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Dr. Randal Swenson, MD

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8846 S Redwood Rd Ste E121 , West Jordan, UT

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About me

Dr. Randal Swenson, MD is a Otolaryngology (Ear, Nose & Throat) Specialist in West Jordan, UT. Dr. Swenson has more experience with Upper Respiratory Conditions and Pediatric Plastic Surgery than other specialists in his area. He is affiliated with St. Mark's Hospital. He is accepting new patients. Be sure to call ahead with Dr. Swenson to book an appointment.

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Dr. Randal Swenson, MD - Reviews

1 Hailee in Salt Lake City, UT – Oct 22, 2018


Dr. Swenson has been my ENT for years now and I have never had any problems. He performed my septoplasty / rhinoplasty and I have had amazing results. Him and his team took great care of me and were very attentive to all of my needs and concerns. I would recommend him to anyone.

3 1 Becca in salt lake city – Feb 10, 2018


Dr Swensen is very straight to the problem and fix it with not a lot of chit chat. He does an excellent job and he takes his work serious .so if you like a Dr that sits around and tells jokes he's not that type. He very knowledgable and efficient .Im very pleased with him . But from day one the front desk girls have had a attitudes toward me and change my apt 30 min. Before and And then charge me if 50.00 fee if i can't make it. They have poor attitudes and make me feel not welcome

2 Salt Lake City – Dec 18, 2017


I'm surprised by the lack of clarity when getting a procedure done. They never were able to provide with a quote on how much a procedure was going to cost. Do yourself a favor and go somewhere else if you don't want to be getting hit with random bills. I got book with an appointment because the doctor thought my after pictures weren't taken. When got there the appointment day I mentioned that pictures were already taken, I got sent home. Guess what? I Got billed for that and nothing can be done

2 Alexis in Salt Lake City, Utah – Dec 02, 2017


Dr. Swenson is an excellent physician and surgeon. He is very gentle and a great doctor. He has done several surgeries for me and has always done a great job. He knows his stuff. His staff is fantastic too.

2 Matthew in Murray, UT – Jul 09, 2017


Our son broke his nose in collision with a knee at a trampoline park. It was bad. Dr. Swenson did a great job of fixing it. After the surgery Dr. Swenson wrote prescriptions for his pain. But, he had us switch him off of heavy pain killers to Tylenol and Advil as soon as possible.

1 M. Tanner in Salt Lake City, UT – Jan 04, 2017


He ordered a CT scan without explaining why. He recommended a heavy medication regime, for my post nasal drip. He gave a very a complicated explanation as to why each medication was necessary, but wouldn't give me a typed copy to take home to study. He was not very approachable and rather firm that he was the expert. I followed all his instructions for a full month with no relief. I am getting a second opinion. While I was checking in, there was one staff who loudly butted in.