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Dr. Patrick Mullen, MD is a Cosmetic, Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery Specialist in Coeur D Alene, ID and has over 25 years of experience in the medical field. He graduated from Michigan State University medical school in 1995. He is affiliated with Kootenai Health. He is accepting new patients. Be sure to call ahead with Dr. Mullen to book an appointment.

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Dr. Patrick Mullen, MD - Reviews

Jun 30, 2020


Dr. Mullen pays close attention to special allergy problems. preparation form surgery was excellent, post surgical pain was almost non-existent ! I've had two delicate surgeries done on my hands and i'm very happy with the process and the results! Thank you to Dr. Mullen and great staff!!!

Jun 22, 2020


Great Doctor - Great reception (new patient) - clean offices - friendly professional environment....timely appointment and thorough.

Mark Herzinger – Jun 20, 2020


Always a pleasant experience, from the receptionists to the nurses, to the schedulers, to Dr Mullen. Everyone is kind, caring, thorough, professional, and an absolute joy to be around. I would give them 10 stars if I could.

Ruth Douthit – May 27, 2020


Punctual, friendly staff and doctor

JJ – May 10, 2020


Dr. Mullen was very knowledgeable. He is the only one out of 3 doctors that told me what was happening to my hand.

Ellie Arguimbau – Apr 30, 2020


This was the first time I had done a tele-video doctor's appointment. It worked very well. I was able to have him look at how my finger was functioning, almost as well as if I had been in the office. In these days of coronavirus, it is a perfect solution to what to do in the little-less-than-essential medical needs.

Cindy Dresser – Apr 29, 2020


Had a telehealth call with dr Mullen and his team yesterday, everyone was very helpful and dr. Mullen was very detailed explaining what my symptoms may be caused from.

Dan Bertuccelli – Apr 23, 2020


Staff and Dr. took great care during this pandemic . all persons wore a mask and gave one to the patient. Very friendly and knowledgeable.

Dave – Apr 23, 2020


Timely visit. Excellent care. Skilled surgeon. Good bedside manner.

Knowledgeable and helpful – Nov 26, 2019


Dr. Mullen performed carpal tunnel surgery on my husband a few years ago and I was impressed with his knowledge and experience, so when I began to have issues with my hands I knew I wanted to see him even though we don't live in the area. He and his staff are kind, and down to earth. Approachable. They listen and help.

Oct 15, 2019


Great group from Reception to Booking and of course Dr. Mullen. Thoughtful and thorough, he was concerned with my whole health and reassuring in the forward plan.

Debra in Coeurdalene, ID – Jul 15, 2019


The staff was fabulous, felt very comfortable.

Apr 13, 2019


My visit went very well. The staff are very helpful. Dr. Mullen was able to diagnose and explain to me what was going on with my hands. He is very knowledgeable and professional. Lenore form Athol Id. April 2019

1 Rathdrum, ID – Feb 14, 2019


I had been to 2 other hand specialists to discuss the repair of a Bennett's fracture on my thumb. Dr. Mullen was the only doctor who actually examined my hand and tested for pain and function. The others just looked at the x-ray and told me I should have come in a long time ago, and I should schedule surgery with them ASAP. Dr Mullen was thoughtful and listened to what I had to say. He cited research and experience as it related to my issue. I am confidently moving ahead in his care.

1 Rick Marshall in Blanchard, ID – Feb 03, 2019


At 69 years old I have seen many doctors, I must say Dr. Mullen is in the top of my list of awesome physicians. Not because of my situation but because he listened, he explained, he did a great job and his staff certainly reflect his kindness & caring. This office gets my A+ rating.

Sheryl Laura in Blanchard , ID – Jan 19, 2019


Very satisfied with the results from a previous surgery. Excellent service and friendly staffs.

3 Janice T in Rathdrum, ID – Nov 05, 2018


Dr. Mullan was very pleasant to talk to and thoroughly explained everything .

