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Dr. Robert Fischer, MD is a Cosmetic, Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery Specialist in Fair Lawn, NJ and has over 57 years of experience in the medical field. He graduated from Rosalind Franklin University Of Medicine Science/The Chicago Medical School medical school in 1963. He is affiliated with medical facilities such as Christ Hospital and Holy Name Medical Center. He is accepting new patients. Be sure to call ahead with Dr. Fischer to book an appointment.

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Dr. Robert Fischer, MD - Reviews

Matt – Nov 19, 2019


Doctor Fischer is a consummate professional with years of experience and medical knowledge. He reconstructed my nose after the removal of a cancerous lesion, restoring its original structure and symmetry. His office staff are very thorough and courteous and provide an uplifted environment in a modern and beautiful surgical center. His reputation in the Bergen county medical community is of the highest caliber, as senior providers regard him as one of the best plastic surgeons practicing today. There is no comparison for his level of experience and knowledge, while at the same time he maintains a calm and supportive demeanor for his patients.

Steve B – Nov 09, 2019


On 8/10/19 I was using a table saw to trim some molding and unfortunately cut about 1/2 inch including some bone and the entire nail was pulled out. I went to St Joseph's Hospital emergency room in Wayne, they suggested I use a plastic surgeon and recommended Dr. Fischer. I had follow up visits to his office with his staff being very professional and competent. Dr. Fischer made my finger look like a thumb again. He even was able to save my nail bed and my nail has start to grow again. I would 100% recommend Dr. Fischer.

Donald Kuehn – Oct 07, 2019


On 8-14-19 I had the misfortune of sticking my middle finger on my left hand into a bandsaw. I drove myself to St.Joesph’s in Wayne. In the emergency room they said a specialist was coming to take care of the wound because it cut through the bone. Dr. Fischer arrived asked me some questions and proceeded to work on my finger the entire time talking to me keeping my mind at ease. The Staff at the office are extremely nice and extremely professional. It’s been 7 1/2 weeks since the accident and I can hardly tell That I ever cut myself. I had the great fortune of Dr. Fischer being on call that day. Donald Kuehn

1 Magda – Oct 02, 2019


There aren't enough positive words to describe my experience with Dr Fischer. I felt completely cared for from beginning to end. He has been compassionate, professional, and knowledgeable every step of the way and provided a great sense of comfort. His office is impeccable and his staff is truly wonderful as well. I love my results, it is exactly what I was looking for. I went from those big malar bags to a baby smooth face. I'm so glad I chose him and I cannot recommend him enough!

ANNA KEDZIERSKA – Sep 28, 2019


I have a pleasure to know Dr. Fischer for years. He is very professional, caring and very warm. I have done LASER FRAXEL. I'm very pleased with Dr.Fischer and his staff Mrs.Anna and Miss Agata. Every time I come for a tx they welcome me like a very good old friend.The office is spotless clean.I would recommend Dr.Fischer for any surgery. He is excellent. Dr.Fischer THANK YOU so much.!!!

Neil Frascogna – Jul 16, 2019


Two left-hand fingers In mid January of 2019, I plunged my index and middle fingers into a running table saw blade.The ER doctor would not touch them, he said you need the best. So Dr. Robert S. Fischer was called. They set up my ER room as the operating room. When Dr. Fischer arrived he looked at my e-ray than he went to work creating his magic. I now have two fingers totally functional with feeling and unnoticeable scarring. I'll be it, one finger is 1/4" shorter do to me cutting the bone. The follow up with his staff, Hanna and Agotta was second to none. They are professional, sympathetic, courteous and accommodating. Five stars is no where near enough. It was a Blessing to have Dr. Fischer, this amazingly talented surgeon, enter into my life. I could never say enough

May 28, 2019


I injured my finger during a hockey game late at night. Dr. Fischer came to the emergency room and stitched it back together. He and his staff were excellent during the recovery process and my finger is good as new.

May 23, 2019


I caught my thumb in a chain and gear.....I rushed myself to the hospital where needed emergency surgery....I was almost certain they were going to amputate my thumb due to the severity of the injury....this doctor was not only able to safe my thumb but made it look like nothing happened to it!!! One of if not the best around!!!!!

Jan 11, 2019


Dr. Fischer was professional, caring and competent. He and his staff took excellent care of me.

