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Dr. Scott Newman, MD is a Cosmetic, Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery Specialist in Roslyn Heights, NY and has over 35 years of experience in the medical field. He graduated from New York Medical College medical school in 1985. He is affiliated with medical facilities such as Montefiore Medical Center and Saint John's Riverside Hospital. Be sure to call ahead with Dr. Newman to book an appointment.

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Dr. Scott Newman, MD - Reviews

Dani – Nov 14, 2019


I had the pleasure of using Dr. Newman for my breast augmentation. I previously had saline which developed a leak and needed to be replaced. I switched to Silicone and I'm in love. I have gotten so many compliments, recovery was very quick and painless. I would certainly refer him to anyone...Read More

1 Ellen Tindell in Park Ave, NY – Jul 07, 2018


I went to Dr. Newman after a DCIS diagnosis for breast reconstruction. I did not have any trouble getting an appointment. His office staff is wonderful. Wait time is minimal once you go to your appointment. Dr. Newman answered all my questions, was courteous and thorough, and very knowledgeable...Read More

1 1 Brittany Pellerito in Park Ave – Jun 19, 2018


I researched every doctor in the NY area that had experience with lower eyelid surgery. When I had my consultation, I felt that my feelings were valued, my questions and answered and I left with more information than I had prior. His facilities are immaculate, his staff is friendly, attentive and...Read More

1 Julia Khanbalinova in Park Ave, NY – Jun 08, 2018


I was referred to Doctor Newman for breast augmentation by a friend and could not be happier with my results. He listened to exactly what I wanted and paid careful attention to detail. I would definitely recommend him if you're considering breast surgery!

2 Joanne Yewdell in Park Ave, NYC – May 24, 2018


I went to see Dr. Newman to discuss fillers for my face and lips. I was concerned about looking "fake" and his conservative approach of doing a little at a time made a lot of sense to me. His knowledge and kind nature reassured me to do my lips and cheeks. Dr. Newman injected fillers in my cheeks...Read More

1 Bayside, NY – Mar 16, 2017


No words can express how happy and pleased I am with the services I received from Dr Newman and his staff. From start to finish I had the best care from them. As well as the BEST final product! If your looking for a doctor, I highly recommend that you schedule a consultation with Dr. Newman! I...Read More

1 Cristina Rodriguez in Jersey City, NJ – Sep 15, 2016


I've gotten two procedures done with Dr. Newman the first one was on 12/19/2008 which was for my breasts and I have to say I absolutely love them and would consider doing them again with him. My second procedure was on 9/23/2011 which was a labia plasty. I wasn't happy with this surgery as I don't...Read More

3 Tara in New York,NY – Aug 26, 2016


I have had two procedures with Dr. Newman, he is the absolute best and know exactly what he is doing. His staff is so personable - all medical experiences should be as wonderful.