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Dr. Robert Glasgold, MD is a Cosmetic, Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery Specialist in Princeton, NJ and has over 23 years of experience in the medical field. He graduated from UMDNJ--Robert Wood Johnson Medical School medical school in 1997. He is affiliated with RWJ University Hospital New Brunswick. Be sure to call ahead with Dr. Glasgold to book an appointment.

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Dr. Robert Glasgold, MD - Reviews

1 Silvetti Cambanis – Oct 29, 2019


It's been a little over a year now (August '18) since I did my revision rhinoplasty surgery with Dr. Robert Glasgold, and all in all, I wish I had seen him for my initial surgery. He more than delivered, I'll even say surpassed all expectations I had for him fixing my nose. Years ago, I had a nose job that didn't really go all that well. I looked for doctors who specialized in African American noses to fix the botch job, and even though I found one, I still didn't like the results I got from that. It wasn't until I came across Dr. Glasgold that all of my concerns were addressed. I knew he was the right one after speaking with him and looking at his patient results, even the recovery wasn't long and lasted only a week. I'm so happy I chose Dr. Glasgold, and urge anyone looking to fix your nose to choose him for your surgery.

1 Ethelin Bronski – Oct 08, 2019


Dr. Robert Glasgold and his staff are an amazing bunch! They are very knowledgable, friendly and encouraging but professional all the way. Though this isn't my first time having cosmetic work done (a prior blepharoplasty), this was my first experience with Dr. Glasgold, and he more than exceeded my expectations. I knew he was good because of how many patients he sees, but our consultation also let me know I was in good hands. I didn't want to look overdone, I wanted an improvement to be seen but look natural as well, and in late July, the doctor performed my deep plane facelift to great effect. Definitely recommend him and his wonderful team.

Tessie Flynn – Oct 01, 2019


For a long time I didn't like how my nose looked, then one of my friends had a nose job by Dr. Robert Glasgold and I decided to go in for a consultation. I really liked how attentive he was, he even wrote down details like how I was in school and that stood out to me because I trusted him to pay attention to the details during my surgery. I did a lot of research online and was hoping to get back to school and my regular schedule with little down time. My results absolutely exceeded my expectations. I felt so prepared by Dr. Glasgold, and even during recovery I could come back any time and I was always helped without question. I felt like the entire practice really paid attention to me and only me. I'm young, and a lot of doctors weren't taking me seriously, but Dr. Glasgold listened and gave me the nose I always wanted.

Regina Bateman – Aug 30, 2019


For years and years, I hated my nose. I broke my nose twice and it was clear as day that I needed a different nose. My friend's mom had her nose done by Dr. Robert Glasgold and I liked the outcome of it. My mom and I saw a couple of doctors until we met Dr. Glasgold. He has such a great personality, very approachable, answered all my questions and made me feel safe and comfortable enough to choose him for this procedure. I already knew about the surgery and healing process, so I was 100% ready. It's now been six months since my rhinoplasty and a lot of the swelling and bruises have completely gone now. However, I noticed the difference immediately on my first follow-up. I can happily say that I am so pleased with the results. Dr. Glasgold met my expectations, as high as they were. Every time I see pictures before and after my surgery, the difference is amazing. I wish I would've done it earlier. Dr. Glasgold has accomplished what I have wanted all these years.

Ivett Morris in NY, NJ – Jun 28, 2019


I can't tell you how long I wanted a rhinoplasty, probably since I was a little girl. I did a lot of research on RealSelf and Google and Dr. Robert Glasgold's pictures and results were the best. My consultation was Dr. Glasgold was the best I had (I saw three other surgeons). He took the time to listen to me and thoroughly explain everything about my procedure from start to finish. And again, his pictures and results spoke for themselves. I knew I found the perfect surgeon. My expectations were high and they've been met. My new nose is clean and natural just like I wanted. Follow up has been great, Dr. Glasgold has examined my nose at each appointment and has said everything's healing well. Everything about my experience has been as smooth, easy, and painless as possible. I'm so happy I choose Dr. Robert Glasgold and highly recommend him to women who want a rhinoplasty.

Emilia Carson in Princeton, NJ – May 28, 2019


My nose bothered me for a few years but I never had the initiative to do something about it. When my cousin and brother had rhinoplasties with Dr. Robert Glasgold, I knew I was ready to have a procedure. Their results were so fantastic that I didn't have consultations with any other plastic surgeons. Dr. Glasgold was very informative and thorough during my consultation. He went over what he thought should be done to give me a natural and beautiful result. He really did a great job explaining everything I could expect from start to finish. My recovery went really well. I steadily improved day by day. Follow-up appointments have gone really well too. On a scale from 1-10, I give Dr. Glasgold a perfect 10. He met all of my expectations and gave me the result I was looking for.

1 Rowina Morey in NJ – May 21, 2019


I was getting more and more unhappy with how I looked as I got older, so I made an appointment with my trusted plastic surgeon, Dr. Robert Glasgold. He patiently listened to my concerns and desires and recommended a facelift. He and I were already familiar with each other, so the decision to have the procedure really was easy to make. My recovery went very well. The minor bruising and swelling went down after just a few days. My face looks exactly like I wanted it to. It's much smoother, softer, and younger. Dr. Glasgold has once again helped me look my best. He truly is a patient, caring, and excellent plastic surgeon.

