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Dr. Robert Morin, MD is a Cosmetic, Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery Specialist in New York, NY. He is affiliated with Hackensack University Medical Center. He is accepting new patients. Be sure to call ahead with Dr. Morin to book an appointment.

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Dr. Robert Morin, MD - Reviews

Feb 05, 2020


Dr. Robert Morin is an amazing plastic surgeon who after extensive mohs surgery leaving me without a nostril performed complex plastic surgery giving me a beautiful nose. He's an artist. He and his office staff truly care, were always available answering all my questions. Dr. Morin--not always common among doctors--actuallly listens. What more can I say.

2 Maryann Abajian in East Rutherford, NJ – Oct 14, 2018


Well I first seen Dr. Morin for a Rhinoplasty consult! I was having a hard time breathing through my nose! I had a previous septoplasty in 2010 with another surgeon but still could not breathe then in 2017 had a spreader graft using ear cartilage with another plastic surgeon but yet again no luck! Still had breathing issues Dr. Morin did my nose from scratch! He used rib cartilage and built up my nose and gave it the support it needed! He also straighted it out! Yeah now I can breath!! Amazing!

2 Adam – Aug 27, 2018


Dr. left me with a crooked mis shapen nose. He coinvinced me to do a revision rhinoplasty and charged me. I am one to give people second chances; Biggest mistake of my entire life. Got the revision with him 3 years later. Worst mistake of my life. Dr. Morin left me with a nose that looks extremely mis shapen now and I cant even breathe at all. All Dr. Morin did when I kept going to see him during follow up visits after the second surgery was crack jokes with no remorse or awnser for what he did

May 08, 2018


Excellent office staff and just an incredible plastic surgeon.

Leigh Kasica in Mahwah, NJ – Apr 21, 2017


I have gone to Dr Morin for both my nose and breast aug. and I am extremely happy with my results! I have recommended 2 family memeber and numerous friends who have all had surgeries done by Dr Morin. If i ever need anything else done in the future I wouldnt go to anyone else but him.

Alejandra Vega in Bronx, NY – Apr 16, 2017


I was very pleased and satisfied with the service Dr. Morin and his staff provided. Karla was a god sent. I wasn't able to get an appointment before my surgery for medical clearance and was very stressed out that I would have to postpone but she helped me find a doctor and surgery went as expected. Dr. Morin made me feel relaxed and reassured I couldn't ask for better treatment.

Kathy P. in Vernon, NJ – Apr 15, 2017


Dr.Morin was highly recommended to me by my nurse when I was going to get Mohs surgery on my cheek and felt it was necessary to have it closed by a plastic surgeon. I was very anxious, but Dr. Morin took the time to explain the different approaches he would take depending upon the size of the excision. On the day of surgery, he and his staff were professional, caring, and reassuring. Dr. Morin did a good job and told me that by the end of this year you won't be able to see I had anything done!

Rich Nichols – Apr 15, 2017


Dr Morin is a very Personable Dr He & his staff are awesome, I would highly recommend him.

1 little ferry – Apr 14, 2017


Dr. Morin removed a cyst from my arm and a skin lesion from my leg this past year. I've never had surgery before so I was extremely scared! Everything went well during my surgery and their was very little pain after the numbing medicine wore off. 7 months later, I am completely healed and my scars are barely noticeable! He is a wonderful and very compassionate doctor. I highly recommend him.

Apr 07, 2017


Dr Morin was very caring and gentle with my son as he was awake for his procedure. Kasey, Dr Morin's medical assistant, was very professional and accommodating.

Wayne, NJ – Jan 27, 2017


Dr. Morin explained exactly what he was going to do and results are excellent. Kudos to Kasey for setting up all appointments at the various locations. Great job!

Siobhan Peterson in Brooklyn, NY – Nov 29, 2016


OMG i have no idea where to begin! My experience with Dr. Morin and his entire staff has completely surpassed my expectations. I had a breast enhancement and they look amazing! Soft, natural and just the size I wanted! From the very first time I met Dr. Morin (my consultation appt) I knew he was the surgeon for me. Trust me, I met ALOT. He made me feel so comfortable, answered every question honestly and I was always able to reach his staff. I'm 1 month post OP and I've had 2 appts so far to tra

Perri in Rutherford – Sep 08, 2016


From my very first contact with Dr. Morin and his office staff I felt cared for and that I was in good hands. Dr. Morin has a very personable and warm manner, which makes him very approachable and easy to talk to. He and his staff were very accommodating. I felt comfortable asking questions during and in between appointments.

