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Dr. Sang Kim, MD is a Cosmetic, Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery Specialist in Ithaca, NY. Dr. Kim has more experience with Pediatric Plastic Surgery than other specialists in his area. He is affiliated with medical facilities such as Cayuga Medical Center at Ithaca and Crouse Hospital. He is accepting new patients. Be sure to call ahead with Dr. Kim to book an appointment.

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Dr. Sang Kim, MD - Reviews

Five stars – Jul 19, 2020


I went to Dr. Kim for rhinoplasty. The results were exactly what I wanted! He was detailed in explaining the procedure and did a natural look. I love it! The recovery period was short and friends tell me I look so much better! The staff did everything in their power to be helpful and make clients feel comfortable. Overall, an excellent experience.

May 12, 2020


If bedside manner means anything to you, look no further. Everyone that works there is nice too. Christine at the front desk for example. Dr. Kim is very even tempered.

Xanthia Saez – Jan 18, 2020


I had a SECOND rhinoplasty With dr Kim. I was born with a cleft lip and i initially went in to fix my nose because it bothered me. No nose went down flat like. My first rhinoplasty after the cast came off my nose my nose looked absolutely fabulous! I loved it! But as time went by obviously my nose is still healing it started to go back to before. I then went in again for another surgery to correct it again, I immediately was unhappy with results I even cried soon as I saw him because I am so unhappy that he for the second time wasn’t able to fulfill what I paid for. It’s very sad and disappointing for someone who has went through the bullying and hardship I went through thinking he would be able to fix it. But he did not. Just wanted to share my experience. He is a nice doctor nice staff but did not do what I went in for. Do not recommend.

Lin K. – Sep 03, 2019


I recently had bleph surgery by Dr. Kim. I am so pleased with my results. He is so gentle and excellent at what he does. The office is so professional. You walk in and are created with a pleasant smile from Danielle. She makes you immediately feel comfortable. Monica set up the appointment and is so helpful and pleasant. I met with the nurse Elaine who is so thorough and sensitive to great results. This office meets every expectation of efficiency and professionalism. I thank you Dr. Kim. I am so pleased with my results.

4 Debra Stern in Utica , NY – Feb 01, 2019


He is without a doubt a perfectionist and along with that a perfect gentleman. I had rhinoplasty done fixing a break I had done 5 months prior. I am so HAPPY with the results even though it's only been a week recovery for me. He went above and beyond on his own to also fix a deviated septum I had to help me be able to breath better. I can honestly say I am 100 percent happy with the results. I would highly recommend him.

3 Sarah Fox – Nov 10, 2018


I highly recommend this doctor. Several years ago, I had skin cancer on my nose reconstructed. Impressive training background, bedside manner, and talented young surgeon. Since then I have been seeing him for filler treatments and Dysport. Only downside is waiting time on my appointment visit, but overall outstanding experience.

5 4 Marcy, NY – Nov 06, 2018


Dr. Kim is a PERFECTIONIST! Trust me, he likes everything to be perfecto. He went into detail explaining the procedure. Plus, my down time was only 3 days! That is way better than the 3 weeks my local doctors mentioned. Also, the staff here is exceptional. You never wait more than 5 minutes for your appointment and everyone is friendly. On top of that, I find it REAL that staffers who have had procedures done come to work post surgery. It shows that if they trust him, so can we. :)

9 Phil Curtis – Oct 28, 2018


I am writing this review for my sister who underwent rhinoplasty with Dr Kim. She has always been bothered by her nose and finally decided to get the surgery done. She did extensive research on RealSelf and other websites, and went to see several plastic surgeons. She also knew another person who underwent surgery with Dr Kim, so she decided to have rhinoplasty by him. She is now a totally changed person. We are so happy for her with the experience and the result. Highly recommend!

5 Liverpool, NY – Sep 18, 2018


I wanted to wait until I was fully healed to write my review, but now see I truly had nothing to worry about. Nature curse me with a **FUG** nose that I no longer have. My new nose is straight, yet matches my face, (so does not look ridiculous). The healing directions were very detailed, and the follow up appointments thorough. My mind was just blown away by the before and after pics. The staff and Dr. Kim himself were amazing and friendly. Highly recommend this incredible Dr!????

2 Darlene Gordon – Sep 15, 2018


I had nose and sinus surgery with Dr. Kim. Dr. Kim and his staff are awesome! I recommend him to everyone.

1 Tina M – Aug 31, 2018


I had skin cancer on my nose repaired by Dr. Kim. It was a quarter size hole in my face and I was absolutely traumatized. After about 6 months, you can't even see the scar anymore. Outstanding surgeon, and fantastic staff!

1 Sue S. – Jul 14, 2018


I had an amazing experience and all of my procedures have shown incredible results so far! Dr. Kim and his staff are very friendly and caring and I couldn’t have asked for a better experience.

7 4 Camillus, NY – Jun 18, 2018


Horrible. Was treated like part of an assembly line, doctor seemed to be in a hurry. Also procedure and cost not fully explained. Dr indicated that lab work should be done, but did not mention it was not necessary (found out later when working with pathology lab). Mentioned procedure would be covered by insurance but did not mention at all that there would be high cost for lab work done and got huge bill for a few skin tag removals. Very disappointed in lack of clarity of procedure cost.

Amy in Syracuse ny – Jun 02, 2018


Dr Kim did an amazing job and I could not have asked for more! He and the staff were amazing throughout the whole experience!!! The healing process was a little rough but that was to be expected and was completely worth it! I would recommend dr Kim to anyone that is considering rhinoplasty.

1 Mich02 in Syracuse, NY – Jun 01, 2018


I would highly recommend Dr Sang Kim. He is very knowledgeable and wants his patients to look as natural as possible. Never felt rushed by him or his staff. Everyone there is totally professional . I had cheek implants & lower blepharoplasty. There was an improvement. Then Dysport was recommended along with Restylan. Best decision.

May 26, 2018


I can now look in the mirror with newfound confidence like never before. He truly made my beauty blossom

May 10, 2018


Dr Kim is caring and extremely professional! He not only did a magnificent job on my face, he made sure to check in to see how I was healing. What I love most about Dr Kim is his expertise and eye for the most natural outcome. I highly recommend Dr Kim if you want a natural youthful look. He certainly is the best in Syracuse!

1 May 10, 2018


I have wanted to get a rhinoplasty since I was thirteen years old. I was always back and forth about the idea, always being too nervous to actually do it. I went to multiple consults, but other physicians were very rude and not compassionate. When I met Dr. Kim, I knew I finally wanted to get the...Read More

Luz espinal in Utica ny – Mar 02, 2018


I have had nothing but positive experiences with Dr. Sang W. Kim, he is great i have wonderful result with my surgery, he is extremely knowledgeable and dedicated. The first time that i meet him,he made me feel that I was in safe hand. I love that he takes his time with every patient to explain and answered every questions. His staff are courteous and friendly, they always treat me with tender loving care.

4 4 Jeremy K in Syracuse, NY – Jun 17, 2016


A brilliant doctor with a great patient manner!