Darla Duncan in Princeton, NJ – May 11, 2019


Dr. Robert Glasgold performed my rhinoplasty, septoplasty, and turbinoplasty on March 1st, 2019. I had the procedure because my nose deviated from the outside with a droopy tip, I couldn't breathe properly, and my turbinates were inflamed. I did a lot of research to find a plastic surgeon and chose Dr. Robert Glasgold because I really liked all of his patients' before-and-after photos and testimonials. I was very impressed during my initial consultation. The office was amazing, very orderly and clean. The staff was super nice and helpful. Dr. Glasgold was a breath of fresh air. He was very patient and answered all of my questions. My surgery went very smoothly. The surgical facility and staff were really nice. My recovery process was great. I didn't feel any pain, just a little bit of pressure during the first week. The swelling got better with each day and was totally fine. I highly recommend a rhinoplasty with Dr. Glasgold to other patients. I truly have no complaints

2 Mattie T. Reeder in Highland Park – Jan 17, 2019


I'm about 6 months out from my revision rhinoplasty with Dr. Robert Glasgold. I choose Dr. Glasgold because my husband and I felt no one else was qualified enough to perform the procedure he was by far the best surgeon we saw. My initial consultation was so great because Dr. Glasgold really cared about my results rather than just taking my money. We were so impressed with Dr. Glasgold's patience, the digital images of what my new nose would look like and the amount of time Dr. Glasgold spent wit

Dorothea Palmira in PRINCETON, NJ – Jul 20, 2018


I had my upper blepharoplasty with Dr. Robert Glasgold about two months ago. I'm very happy, my results are wonderful. I'm so glad I decided to have my procedure. The only thing I regret is not having it sooner. Dr. Glasgold is a very comforting, assuring, and professional surgeon. He made my procedure so easy, almost effortless. I've never been treated so well. I can't thank Dr. Robert Glasgold and his nurse, Jessica, enough!

Laura Moon in Miami, FL – Jul 13, 2018


I had a breathing problem, a big bump on my nose, and a drooping tip. My laser hair removal specialist recommended Dr. Robert Glasgold. I came in for my initial consultation and was so impressed I made the decision to have a rhinoplasty almost right away. Dr. Glasgold's amazing before and after photos played a huge role in my decision. My procedure and recovery went so well. I have no words to describe how happy I am. My results are very very natural. Dr. Robert Glasgold is the absolute best.

3 Tina in Westfield NJ – Apr 14, 2018


Dr. Robert Glasgold is the best! I can't say enough so I'll say it very simply....he did a revision on my nose after a very botched job and I am so happy I choose him. I can finally breathe again along with him revising all the damage previous doctor did aseptically. Same with upper eyelid surgery. Amazing with fillers and botox. Great doctor. Great staff.

1 Eileen in Long Island, new york – Mar 05, 2018


So glad I was referred to Dr Robert Glasgold. It’s definitely worth the 75 mile trip from my home.He gives his patients as much time as they need and goes over all available options explaining all procedures in detail. He is a very skilled surgeon and artist.

2 Doylestown. PA – Jan 10, 2018


Dr. Robert Glasgold is a perfectionist and is cutting edge plastic surgeon. I have had a couple of procedures and am very happy with the results and his demeanor, which is a Dr. who cares and wants to have his work come out as close to perfection as possible. He will never make anyone look like they had plastic surgery. I will be going back to him for a neck lift next year, especially after seeing his patients on utube and the results.

1 2 Sylvia J. in Highland Park, NJ – Nov 20, 2017


On May 11th I had my Rhinoplasty with Dr. Robert Glasgold. This is my first procedure, and I was very anxious how the result would be. My motivation for this procedure was cosmetic, Dr. Robert Glasgold was recommended by my mom’s friend. I did a bit of research online, called his office and after the initial appointment, Dr. Robert Glasgold explained what to expect. His pre-procedure preparation is amazing. The staff at his office was very helpful, professional and accommodation I never felt rus

F K. in Highland Park, NJ – Apr 27, 2017


Dr. Robert Glasgold performed my rhinoplasty, chin implant, and submental liposuction in November 2016. The experience was really wonderful. Dr. Glasgold did exactly what I wanted, which makes me so happy. A physician who worked for Dr. Glasgold’s father first recommended the office, and he had...Read More

1 Yi Oddo in Pennsville, NJ – Oct 09, 2016


In 2008, I was 18 and in a car accident and had surgery done on my nose. Over the years I have never been pleased with my nose and finally made a decision to have it repaired. Another doctor recommended Dr. Robert Glasgold to me. I was so concerned based upon my previous experience but from the beginning Dr. Glasgold made me feel very comfortable and was very understanding of my concerns. The staff and surgery team made me feel at ease and took care of all my needs.

Melanie Goldstein in New York, NY – Jun 22, 2016


I had a rhinoplasty with Dr. Robert Glasgold. He was focused and explained how my results could look. Dr. Glasgold was convincing. I am definitely happy with my results so far. It looks close to what he said and I am more confident, now. I also had a septoplasty done, which helps me breathe. I recommend Dr. Glasgold to anyone looking at a rhinoplasty.

Ora G in New York, NY – Jun 11, 2016


I had a rhinoplasty with Dr. Robert Glasgold. He was focused and explained how my results could look. Dr. Glasgold was convincing. I am definitely happy with my results so far. It looks close to what he said and I am more confident, now. I also had a septoplasty done, which helps me breath. I recommend Dr. Glasgold to anyone looking at a rhinoplasty.

Janelle in Highland Park, NJ – Apr 01, 2016


On December 3rd, I saw Dr. Robert Glasgold for a facelift. I would one hundred percent recommend him to someone else. About seven years ago, he also performed my nose job. I am thrilled with all of my results. The office is amazing. There are no words to describe it; everyone is so nice and...Read More