2 Cathy in Ridgefield Park, NJ – Aug 26, 2016


Dr. Morin and his staff are the best!!! Had a mole removed from my forehead. You would never know it was there.

1 Mariya S in New York, NY – Aug 26, 2016


After years of pondering and contemplating about getting my boobs done, I finally decided to do it. I wanted a natural look and that’s exactly what Dr Morin was able to give me. I couldn’t be happier with my new look. Most people don’t even realize that they are not real (by the way they look and feel). The whole experience is very personable. He is sincere, caring, informative, patient, understanding. He really takes his time to observe your figure to recommend proper shape and sizing.

K.O in Lodi, nj – Aug 25, 2016


What a great doctor! He went through all my concerns and I didn't feel rushed. I was scared at first but he put me at ease and his medical assistant even held my hand. Great experience!

1 Susan C in nj – Aug 24, 2016


Dr. Morin performed my reconstruction surgery after a mastectomy. He and his staff were very compassionate and accommodating. Dr. Morin is a perfectionist who wants great results as much as you do - and he delivers! His staff is wonderful - they put you at ease with their caring kindness. I am very happy with Dr. Morin, his work and his staff - I recommend highly!

1 Gilda M. in South Hackensack, NJ – Jul 07, 2016


Dr. Morin was very informative and able to ease my fears about the anesthesia and about the pain after surgery. He assured me that the pain was minimal if any and he was totally right even for somebody like myself that does not tolerate any pain at all. Hi Staff was equally as wonderful and took good care of me in terms of preparing me for the surgery and speaking with my insurance. I will sum up his skills and talent in one word, ?AMAZING?!!!!!! I highly recommend Dr. Morin.

1 Mina in Brooklyn, NY – Jun 29, 2016


Dr. Morin is an incredibly passionate, ?caring, compassionate?,? and a very charming man. His level of expertise is ?unparalleled. He ?deeply ?cares about his patients?,? and he's a genuine gentleman and a master at his craft.? He's been there for me emotionally and ?psychologically,? and has taken all the time in the world to ease my concerns I had before and after my surgery. Go to my profile page for the full story, due to character limitations, Thank you, Mina Caputo

Emerson, NJ – Jun 28, 2016


Dr. Robert Morin and his staff are wonderful. Dr. Morin is an extremely talented plastic surgeon. He answered all my questions and explained the procedures clearly. He is very confident and pleasant. Dr. Morin is very knowledgeable,high educated and board certified. He made me made me feel very comfortable so much so that I did not get a 2nd opinion. He performed a tummy tuck and arm lift on myself and I am extremely satisfied with his work. I would highly recommend Dr. Morin.

2 Ginny L in New York, NY – Apr 23, 2016


I debated over getting a rhinoplasty for 10+ years before stumbling upon Dr. Morin's work. When I went to his website after seeing the work he did on another patient I was in complete awe of how natural his results were. I decided to finally go in for a consultation and I am now 3 months post op and am 100% over the moon happy with my results! I still look myself but the bump I hated is now gone. I am so grateful I found Dr. Morin. Go to this doctor if you want amazing, natural results.

1 Lenore Summers in Hamburg, NJ – Apr 14, 2016


He put me at ease before, during and after my procedure. The results were excellent.

1 Halie K in Bergenfield, NJ – Mar 22, 2016


Wonderful work! Had my lip done and was astonished by the results! Great experience

1 Katherine in Little Falls, NJ – Mar 22, 2016


Best work! Dr.Morin is the greatest doctor I have ever met! What a great guy. Definitely highly request!

2 Ellen in Greenwich, CT – Feb 08, 2016


Dr. Morin is a wonderful Doctor. I ve seen some doctors before but Dr. Morin makes it look the most natural! Very very happy