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Dr. Ryan Heffelfinger, MD is a Cosmetic, Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery Specialist in Philadelphia, PA and has over 20 years of experience in the medical field. He graduated from Jefferson Medical College Of Thomas Jefferson University, Thomas Jefferson University medical school in 2000. He is affiliated with Thomas Jefferson University Hospital—Jefferson Health. He is accepting new patients and has indicated that he accepts telehealth appointments. Be sure to call ahead with Dr. Heffelfinger to book an appointment.

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Dr. Ryan Heffelfinger, MD - Reviews

Anonymous – Apr 14, 2020



Mary C. – Mar 07, 2020


Dr. Heffelfinger is an outstanding plastic surgeon who truly cares about his patients

Hilda B. – Feb 28, 2020


I felt comfortable and absolutely cared for and listened to by Dr, Heffelfinger. He made me comfortable with the whole process before and after surgery

Anonymous – Feb 28, 2020


great service

Anonymous – Feb 25, 2020


Explained everything well and great bedside manner

Juliet T – Feb 25, 2020


Dr. H was friendly courteous knowledgeable and beyond that an all around excellent surgeon

Rosalyn L. – Feb 19, 2020


He and his staff are excellent

R. P. – Feb 10, 2020


He provided Detailed suggestions on next steps

J. C. – Feb 07, 2020


Funny and relateable

Jan 16, 2020


Lack of interest in treating my issue. Waited 1.5 hours

cmf – Jan 13, 2020


Always kind and considerate. Answers all questions thoroughly. Had surgery for cancer on my face and neck area, and you can’t see a scar. Highly recommend.

Barbara Rice – Nov 15, 2019


There are plastic surgeons in my home state of Delaware, but from personal experience, there is only one surgeon that I gladly drive to Philadelphia for treatment. That is Dr. Ryan Heffelfinger of whom I’ve been his patient for almost ten years. During this period he has performed a repair surgery on a delicate area of my face with outstanding results. Because of this success I have over the years trusted Dr. Heffelfinger to provide elective procedures while always being happy with the results. I highly recommend Dr. Ryan Heffelfinger.

Wilhelmina A. Anderson(nickname-Peaches) – Oct 17, 2019


I went for a follow up visit with Dr. Heffelfinger since he did reconstructive eyelid surgery on me. I had hardly any eyelid left after my MOHS skin cancer surgeon removed all the cancer from my eyelid. Dr. Heffelfinger, in my opinion, is the most caring & best Ocular Plastic surgeon that I would recommend to anyone who has to have any reconstructive surgery on any part of your body. He really likes to make sure you understand what is going to happen during your surgery. I have a completely normal looking eyelid now thanks to Dr. Heffelfinger. I would go back to Dr. Heffelfinger for any kind of surgery that he does. You will not regret going to him & he will listen to you & have your best interest to do for you in his heart. Thank You so much Dr. Heffelfinger.

Loretta P. – Jul 05, 2019


I was terrified at first but I overcame it because it was something that lowered my self esteem a lot. So now I feel much more confident!

1 Mary D. – Jun 29, 2019


Dr. Heffelfinger was wonderful!! The best doctor around. Very patient which puts you at ease especially when you are nervous to begin with when getting injections. Also very gentle I didn't feel a thing! I would highly recommend Dr. Heffelfinger to my family and friends.

Walter Sasse in Phila., PA – Jun 22, 2019



Drew in Springfield, PA – Jun 06, 2019


Most caring and detailed man you will ever meet who hates to put patients on medications if not needed and cares immensely.

1 6 Philadelphia, PA – Apr 10, 2019


Dr. Heffelfinger is a pretty nice guy and may very well be a decent ENT but that's about it. I would absolutely not trust him in regards to any of the cosmetic procedures and surgeries. I got a rhinoplasty done by him in 2014 and I regret going to him. I went back for so many follow ups for years because even after the healing time I had a bump and lumpy bulbous tip. He is does not posess the required precision and aesthetic knowledge for plastic surgery. I'm getting a revision 5 years later.

