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Cosmetic, Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery

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Dr. Philip Marin, MD is a Cosmetic, Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery Specialist in Pueblo, CO and has over 26 years of experience in the medical field. He graduated from University of North Dakota School of Medicine medical school in 1994. He is affiliated with medical facilities Parkview Medical Center and St. Mary - Corwin Medical Center. He is accepting new patients. Be sure to call ahead with Dr. Marin to book an appointment.

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Dr. Philip Marin, MD - Reviews

Aug 17, 2019


My eyes are ruined after lower lid surgery. My neck does not look like it was lifted. Made all kinds of excuses. Wasted all my money.

4 2 Disatisfied – Aug 05, 2018


Stay away! Go to Springs. He is more concerned about how many patients he can circle through then actual quality. He only takes cash (fishy at all?!?) and his training is antiquated and substandard. Please, please go to Sprimgs or Denver to see an actual professional.

7 4 J.P in Pueblo, Co – May 26, 2017


I wish I could leave no stars!!! Went to Dr Marin for breast augmentation, came out with two different sizes, went to him to fix this and wanted to charge me again!! Now I wear baggy shirts and I'm less confident than I was before the surgery. Hopefully soon I can get them redone. I thought I went to a professional but this office is rude inconsiderate and does not care about their patients it is all about money!! RUN!!

3 1 Pueblo, CO – Feb 14, 2017


I just had carpal tunnel surgery and had very little pain. Great bedside manner and easy to talk to.

3 1 Rondi Vest in Pueblo, CO – Sep 19, 2016


DR Marin is one of the most caring, best physician I have ever met. He has helped me with my carpal tunnel in both hands, did my abdominalplasty, liposuction, and breast reduction. I highly recommend Dr Marin for anything you need to have performed. His office and staff are by far the most excellent around.

4 1 Doylestown, PA – Jun 12, 2016


I had a tummy tuck and breast augmentation and an so happy with my results

4 7 Mia B in Colorado Springs, CO – Apr 26, 2016


After waiting fifty minutes in the waiting room i asked the receptionist if i should leave. They changed my venue from the waiting room to the patient's room. I waited another tweny minutes. Dr. Marin came in without apologizing for being late. He gave me his spheel. Sounds like he just pushes the play button and rote comes out of his mouth. He was more interested in selling his skin care product. Not why i was there. I drove a hour and fifteen minutes for this?

2 Angela in ColoradoSprings co – Apr 21, 2016


Dr.Marin is doing breast implants and reconstruction surgery after having breast cancer, he's very caring and I'm happy with my surgeries so far can't wait to see the end result, awsome doctor and facility.