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Dr. Samuel Buonocore, MD

Cosmetic, Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery

1000 Asylum Ave Ste 3207 , Hartford, CT.




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Dr. Samuel Buonocore, MD is a Cosmetic, Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery Specialist in Hartford, CT. Dr. Buonocore has more experience with Reconstructive Surgery than other specialists in his area. He is affiliated with St. Francis Hospital & Medical Center. He is accepting new patients and has indicated that he accepts telehealth appointments. Be sure to call ahead with Dr. Buonocore to book an appointment.

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Dr. Samuel Buonocore, MD - Reviews

1 Julie Morris – Mar 25, 2020


I can't say enough about Dr. Buonocore! He's kind, caring, he listens and explains things thoroughly. He is a highly skilled surgeon and makes you feel like you are his only patient!

3 Elizabeth Daly – Dec 18, 2019


Dr Buonocore has been my PS since I had my 2017 Mastectomy with auto-reconstruction. He is kind and very generous with his time. I just had Diep-Flap Reconstruction on Dec 2, 2019 with him and his team and I couldn't have asked for a better result, surgeon, hospital or team to do this major surgery for me. He genuinely cares and listens to me and never makes me feel rushed at appointments. If I could give him more than 5 stars, I would! I highly recommend Dr. Buonocore, his team and his staff, as well as St Francis Hospital and Medical Center!

8 Apr 10, 2018


I was referred to Dr. Buonocore to perform reconstructive surgery after a bilateral mastectomy. Other medical providers described him as “really nice” and “extremely competent.” When I first met him, he focused on me and answered all of my questions. He was not rushed or anxious to move on to another patient. A month after the surgery, I am very pleased with the results. Dr. Buonocore is a highly-skilled surgeon and provided compassionate, patient-centered care.

3 Luz Arzuaga in Manchester, CT – Dec 18, 2017


Dr. Buonocore is a very professional person, he make you fell comfortable since first time. He explain steps to step what he going to do. You could tell how professional is he. He did my breast reduction and he did exactly what he told me he would do. His staff are a very nice people who make you fell comfortable and liable. Monica is a very nurse ever. I recommend him very highly.

1 Vicki Chamberlain in Granby, CT – Jun 19, 2017


Dr. Bounocore was one of the sweetest doctors I've ever met. He went out of his way to make us comfortable. He performed a very complex surgery on my husband and within weeks my husband was feeling so much better. Thank you Dr. Bounocore.

4 21 Rocky Hill, Ct – Mar 13, 2017


"Dr B. Thinks he is the only plastic surgery in Ct that is the best". Hate to let you know that you only have 8 year experience. I found 25 plastic surgeons in Ct that have a lot more than you. You need to work on your bedside manners, and learn to listen to your patients. I am very disappointed with Dr B. My advice is to look before you make a decision.

4 2 Lori Hasemann in Manchester, CT – Feb 20, 2016


Dr. Buonocore performed carpal tunnel surgery on both my hands yesterday and I am extremely happy with the results. I had my first full night sleep in a long time. No more horrible pain waking me up in the middle on the night. I'm a very satisfied patient :)