doctors I met with from the...Read More

2 Rachel Toussaint in Brooklyn, NY – Feb 19, 2016


My experience with Dr. Rowe was excellent. He is honest and very courteous He listens to his patients needs and is able to meet those needs.

1 Beth in Livingston, NJ – Jan 05, 2016


1/4/16 had Ulthera at Dr. Norman Rowe?s office. ?Stellar? & ?spectacular? can be used to describe the Dr & office staff; they couldn?t have been more pleasant, accommodating or informative as well as easy to talk to, comforting & amenable. I prepped for my experience & was thrilled when it went...Read More

1 Lindsay in New York, NY – Dec 22, 2015


My experience with Dr. Rowe was nothing short of amazing. Him and staff did the most incredible job from my consultation all the way through post opp. The results of my breast augmentation are so far beyond my expectations, I could not possibly be happier. Dr. Rowe and his staff are so professional...Read More