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Dr. Scott Holley, MD

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3600 Capital Ave Sw Ste 102 , Battle Creek, MI.




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Dr. Scott Holley, MD is a Cosmetic, Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery Specialist in Battle Creek, MI. He is affiliated with medical facilities such as Ascension Borgess Hospital and Bronson Battle Creek Hospital. He is accepting new patients. Be sure to call ahead with Dr. Holley to book an appointment.

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Dr. Scott Holley, MD - Reviews

2 Ronda in MI – Jun 28, 2019


I am a 53 year old who has had breast implants for over 20 years, it was time for them to GO! I went to 3 consultations with other surgeons before choosing Dr. Holley. He is patient and really listened to my questions and concerns. I had my implants removed along with a breast lift, the results exceeded my expectations. I love my new breasts. I can’t thank him enough!

3 MI, MI – Mar 02, 2019


Excellent surgeon and caring staff. Offers realistic expectations and solutions.

1 Battle Creek, MI – Feb 14, 2019


Excellent results and communication!

1 Sandy Hart in Springfield, MI – Oct 04, 2018


Explained the procedure and delivered the greatest repair on my hand. I am so happy with the results and going back next summer for my other hand. I have complete trust in putting my hands in his capable hands. Thank you Dr. Holley. He also works with Hand Therapy of Michigan and I highly recommend all the therapist in the Battle Creek Office as I worked with Craig personally and he was excellent as well. But also witnessed the care and concern and knowledge all the staff gave to patients

1 6 Kit in Athens – Aug 21, 2018


Hand is still numb 3 yrs later

2 Mike DeBoer in Battle Creek, MI – Jun 15, 2018


Dr. Holley gives you clear choices based on likely outcomes. The surgical procedure went very well. Recovery was a stated. I appreciate being able to use my left hand again. Very skillful and experienced surgeon. Dr. Holley's staff is great. The referral to OT after surgery was seamless.

1 Bill in Richland, MI – Apr 20, 2018


I absolutely approve of Dr. Holly and his staff. I have had two hand surgery procedures for Dupuytren's. One on each hand and the results were excellent. The clinic is neat, clean and well organized. All questions before and after the procedures were thorough. Dr. Holly spent good quality time with me and this is appreciated.

Portage – Apr 20, 2018


I had breast augmentation plus lifts and had a wonderful experience! The office staff I'd like fsmily, and Dr Holley took so much time to educate me if the benefits and risks with reading material and pictures. I am unbelievably satisfied with my experience and results, and felt like I was an individual the whole time not a dollar sign. Highly, highly recommended

4 6 Kathy Guthrie in Three Rivers MII – Sep 05, 2017


Worst experience of my life. Mr. Holly performed what he said would be an easy liposuction of buttock and thighs. Five days later I went to the emergency room and had a blood transfusion. The surgery had gone very wrong. He suggested another surgery, a "body lift" which we had never heard of. He offered his services for free, but I had to pay for another surgery. My right leg looked 'screwed' on to my body . The thigh curved around to my back. Don't use him.

2 KA in Kalamazoo, MI – Aug 30, 2017


After much thought and research, I chose Dr. Holley to do my breast augmentation mostly because I liked his before and after photos better than anyone elses. I was not disappointed! I love the way I look in the mirror. I am no longer self concious about wearing a bathing suit. From consultation, to surgery, to post-op I have been very pleased. I never needed a pain pill, and felt almost normal within 3 days!!!

2 Portage, MI – Aug 17, 2017


New office is beautiful! Staff is knowledgeable and professional. I was nervous, but felt relaxed and actually "listened to" by Dr. Holley. Dr. Holley was actually my 3rd opinion appointment, but I scheduled with his office because I just really felt my best interests were what mattered!

2 4 Kalamazoo, MI – Feb 21, 2017


The front desk treated me like an idiot! She acted like I was invisible! The rest of the staff was just as rude. Would not recommend him to anyone!

4 1 Jessica Dolph in Richland, MI – Nov 09, 2016


This is the surgeon you want and need for excellent patient care! Dr. Holley is kind, knowledgable, experienced, caring, communicates well, has an admirable presence/demeanor and truly puts patients first. Please consider consulting him as well as recommending him to friends and family. Dr. Holleys' entire staff truly made me feel safe, welcome and cared for. I appreciate their professional, kind and caring ways.

2 mkr in Kalamazoo, MI – Nov 08, 2016


After much consideration, I underwent two surgical procedures in November of 2015 (tummy tuck) and in October of 2016 (tummy tuck revision and liposuction). I could not be more pleased with my results. Dr. Holley's level of care, compassion and expertise were evident the very first time I sat down and spoke with him about the results I was looking for. He did not let me know. It is my honor to recommend his surgical talents to anyone looking to make cosmetic changes.

2 S Brown in Battle Creek, MI – Sep 08, 2016


Dr Holley and his staff from consultation to post op have been professional, kind, reassuring and patient. Willing to answer any and all questions any time I needed. On 8/31/2016 I had breast reduction/lift with implants, tummy tuck, liposuction to back flanks and back bra fat, and fat graft to butt (Brazilian butt lift). No surgeon in the country would have done this surgery all in one sitting, but Dr Holley took on the challenge and delivered quality perfection results. I was told surgery w

5 Phyl in Michigan – Jan 31, 2016


MANY procedures done by Dr. Holley. HE IS THE BEST!

4 1 Sherry Farris in Marcellus, MI – Jan 22, 2016


No doctor believed me when I said I was in pain in my wrist after my first procedure. My first surgeon made me feel like I was crazy and wouldn't help. I went a year after that (two years in constant pain) before I met Doctor Holley. He too was unsure of the amount of pain that I said I was in so he gave me a shot and put me in OT. I failed the OT and after three weeks, he took me a little more serious. He decided to do a 2nd MRI which showed my Ulna Bone was barely attached. He fixed me up.

4 1 Sherry Farris in Marcellus, MI – Jan 22, 2016


No doctor believed me when I said I was in pain in my wrist after my first procedure. My first surgeon made me feel like I was crazy and wouldn't help. I went a year after that (two years in constant pain) before I met Doctor Holley. He too was unsure of the amount of pain that I said I was in...Read More