Robert Edwards in Haledon, NJ – Nov 27, 2018


Dr Fischer is an EXCELLENT Plastic Surgeon, I would "DEFINITELY" recommend him to anyone in need of a Plastic Surgeon!!! ?????? ????????

Peter T. in Wayne, NJ – Oct 17, 2018


Dog ripped 2 holes in face. 1 in upper forehead, 1 Moonshaped eyebrow one. Opted to wait for Dr. Fischer in the hospital. Glad I did. Took double the expected time to finish but I appreciate it very much. Thought I was gonna be ugly. Luckily healed up beautifully. Will definitely recommend.

Paul Brown in Paterson, NJ – Sep 15, 2018


Broke my finger and was always happy with the care and services rendered by Dr. Fischer and his entire team especially Agatha and Hana. They oftentimes went above and beyond and did so with so much care and passion that I have to commend them. They were painstakingly patient and executed their jobs in a most professional manner. It was a pleasure being their patient.

1 Eglain Melendez in Haskell, NJ – Aug 10, 2018


He is a very good surgeon who knows exactly what he needs to be done. He’s very confident on your outcome. He has a wonderful team of employees as well.

1 Dominika in Garfield – May 27, 2018


I am thankful to Dr. Fisher and his staff!! He is extremely courteous, hard working and of course immensely knowledgeable. I love his great manners, professionalism and he is extremely talented. The years of experience he carries on his shoulders speak for itself. He performed eyelids surgery, Botox, cheek injections and Fraxel. Results are always amazing and I trust him greatly. I get many compliments “You look younger” than you age(57).This is a Doctor you can trust. 5 stars is not enough!

1 1 Melissa in Paramus, NJ – Oct 24, 2017


My family has been going to Dr. Fischer for years, and continue to do so because of his professionalism, knowledge of the field, and overall great service. The staff is very friendly and courteous, and will work as best they can to make sure you are able to schedule appointments that work best with your schedule. From laser hair removal to plastic surgery procedures, Dr. Fischer really cares about his patients end-results and wellbeing!

2 1 Harrison, NY – Jun 15, 2017


I dislocated my finger, very severely, and Dr. Robert S. Fischer performed surgery on my finger in the emergency room at St Joe’s Wayne hospital, Wayne. One month later the finger has healed very nicely. I wholeheartedly recommend Dr. Fischer for any reconstructive surgery as he is meticulous and thorough

2 1 Tom A. in Wayne, NJ – Feb 01, 2017


Dr. Fischer and his wonderful staff are not only courteous and friendly, but they truly care about their patients. Dr. Fischer is an artisan when it comes to plastic reconstructive surgery. I am blown away by his amazing attention to detail and precision. My healing process was unbelievably quick and practically painless. I had no issues whatsoever. I would highly recommend Dr. Fischer to anyone. Thank you for your care and for making me feel so comfortable!

2 1 Mintcho Tzankov in Wayne, NJ – Jan 20, 2017


I had a minor but very unpleasant injury on one of my fingers. Surprisingly the ER doctors did not what to do. The little they did was after a phone consultation with Dr. Fisher. Then they left me to his care. Two days later, in his office, he did all that was necessary. I can tell a person that knows his job and does it properly no matter what. He kept calling me back for follow ups until the finger was mending very well. He and his nurse, Hanna, are very competent, friendly and helpful.

2 mark rogow in hawthorn jn – Sep 14, 2016


I felt like a family member was the doctor

1 mark rogow in hawthorn njFranklin Lakes, NJ – Sep 14, 2016


I felt like I was with a family member that was the doctor

1 Tom D. in Wayne, NJ – Mar 05, 2016


I was first introduced to Dr Fisher several years ago when an accident landed me in the hospital emergency room requiring intricate hand surgery. Luckily for me Dr Fisher performed that surgery, completely restoring the function of my hand. More recently I have been seeing the doctor for a serious case of facial rosacea. I had seen several dermatologist in the past with no results. Dr Fisher with the use of a laser was able to restore my face to normal once again. He is the very best !!!

6 7 ANONYMOUS in Montclair, NJ – Jan 23, 2016


His office staff is friendly but they seem to really have no idea as to what they are doing/what their job titles consists of.There is a language barrier so that makes communicating somewhat difficult.Office hours aren't the best,very limited hours, which makes it tough to schedule appointments if you work a full-time. Dr. Fischer isn't straightforward with answers,he somewhat talks in riddles. I stopped going to him and sought a 2nd opinion. Very happy with my new plastic surgeon!