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Dr. Richard Arden, MD is a Otolaryngology (Ear, Nose & Throat) Specialist in Rochester Hills, MI and has over 36 years of experience in the medical field. Dr. Arden has more experience with Pediatric Plastic Surgery than other specialists in his area. He graduated from Wayne State University medical school in 1984. He is affiliated with medical facilities such as Ascension Providence Rochester Hospital and Ascension Saint John Hospital. He is accepting new patients. Be sure to call ahead with Dr. Arden to book an appointment.

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Dr. Richard Arden, MD - Reviews

Feb 06, 2020


Quick visit, didn't wait long after check in maybe 5 minutes. Ladies up front are very nice and very helpful. Dr. Arden was pleasant and direct. Will definitely recommend.

2 LK in Southfield – Dec 10, 2018


I went to see Dr.Arden for my breathing problem.I was born with deviated septum and bump on my bridge of my nose.After first consultation with Dr.Arden I was so happy with his professional approach and the surgery was scheduled.Surgery went well no complications and recovery was even better!No black eyes and almost no swelling. I’m so excited now after 5 weeks after my surgery I can finally breathe better! I would recommend Dr.Arden to anyone.Office stuff is also 5/5 always on time.

2 2 Dorothy persinger in MI – Oct 22, 2018


I had a forehead flap reconstruction. In my opion did not go with the minimum scaring as Doctor Arden said it would. I was left with a scare on my forehead and it didn’t even come close to matching my nose.when I had my staples removed and stitches was told that I don’t scare well now what professional tells you that after you were told I would have minimum scaring. Jus very disappointed when I trusted someone that is suppose to be the best in his field and see photos and how great thy look.

2 1 Mar 29, 2018


Dr. Arden is the best! I had seen 4 doctors for my deviated septum, enlarged turbinates, and broken nose. I didn't feel comfortable getting surgery with the other doctors, and most of the doctors I saw could only do the interior, or only the exterior. Dr. Arden was able to improve my breathing drastically and make the outside of my nose look even better than it did before I broke it! I was nervous at first but Dr. Arden made me feel at ease. Very kind and an artist with nose work!

4 3 Dee in Macomb, MI – May 19, 2017


I recently had surgery with Dr. Arden to correct my sinus/breathing issues. He heard my concerns and addressed them in terms that were easy to understand. I could not be happier with the surgery, consultation & follow up visit. The Dr. and staff are thorough and professional. In addition, the day of my surgery, Dr. Arden phoned me at 7 p.m. to see how I was feeling. That was above and beyond my expectation. Excellent bedside manner. I would highly recommend him.

3 1 Pamela Szuber in Shelby Township – Apr 07, 2017


What a fantastic doctor! Dr Arden called me late at night a day after my biopsy to tell me the mass is benign. I'm very impressed with his approach for the 'next steps' also. Thank you Dr. Arden!

3 2 Marissa K in Birmingham, MI – Mar 31, 2017


Dr. Arden performed rhinoplasty on me in April, 2007 and it was one of the very best things I have ever done for myself! The surgery changed my life! He did everything he could to explain the procedure in terms I could understand and although I was very nervous, I felt very comfortable and at ease. If anyone is ever considering having this surgery done, I would highly recommend Dr. Arden.

2 Rochester Hills, MI – Mar 07, 2017


Dr. Arden is one of the most knowledgeable, talented, and thoughtful physicians I have ever seen. He was able to explain things in terms that I can understand as well as help me feel at ease with surgery. He listened to what I wanted and definitely delivered!! I couldn't be happier with my surgical experience, consultation, or follow-ups. I will definitely refer all of my friends and family to him.

3 Andrea in Detroit. MI – Oct 21, 2016


I was pleasantly surprised by the service and care at this clinic. The receptionist was quite polite and helpful and Dr. Arden listened to all my concerns and history of illnesses and were very reassuring. I will go back in few weeks for a major treatment now that I feel that I can trust this physician and the clinic. Thank you.

3 6 Oma B. in Rochester Hills, MI – Aug 25, 2016


Complained of chronic cough and sinusitis. On the day of my second appointment I just received notice of my mother passing, had no time to shower prior to appointment. Obviously did not see swollen tonsil when he had me open my mouth wide for an examination. He told me I stink and could be smelled down the hallway. Response was you don't have to treat me like I am a wierdo. Seriously would like a zero star option for this review as I found him entirely destructive.

3 4 Grace P. in Rochester, MI – Aug 07, 2016


Dr. Arden did a reconstruction on my nose to improve breathing. While I can breath great now, I asked for small cosmetic changes and received a huge change to the look of my nose. My nose looks completely different, is off center and my nostrils are completely asymmetric. It has been a really bad experience. I would not recommend Dr. Arden.

4 1 Robert in Clinton Township, MI – Apr 20, 2016


Dr. Arden has been my E.N.T Specialist going on eight years now, everytime I have a appointment , when leaving his office there's a feeling of relief , Dr. Arden not only takes care of my medical issues, he's always , friendly and compassionate, and has always been sincere when reviewing any health issues by explaining them in detail. He is highly recognized within his field of expertise, and I would definately recommend him.

4 Chanel in Troy, MI – Apr 15, 2016


BEST DOCTOR EVER!!!! So caring, and listens to everything and explains everything. If you want a natural nose, he is the best doctor!! I recommend him to everyone! Family and friends are very happy with my rhinoplasty results, and it's the best decision I ever made!!!

2 2 Kaylen A – Apr 09, 2016


I was beyond Impressed with my experience at Dr.Arden office. He was exactly the right choice,He's professional and he knows what he is doing. I recently had surgery with Dr. Arden to correct my breathing/nose issue And I could not have been more impressed with my results. I was referred to him by many family friends who had great results as well.

4 11 thepatient in Macomb, MI – Mar 29, 2016


My sibling went to Dr. Arden for a Rhinoplasty and had a very bad experience. He caused his nose to be deformed. He has serious breathing issues caused by Dr. Arden. He pushes patients to surgery without studying their issues. The man performs aggressive and unnecessary surgery and is not good with...Read More

Allen K. in Detroit, MI – Mar 23, 2016


Overall very good experience. Waited in lobby for 20 minutes but was worth it. He is very competent and knows a lot about health issues affecting me (throat-related)....

3 1 Ashley G. in Bloomfield Hills, MI – Mar 07, 2016


I recently had surgery with Dr Arden to correct my nose. I was referred to him by several of my cousins who had excellent results. I was unable to breath and did not like the size and shape of my nose. He did an amazing job! I can now breath and love the natural look of my nose!

1 3 Kristina B. in Los Angeles, CA – Feb 09, 2016


While visiting Detroit area, needed to see a nose doctor. Through a friend recommendation who lives in the Sterling Heights area, I ended up visiting Dr. Richard L. Arden. The facility was very clean and the staff were friendly. Dr. Arden heard about my situation and offered great advice and recommendation. I will need minor surgery but need to do that at my home State. Overall happy with the visit even though I did not go through surgery (not urgent).

6 7 jonathan m in Rochester, MI – Jan 23, 2016


I feel as if the doctor wasn't listening to me because he didn't let me say everything I needed to say. I had a nose surgery by him to fix my breathing problem that still persist to this day. The surgery was a fail and a waste of time. I still can't breathe through my nose or taste any food.