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Dr. Phillip Nunnery, MD

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1936 Jenks Ave , Panama City, FL




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Dr. Phillip Nunnery, MD is a Cosmetic, Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery Specialist in Panama City, FL and has over 42 years of experience in the medical field. Dr. Nunnery has more experience with Reconstructive Surgery than other specialists in his area. He graduated from Univ Of Ms Sch Of Med medical school in 1978. He is affiliated with medical facilities Bay Medical Center and Gulf Coast Regional Medical Center. He is accepting new patients. Be sure to call ahead with Dr. Nunnery to book an appointment.

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Dr. Phillip Nunnery, MD - Reviews

2 FL – Nov 02, 2018


Dr Nunnery did my abdominoplasty many years ago. Having worked with him at the hospital I knew he was a good surgeon but having him responsible for my care showed me that he was also a good human being. He truly cared about my recovery and well-being. All these years later and I'm still grateful.

2 TBK in Panama City, FL – Oct 30, 2018


Dr Nunnery did a tummy tuck over 12 years ago. He also redid my breast this past year that another Dr in town did. He is blunt, honest and to the point. I value his opinion and his honesty (He is not going to sugar coat anything). He also sewed up my grandsons upper lip when he was attacked by a dog. I would recommend him for any surgery!

1 1 PCB mom in Panama City Beach, Fl – Mar 12, 2018


Interviewed several doctors before choosing Dr Nunnery. Best bedside manner, listened to what I wanted, made suggestions that fit my needs and desired outcome, staff was great from beginning to end. I HIGHLY recommend his practice for all your cosmetic surgical needs! I will definitely be back!

1 1 Vicki k. in Panama – Mar 06, 2018


Went to him for a breast lift. The job was horrible. I had to pay another doctor to fix it. The whole experience with him and his staff was an expensive nightmare. Do yourself a favor... Go to a different dr.

1 1 JACK MCKEITHEN in PANAMA CITY, Fl – Jul 07, 2017


Dr Nunnery is great! Super knowledgeable, fast and efficient. I had 2 skin lesions and a skin damaged spot on my nose removed painlessly. Best dermatologist and plastic surgeon in town.!

3 1 Allison in Panama City, FL – Sep 09, 2016


He and his staff gave me the worst care ever. The front desk lady named Shauna? made me feel as if I was a burden at all times, and the office manager kept calling me baby or baby doll. Horrible bedside manner, the ladies up front were rude and I will never be back to his office. Despite the amount of money I regretfully spent there. I ended up having to pay another doctor to correct the mistakes Dr. Nunnery made.

11 1 KCS in Panama City, FL – Dec 18, 2015


Staff nice, but assistant kept calling me ?baby doll?! Dr. Nunnery?s bedside manner (or lack of one) was a major issue. He left the consult saying he had to take a call from ?the hospital?, but I could hear him conducting personal business. He didn?t come back for 15 min+. Neither he or his staff told me what the next step in the visit was. His language was unprofessional. He criticized other plastic surgeons in another city.