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Dr. Scott Spiro, MD is a Cosmetic, Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery Specialist in West Orange, NJ and has over 32 years of experience in the medical field. He graduated from UMDNJ-- New Jersey Medical School medical school in 1988. He is affiliated with Saint Barnabas Medical Center. He is accepting new patients. Be sure to call ahead with Dr. Spiro to book an appointment.

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Dr. Scott Spiro, MD - Reviews

1 Aug 10, 2019


Stellar results from my BA with Dr. Spiro. So glad I did my research and decided on him. Dr. Spiro gave me the results I had been searching for. Dr. Spiro and staff always answered all my questions, took their time, and eased any fears.

1 Phil – Jul 20, 2019


I can't even begin to say enough about Dr Spiro. From my first visit to my post surgery checkups I have had nothing but positive experiences. Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would be able to look this good again. Not a lot of men are open to cosmetic surgery. It was easier for me to...Read More

11 Feb 27, 2018


I had my eyes done by him and loved the results. Went back for a face lift 7 months before my daughter’s wedding. My fave is crooked. There are literally 5 pictures of me from the wedding. I am still crooked and now use fillers to look somewhat normal. I would never use this doctor!!! Wish I could...Read More

11 2 Jan 03, 2018


I am a breast cancer survivor and am so offended at the fee that was quoted me for reconstruction. He doesn't accept any insurance and doesn't discount his fees for those of us who have had the misfortune of having deformed breasts due to lumpectomy or mastectomies. My first time was for filler...Read More

5 4 Cranford, NJ – Nov 16, 2017


I was a patient of Dr. Spiro for years and I had a problem occur with a procedure that was done in the office. I had called the. ER number and the the nurse was down right rude and hung up on me. I wound up in the ER that day. The following day I called the office to explain why I was upset with...Read More

2 B L-T in plainfield, nj – Dec 24, 2016


I always wanted to do something about my sagging asymmetrical breast. However, it was breast cancer and a double mastectomy that led me to Dr. Spiro. He transformed my breast into a work of art! I am so happy with the results and can't wait to show off my new cleavage. Not only is he an artist...Read More

1 jd in scotch plains, nj – May 28, 2016


Dr. Spiro. Is a meticulously gifted surgeon and most importantly a caring person. I was safe in his capable hands and would highly recommend him.

1 2 May 16, 2016


Dr. Spiro is an amazingly talented plastic surgeon. He is truly an artist and his work is perfection. I work alongside Dr. Spiro as his RN, I see everyday how amazing his results are and how happy people are with their outcomes. I personally have had amazing surgical outcomes done by Dr. Spiro. He...Read More

Lena in New York, NY – May 06, 2016


I would like to say that Dr. Spiro is a great doctor! He has absolutely an amazing hands and a fantastic personality! Also, he has a wonderful staff. I've been done a brest readjustment with him a couple month ago, and the result is stunning! I'm grateful to Dr. Spiro and all his team!!!

1 D.K. in Elizabeth, New Jersey – Apr 06, 2016


Dr. Spiro is the best. I am so happy with my surgery outcome. I had tummy and breast surgery. I never thought I could look this good again. Dr. Spiro is truly an artist. Thank you Dr Spiro for making me feel great about myself again. You are an exceptional surgeon and I am so lucky to have...Read More

10 1 pissed for the DDD's in Morristown, NJ – Mar 08, 2016


I wanted a C/D and I ended up with a DD+++ deformed. I love the show botched and unfortunately, now I have the opportunity to be on it, thanks to Dr. Spiro. Thanks lil guy.

3 Aubrielle in Morristown, NJ – Jan 12, 2016


Dr. Spiro and his staff are outstanding. if you're nervous about surgery he will bring you peace of mind. From the time of your first appointment to through recovery you will feel completely comfortable and safe. The results are amazing - he's like a Wizard! I highly recommend him - you will not be...Read More