2 Mar 29, 2019


On March 15, 2018. Dr. Ryan Heffelfinger was to remove a lipoma in my neck. After the operation I was left with numbness on the side of my face, neck and upper shoulder near my neck. During two follow-ups I brought this to his and others attention. I was reassured it would go away with time. It has not. I made other trips to discuss what could be done to help the situation as it is of discomfort. No suggestions other than the afore mentioned, it will go away were offered. It hasn't. Smdh

2 1 Andrea in Philadelphia – Mar 21, 2019


Awful experience! I waited almost 3 hours and paid $100 for a useless consultation. He was snide about the wait, made no apologies for it, and was texting w/ his wife during our brief appointment. Most unnerving was his extremely vague & unconfident evaluation, along w/ his uncertainty of procedure results. I was told I would receive a follow up call in a day or 2 to further explain the procedure, next steps, cost, etc - that was over a month ago and I’m still waiting! Waste of time & money

1 Noel Francavilla in Philadelphia, PA – Feb 07, 2019


Happy, cheerful and extremely knowledgeable. I wouldn’t recommend anyone else!

1 Fred T. in Philadelphia, PA – Jul 31, 2018


Positive, gentle, personal, professional. People had trouble seeing incisions.

1 Kim in Mt. Ephraim, NJ – May 13, 2018


I would highly recommend Dr. Heffelfinger if you are considering him as a plastic surgeon. I had facial reconstruction due to skin cancer spreading over my cheek. It took months of follow ups but my face is almost back to normal. Dr. Heffelfinger always explained every procedure and has a great bedside manner. I always leave his office feeling confident in his procedures. The nurses and assistants in the office are very friendly and helpful and are willing to listen to your concerns.

1 Samantha – Mar 03, 2018


I very recently had surgery done by Dr. Heffelfinger. I had a turbinate reduction, sinuses opened, septoplasty with hump removal and a collapse in my cartilage fixed. I am very pleased with the results. I am breathing clearer and the appearance of my nose if exactly what I imagined it would look like. Highly recommend!

4 Philadelphia Pa 19146 – Mar 03, 2018


For years I thought about having plastic surgery but was too nervous. I did a lot of research and went for a few different consults. Dr. Heffelfinger was one of the doctors I saw, because of his extremely impressive list of credentials. He made me feel comfortable because he was very knowledgable, honest, and paid such close attention to detail I could not be happier with the results of my surgery. Dr. Heffelfinger is so talented. I'm really grateful, it changed my life.

Jan 06, 2018


took my 15 year old son to see Dr. Heffelfinger. he took care of the ear injury my son had sustained and did very nice work. would definitely go back.

5 Megan in Philadelphia, PA – Jun 07, 2017


Wouldn't listen to the problems I described. Looked at a problem completely unrelated to the pain I was having, and when asked why he didn't look at the area I was having a problem with he couldn't give me an answer other than I was young enough that it was probably nothing major and instead directed me to another Dr in the same field with a wait time of about a month. No help at all. Complete waste of time and money.

5 Joe M. in Philadelphia, PA – Jan 31, 2017


Dr. Heff is incredibly down to earth, intelligent, and listened to all of my questions and concerns. I'd recommend him because he comes off more as a doctor than a plastic surgeon. I know that doesn't make much sense, but there's a trustworthiness and class about him that sets him apart. I cannot recommend him enough.

3 PaddyC in Philadelphia – Oct 14, 2016


Long, long waits for everything and extremely unreliable when it comes to discussing cost of care with you.

2 8 RR in Swedesboro, NJ – Jul 23, 2016


waited over an hour for my first visit. I was interested in a medical consult about options for eye surgery. The office staff was eager to ask for cash up front and to take pictures for possible insurance claim. I refused both requests until I met with the doctor.When I asked the doctor what he thought about my condition, his response was "the eyebrows are the parts that have hair and the eyelids go over the eyes" Really?? Very unprofessional.

8 7 donald in Newtown, PA – Feb 22, 2016


Dr. Heffelfinger may well be a fine ENT, but I never saw him. I was kept waiting for 2.5 hours in the office. Every time I asked the nurse for status, it was you're next! ...he'll be right there! in a way that suggests this is the norm. By 4 PM, after not seeing the Dr for a 1:30 appt, I had to leave. A half a day wasted. Based on this, the office seems badly run, and patients' time not respected.

5 Carly A in Princeton, NJ – Jan 06, 2016


He completed my Rhinoplasty and Turbinectomy. I couldn't have asked for a better surgeon. He is so professional and really has your best interest at heart and wants to make you look and feel your best. And he does! Thanks to him I love my new nose and it is more functional and attractive. I 115% recommend him.