4 Michael in Coeur dAlene – Mar 16, 2018


This was my second visit and 3rd & 4th proceedure by Dr. Mullen. Everything was excellent as it was just over a year ago for the other wrist and elbow. Every step of the process was done with professional concern for my needs. Thanks again to Dr. Mullen and staff.

1 Trout Creek, MT – Mar 02, 2018


Excellent. Dr. Mullen and his staff took the time to listen to my issues, take xrays and explain results of the xrays. Dr. Mullen clearly explained choices and recommendations for my medical condition.

1 Athol – Feb 23, 2018


As usual, Dr Mullen provided a clear, concise diagnosis, with choices. He was conservative, and most pleasant. A wonderful educator. Staff was most pleasant?as well. Thank you.

1 Tammy in Rathdrum Idaho – Feb 10, 2018


Dr Mullen was absolutely the best. He answered all my questions and surgery was pain free with minimal post op pain. I have already referred him to two other people.

Marilyn Hutchison in St.Maries, Idaho – Jan 02, 2018


Dr.Mullen is pleasant and his staff is great. I trust his judgement in treating a nasty fracture of a senior'finger. fracture.

Post Falls, ID – Nov 21, 2017


Extremely well run office. Doctor is very professional and spends time to make sure you understand all aspects of treatment.

1 Joanne Frank in Coeur D Alene, ID – Jun 07, 2017


I have had several hand surgeries in the past few years from Dr. Mullen. I have had great success in all areas, trigger fingers, carpel tunnel etc. Dr. Mullen and his staff are very professional and caring. I would highly recommend him.

1 Doyle Reynolds in Kellogg, ID – Apr 22, 2017


I sought care from Dr. Mullen for CMC joint problems and the initial care has been very satisfactory. He is very meticulous in explaining things and very forthcoming when asked questions. Both he and office staff seem eager to provide the best possible care to their patients.

Post Falls, ID – Mar 23, 2017


He did a complete check of my problem and quickly let me know this was not something he did and referred me to someone that it is his expertise.

1 Kate in MT – Feb 07, 2017


Doc Mullen was recommended by another physician. I was pleasantly surprised with his personal interview and staff. In interviewing about options prior to a surgical decision, he was alert and involved in our conversation. I felt he was engaged and open to my input and questions. I very much appreciate the gentle yet professional courteousness of the doctor, his nursing, surgical, and office staff. Ditto for post-op phone call by staff. Would recommend to friends.

2 Mel in Post Falls, ID – Feb 03, 2017


Dr. Mullan performed bilateral carpel tunnel surgery and a ulna nerve transfer on my right arm. The surgery was a breeze and the care was excellent. It has been over a year now and my problems are completely resolved. I broke my wrist and I will see him again to take care of this injury. I have complete confidence this will go just as smooth as the last ones.

1 Terry Farrell in Coeur D Alene, ID – Jan 16, 2017


Dr Mullen was very clear in the reasons for my problems and his recommended solution

1 Reverend in Rathdrum, ID – Jan 12, 2017


My Dad cut off his ring finger on his left hand... on a Sunday... OMG... I was there when it happened. Of course 911 was called and he was rushed to the hospital... it was horrible! We received the usual attention... at the hospital... and someone decided to call Dr. Mullen in... it was of course his day off... He walked in... in shorts and sandals... I have to shorten no space... he was no less than miraculous... he started surgery immediately on his own to save my Dad's finger... and he did

2 True Hibbard in Post Falls, ID – Oct 12, 2016


Fabulous doctor..great surgeon!

6 Sean Rogers in Hayden, ID – Feb 13, 2016


Dr. Mullen is CDA's best kept secret. Several of my friends work in this industry and when I told them I picked Mullen for my surgery, they all sighed with relief. Very direct and honest and unbelievable knowledge. Thoroughly answered every one of my questions without the least bit of impatience or arrogance. Very highly recommend.