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Dr. Robert Howell, MD is a Cosmetic, Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery Specialist in Marietta, GA and has over 36 years of experience in the medical field. He graduated from Emory University School of Medicine medical school in 1984. He is affiliated with medical facilities Piedmont Hospital and Wellstar Kennestone Hospital. He is accepting new patients. Be sure to call ahead with Dr. Howell to book an appointment.

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Dr. Robert Howell, MD - Reviews

Norma Scott – Jul 29, 2020


Everyone was pleasant, professional and helpful. Dr. Howell answered all questions in detail. Mark who set my cast was fun and informative.

Kelly – Jul 25, 2020


Provided excellent caring care.

1 Stanley Weber – Jul 20, 2020


Dr Howell was a blessing in disguise. He takes his time explaining his diagnosis and procedure and is very patient answering our questions. We highly recommend him. Surgery was a success and follow up. His staff is very caring and ready to help.

1 Olivia – Mar 10, 2020


Superior, however unfortunate, opportunity to have Dr Howell work on my left wrist. Thorough, compassionate and excellent surgeon. Thank you Dr Howell

2 Becky M – Feb 18, 2020


Dr Howell was so thorough and patient with my concerns. He was very educating and assuring.

Steve – Jan 30, 2020


When I walked up to the counter I told them I was a new patient and I probably had 1,000 pages of forms to fill out. They laughed and handed me an iPad. It took less than 10 minutes to answer all of the questions. Super easy. Also, Dr. Howell was very professional. He spent adequate time with me to understand the issue and explained all of my options clearly. This was my first visit, but it went as smoothly as I could have hoped for.

Henry Hebebrand – Jan 17, 2020


Dr. Howell put a plate and screws in my left wrist after a distal radius fracture, and a couple months later I was back to 100% on long distance mountain biking through Colorado. Very grateful he fixed me up; two and a half years later and the wrist is still perfect!

Nov 24, 2019


Very friendly staff, Doctor was very thorough and explained my medical diagnosis very well.

Louise Luther – Nov 22, 2019


Best there is! Caring, doctor and staff. Excellence in the field

JEAN JOSPITRE – Oct 26, 2019


Good atmosphere and understanding people

Robyn Ellis Platt – Oct 25, 2019


My husband was given the best care for an unfortunate accident. We are hopeful for a speedy recovery and know we will get great care. Robyn Platt

Jacob – Aug 28, 2019


Very professional facility, knowlegable and experienced staff, everything you'd expect

Aug 27, 2019


Came in for a workers comp issue with my hand that had been hurting for awhile. He took x-rays and spotted my issue that Southern Regional hospital missed and recommend the best plan for me to heal.

Aug 17, 2019


This was our first time visiting Dr. Howell. We were extremely impressed! Dr. Howell was very thorough and courteous. I'm happy we have chosen him for my husband's hand issue.

1 Rafael Rabago – Aug 08, 2019


I felt very comfortable, the doctor Howell is very friendly and professional. All the personal in that place are very nice and courteous. Thanks!!!!

Pamela in Acworth, GA – Jun 15, 2019


Dr. Howell treated both of my trigger fingers. Most wonderful doctor I have ever been to. He explained everything in detail and drew diagrams. He is so kind, patient, spent a lot of time with me and was calm and not rushed at all. I'm so satisfied.

Debbie in Carrollton , GA – Jun 15, 2019


Yes he has a great bedside manner.. He took time with me and explained... that means a lot ..When you are in pain..

Apr 30, 2019


I came to have a cyst looked at and Dr. Howell was great! Thorough and friendly and the office is organized too!

Apr 06, 2019


I have nothing bad to say he saved my thumb and I’m extremely glad and thankful

Apr 04, 2019


Dr. Howell was very informative, helpful, and kind. The staff helped ease my anxiety by joking with me.

Mar 22, 2019


Very kind and passionate man who takes time to make sure you completely understand what he is doing.

Cynthia Meyer-Williams in McDonough, GA – Mar 07, 2019


When speaking with Dr. Howell you immediately feel at ease because of his wealth of knowledge and experience. He is very thorough and meticulous and explains in detail the prognosis and surgical procedures. He takes his time to ensure your understanding. I have seen hundreds of doctors throughout my life and can detect a “good” doctor, he is one of the best. The moment I walked into the practice, the front staff, the nurses and assistants were all very professional, courteous and expedient.

Crystal parker in MARIETTA, GA – Jan 26, 2019


1st time coming awesome visit. Dr Howell very helpful broke down what was going with my hand thumb and the nurses where so sweet and the staff. Only thing would complain is my insurance would not cover the surgery I needed which sucks I find an awesome doctor .I will be back

Ted Sprague in Big Canoe, GA – Jan 13, 2019


Dr Howell....friendly, professinal, insightful and has a staff that is the same....will recommend

Marietta, GA – Oct 28, 2018


Very nice man, and staff.

Atlanta, GA – Oct 24, 2018


Dr. Howell explains medical conditions clearly and outlines options for treatment.

Cassandra Roberts in Atlanta, GA – Oct 20, 2018


Dr. Howell is very kind, listens well, and explains matters in a way I can understand.

Barbars in Marietta, GA – Sep 28, 2018


Very thorough excellent bedside manners.

vince currao in marietta, GA – Sep 09, 2018


Felt very assured of the direction for my problem. Excellent in listening and executing a solution.

Timothy Smith in Atlanta , GA – Sep 06, 2018


I appreciate the thorough, patient approach of Dr. Howell.

Feb 28, 2018


Dr. Howell and his staff are the best.

8 3 Sep 06, 2017


Dr. Howell operated on my wrist due to a workers compensation injury sustained while preforming my job as a nurse. I had terrible pain post op that he wouldn't address. End result, Dr Howell left 2 clips on my nerve. This was diagnosed and removed by a different physician and now I feel great. Dr Howell is so far into the workers comp insurance companies pocket that he has lost sight of patient care. I would not recommend seeing him if you were injured at work.