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Dr. Scott Sackman, DO is a Cosmetic, Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery Specialist in Easton, PA. Dr. Sackman has more experience with Pediatric Plastic Surgery than other specialists in his area. He is affiliated with medical facilities such as Coordinated Health - Bethlehem and Easton Hospital. He is accepting new patients. Be sure to call ahead with Dr. Sackman to book an appointment.

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Dr. Scott Sackman, DO - Reviews

1 AH – Jun 20, 2020


My results were exceptional. Above what I expected. Dr removed a growth from my upper lip that I have dreaded for years. My lip is perfectly “normal” now! Dr was informative, knowledgeable, but most of kind and understanding of my feelings. The office staff was also very kind and understanding. Thank you Doctor for helping me feel more like me.

1 Dec 25, 2019


Dr Sackman and his staff were very thoughtful and detailed with my evaluation. Dr Sackman outlined the procedures he would suggest with the pros and cons. I am extremely happy with the results, which were exactly what I was looking for.

1 Sal – Nov 20, 2019


Had 2 great experiences with Dr Sackman, one for removal of 2 cysts in my eye area and a visit for my wife to remove warts from her hands. Both had great results! He is knowledgeable, skilled and honest. I highly recommend him!

1 MaryAnn – Jul 03, 2019


I have been going to Dr. Sackman for over 5 years now with excellent results. His staff is extremely friendly, kind and helpful. Dr. Sackman is always very thorough with my visits. He takes the time to discuss with you what results you would like and goes over what you can expect. I trust him with any procedure because of his extensive knowledge and experience. He's the best.

1 1 Jun 26, 2019


Dr. Sackman has been absolutely excellent for helping me take control of my seasonal allergies, and the few acne treatments I’ve gone in for have all helped me maintain clear skin like my old cocktail of drug store remedies couldn’t.

1 2 PA – Jun 20, 2019


I have had many procedures with Dr. Sackman and I will keep coming back. He is honest and skillful and very caring. He explains everything and I know what to expect beforehand because he writes it all down for me after we talk about it. I Highly recommend him.

2 3 NancyB in Coopersburg, PA – Jun 18, 2019


Dr. Sackman has a large space in an old interesting converted residence. His staff is friendly and helpful. I am concerned about Dr. Sackman's decision to unilaterally change my procedure without speaking with me. When I questioned this at a followup appointment he became impatient and dismissive. Having an informed consent discussion with a patient before a procedure starts is basic for a patient/physician relationship and trust. It determines the parameters of the procedure and what the patient is paying for. A physician violates a patient's trust when he changes the procedure without discussing it with the patient first. For this important reason, I can't recommend this physician.

3 4 May 17, 2019


Dr. Sackman suggested laser resurfacing for my wrinkles at my consultation. He said this would take years off my face. I went for it. It did not address my wrinkles at all. I was very unhappy with the results and went to see him about it. He said he took 50% of the responsibility for not telling me it would not help with my wrinkles which with his advice is why I did it in the first place. He did not care at all that I was unhappy with the results. He offered to do it again with anesthesia which of course will raise the price even higher than the first unsuccessful attempt at a discounted rate. Why would I ever trust him again. Why would I waste any more of my hard earned money on something I just had done with zero results ? Very poor service. Very uncaring. He said so you have a wrinkle or two but your skin looks great. Added insult to injury. He also showed me pictures of a success patient that did have results. Why? To show that he does know mine was incorrectly done. Beware!

2 May 01, 2019


No wait time got right in for a follow for my daughter for a small procedure she had. Dr. Sackman is the best. Great bedside manner and treats you like a person not a number. A true professional and informative. Hands down the best doctor I’ve seen in Northampton county pa.

3 1 Sharon D. in PA – Jun 27, 2018


Last week on 6/22/18, I had the Aqua Shape Liposuction procedure with Dr. Sackman. OMG - this was an amazing experience. I was completely awake, no sedatives of any kind. It was truly a PAINLESS procedure. I can not say enough good things about the wonderful care I received from Dr. Sackman and his staff.

2 1 Kimberly Guerin in Wind Gap PA – Apr 24, 2018


Knowledgeable,experienced, friendly and takes time to listen. Cares for his patients. Highly recommend Dr.Sackman

2 Sheila in Easton, PA – Dec 15, 2017


My recent procedure with Dr. Sackman provided a very welcoming and pleasant experience. The office itself is extremely clean and comfortable. I found the staff to be knowledgeable, courteous and friendly ! Dr Sackman's instructions were clear and concise before and after my procedure . He is very professional and I am very happy with the results!! Thank you so much Dr. Sackman and staff!!??

2 2 christina in bangor,pa – May 16, 2017


Recently moved to Pa. I have always had my cosmetic procedures done in Florida but since coming to this office, dr Sackman, I was informed of a lot more than that in Florida. Very pleased with my outcome