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Dr. Scott Scharer, MD

Cosmetic, Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery

836 Prudential Dr Ste 1601 , Jacksonville, FL.

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Dr. Scott Scharer, MD is a Cosmetic, Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery Specialist in Jacksonville, FL. He is affiliated with Baptist Medical Center Jacksonville. He is accepting new patients and has indicated that he accepts telehealth appointments. Be sure to call ahead with Dr. Scharer to book an appointment.

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Dr. Scott Scharer, MD - Reviews

1 Margaret Gail Hughes – Jan 24, 2020


He talks to me on a level I can understand and explains what needs to be done then tells me what he is doing before and as he is doing it. He even listened to me. He is definitely a "keeper". He is now one of "my" doctors. I whole hearty recommend him. He solved my problem where as others could not.

2 L. W. – May 14, 2019


Clean and the staff is pleasant. Hard to find downtown but they provided clear directions to make it easier to find. I had to reschedule a few times due to my children and they were flexible and never seemed bothered by my chaotic schedule. Dr.Scharer is very well mannered and listens to you. They go over and beyond for their patients.

3 D. A. – May 14, 2019


clean office friendly staff very professional

3 Kimberly D. – May 14, 2019


I have been struggling with sinus congestion and horrible facial pain/ for years! Doctor after doctor and trying every medication and nasal spray out there. Dr Scharer really listened to my issues and worked hard to find the source of the issues not masking my symptoms! Along with his outstanding bedside manner his staff is absolutely amazing! Patricia is nice and patient, she made clear directions and finding the office was easy and appointment scheduling a breeze. Would...

3 T. W. – May 07, 2019


The office is so professional. The girls that run it are amazing, so considerate and a proper reflection of quality patient care. Dr Scharer has the best bed side manner along with listening to patient needs. Would give more stars if i could!!

1 Lynn H. – May 06, 2019


Love Dr. Scharer and his staff. He and his staff from the receptionist to the RN have been extremely pleasant and attentive to my needs. I have received the best treatment and level of care from this team with great outcomes post surgery. Thanks Dr. Scharer!

Christopher C. – Feb 06, 2019


I had some worries about seeking out a professional opinion on my allergies and potential decline in hearing. Dr. Scharer has an excellent bedside manor and immediately put me at ease. I was met at the door with a smile and all of my questions were answered or at least discussed with in-depth analysis.

Anonymous – Jan 30, 2019


Dr. Scharer actively listened and asked questions to understand my issues. He went over the expectations of the appointment thoroughly. And was detailed with what to expect next.

M. G. – Jan 16, 2019


Dr. Scharer was excellent throughout the whole surgery process. He was friendly and detailed. I could not have asked for a better doctor to fix my nose.

Anonymous – Dec 28, 2018


First time everything was explained to me

Elizabeth P. – Dec 28, 2018


excellent team enjoy coming here..

Alexis B. – Dec 14, 2018


Never have to do this again.

Tina R. – Nov 30, 2018


Dr. Scharer is a wonderful doctor! His calm and gentle manner always puts me at ease as he makes sure I understand everything that is going on. I highly recommend him!

3 Rachel in Jacksonville, Fl – Mar 26, 2018


Dr Scharer performed my thyroidectomy and selective neck dissection about a year ago. He is very patient and kind when it comes to explaining everything and answering questions. It is obvious that he really cares about his patients.

2 john in jacksonville – Jan 08, 2018


Had headaches and some sinus issues. Performed surgery but still dealing with sinus issues and headaches. Prescribed a nasal with allergies and medication that helped with headache. Ayear later I am still dealing with headache and cannot even get office to call me back...... collected money now abandoned me.

6 2 Barbara in Glen Saint Mary, FL – Sep 20, 2016


Dr. Scharer removed my thyroid in May of 2014. He was very detailed in explaining my options and gave me ample time to make a decision. The care I received in the hospital and during recovery at home was above and beyond. My husband recently needed to see an ENT and without hesitation we scheduled with Dr. Scharer.