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Dr. Olivia Hutchinson, MD is a Cosmetic, Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery Specialist in New York, NY and has over 27 years of experience in the medical field. She graduated from Columbia University / College of Physicians And Surgeons medical school in 1993. She is affiliated with Lenox Hill Hospital. She is accepting new patients. Be sure to call ahead with Dr. Hutchinson to book an appointment.

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Dr. Olivia Hutchinson, MD - Reviews

1 Monica Bitt – Jan 09, 2020


I felt very comfortable and confident the minute i met Dr. Hutchinson. I not only felt at ease with her, but also felt that she had to be the one for my procedure. I did SO MUCH research on so many doctors and their work "out there" and really Dr. Hutchinson is the best of the best. I felt like she was not there to sell anything, but to make me feel happier. I felt like i was in great hands since the beginning. Also, LOVE her staff!!!! Great team! Thank you SO MUCH! Im so happy with my procedure!



What a find Dr. Hutchinson is! After suffering for years with noticeably uneven breasts due to a mastectomy and reconstruction, Dr. Hutchinson was recommended to me. From the moment I called the office and dealt with her assistant Kelly, i knew i was in good hands. My initial meeting with Dr. Hutchinson was fantastic, I felt an instant rapport and knew she wanted to help make me look and feel "beautiful" again. The office is pristine and comfortable, the nurses during the in house procedure were fantastic and never once did i feel that i was not the complete center of their attention. The followup after my procedure has been exceptional. I can't emphasize enough what a great experience I had with her and how pleased i am with my results. I would highly recommend Dr. Hutchinson if you need or want to have work done.

Jun 04, 2019


I went to Dr. Hutchinson for my rhinoplasty (which took place a few days short of a month ago), I’m very happy with the results already and had a really great experience overall - I had very little bruising and personally experienced only moderate-to-mild discomfort for the few days following the surgery. The changes Dr. Hutchinson made were just subtle enough so that I could definitely see the difference/improvement, but even my closest friends wouldn’t have known I had the surgery had I not told them - which was my ideal scenario going into the whole process. Overall, I would definitely recommend Dr. Hutchinson (as well as her awesome staff!)

Jun 01, 2019


I can't recommend Dr. Hutchinson highly enough. She is incredibly knowledgable, and provides a superb result that looks very natural. She also has a wonderful manner with her patients. She's the best!

Pw in New York, NY – Sep 01, 2017


Dr. Hutchinson is definitely one of the top plastic surgeons in New York City. She recently treated some deep creases in my brow area and forehead. It was totally painless and I had immediate positive feedback about how much better I looked. She really knows what she's doing and she offers great advice and is extremely discreet. Her office personnel is also professional and friendly. The office space is spacious and pristine as well. I could enthusiastically recommend her without hesitation !

AKK in New York, NY – Aug 18, 2017


Such a compassionate and caring doctor. Treating me holistically as I was extremely afraid of the procedure. Thank you Dr. Hutchinson. I certainly would recommend you.

1 Betsy in New York NY – Aug 15, 2017


Knowledgeable and caring. With great results! My second procedure with Dr H. Will definitely return for more!!.

New York, NY – Jan 25, 2017


I met with another surgeon first but didn't feel right about it, so I decided to try Dr. Hutchinson as a "second opinion". I'm so glad I did! She's been patient with me through the whole process, letting me know what we could and couldn't achieve. And she's great at "playing the long game"--she's helped me see how the results (which I already love) will continue to heal and refine over time. She's also punctual, which is pretty rare for most doctors. I DEFINITELY recommend her.

B Ward in Belfast, Ireland – Jul 05, 2016


Dr.Hutchinson is an extremely talented plastic surgeon!! The wrinkles on my forehead are literally gone! I went to Dr.Hutchinson for Botox due to deep wrinkling, and my results are above and beyond what I expected! I have a smooth forehead and I am wrinkle free which gives me more confidence when I look in the mirror! I highly recommend Dr.Hutchinson she is the best!

1 New York, NY – Jun 08, 2016


Dr Hutchinson performed breast reduction surgery on my daughter. Dr. H made this difficult decision an easy one once the surgery was described and all our concerns were addressed. Dr. H and her staff are prompt, always available, kind, considerate and above all Dr. H is an amazing surgeon. No pain after 1 day, no bruising. Really a miracle worker. I recommend everyone hoping to find an amazing Doctor to contact Dr. H. Can't say enough.

Carol Sokol in New York, NY – Feb 02, 2016


The office appointments are punctual and Dr. H takes enough time with the patient.

1 New York – Jan 27, 2016


I was EXTREMELY satisfied with my breast augmentation by Dr. Hutchinson. She was unbelievably supportive both before and after the surgery and the results are absolutely amazing. I am a petit person and was worried that augmenting my breast would put me out of proportion, but she did a great job at making them look perfect and natural. People can never even tell they are fake and I am always receiving compliments. She is the best plastic surgeon in the city and I wouldn't trust anyone else!

Anne Mathews in New York, NY – Jan 26, 2016


Dr. Hutchinson was 100% available from the first time we called regarding a facial injury that required a complex plastic surgery. Her first and primary concern was ruling out any underlying and possibly life threatening complications. Her office coordinated all pre-op testing. All her appointments were on time, including the surgery. A lovely and calm environment. The surgical results were nothing short of amazing. No complications. No bruising and minimal swelling. Excellent follow up.