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Dr. Shaher Khan, MD is a Cosmetic, Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery Specialist in Dearborn, MI and has over 17 years of experience in the medical field. He graduated from R Franklin Univ Of Med & Sci medical school in 2003. He is affiliated with medical facilities such as Beaumont Hospital - Dearborn and Beaumont Hospital - Taylor. He is accepting new patients. Be sure to call ahead with Dr. Khan to book an appointment.

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Dr. Shaher Khan, MD - Reviews

Nov 22, 2019


Dr. Khan is awesome!!!!! I had a Huge lipoma lump on my forehead. It was very noticeable and unsightly. During our consultation Dr. Khan made me feel very comfortable. His bedside manner is the BEST! He removed the lipoma with very very minimal scaring. I’d literally have to tell you where to zoom in to notice anything. Thanks Dr.Khan! Definitely recommended! Oh yeah.... and my insurance covered it all!!!!!! Thanks again for everything

1 Allysia A. Dorman – Nov 03, 2019


Dr. Khan embodies what a medical doctor aught to be. He advocates for the good of his patients, communicates clearly without haste, opens himself up to questions, demonstrates extreme professionalism combined with absolute approachability and compassion. If you have a surgical need Dr. Shaher Khan is the physician's whose care you should pursue. Having chosen to travel across the country from Arizona to Michigan in order to utilize his services, I was in no way disappointed. My heart is overwhelmingly grateful to Dr. Khan and his entire team!! The Highest Recommendation!! -Allysia A. Donovan-Dorman, Yuma Arizona

4 May 10, 2019


Dr Khan is the absolute best. His concern and willing to do everything he can during my surgery and aftercare. I think an angel sent me to him. I had a 16 year old silicone implant that was hard and painful. Dr Khan explained to me that he removes breast implants and will not put them in, and had me research breast implant illness linked on his sight. What an eye opener as my health has been having issues for the last 6 years. Nobody told me breast implants should come out after 10 years. I had many symptoms including muscle twitching, cough, colds, fevers, sever pain, arthritis, and joint problems. The doctors that I saw did not suspect breast implant illness and all my tests came back good. In my opinion breast implants are dangerous. and it is my wish that the public was more aware and educated of the risks. My surgery was supposed to be one and a half hours and ended up lasting almost four. Dr Khan has a true concern for my health and I think saved my life.

1 L.G. in Woodhaven, MI – Mar 19, 2019


Dr. Kahn is very knowledgeable and will explain every bit of your condition and prognosis. He handle the procedure completely from pre-op to bandaging. He took care of Dupuytrens Contracture and Trigger Release on both hands as well as Carpal Tunnel on one side and will be returning soon for the other side. NO PAIN. Everyone including other doctors and therapists are impresses with his work, as am I !!! Don't hesitate to go to Dr. Kahn. HE is very caring, compassionate and humble person.

Willena Payne in Detroit , MI – Feb 01, 2019


I had 2nd degree burns on my left arm and he did an excellent job with getting my burns and skin back together without scaring he is very good at what he does I would recommend him to anyone.

1 Julie in Belleville, MI – Dec 22, 2018


I had burning pain with numbness and tingling radiating from my shoulders to fingers waking me up through the night. I had an EMG, my diagnosis was advanced carpal tunnel. Searching the best reviews, I found Dr Khan. After consulting with Dr. Khan we scheduled surgery. Dr Khan educated me about the procedure. I am so happy to have found Dr Khan! I can barely see the small scar on my hand. I have 100% relief after the surgery. I would highly recommend Dr Khan. Don't suffer, go see Dr Khan!

2 PT from Wyandotte in Taylor, MI – Nov 28, 2018


I adored Dr. Khan answered everything for me so helpful, However when I had a billing question and I have two insurance, I asked the biller Lourie and I wrote her name down as I was talking to her the same question twice so I understood the answer she was really rude when I repeated my question and answered to me first that she had already explained that to me, but she let out a breath and repeated herself I could hear her frustration in her voice. Dr. Khan is a gem though and fixed my hand.

5 Shawn in MI – Nov 10, 2018


Surgery went well but the office and billing was horrible. Paid off my debt and 6 months later they called indicating they changed billing company’s and a lot of the files were lost. They told me I owed another 170.00 and after I told the worker everything was paid they told me it may have been there wrong doing since the last billed took all the files. Few months later I get a letter from an attorney saying I never paid. Please don’t go to Dr Kahn you will be sorry.

Cheryl Klancnik in New Boston, MI – Jul 06, 2018


Dr. Khan is an excellent doctor. He informs you about everything that is going to happen. He is very knowledgeable and very kind. He recently performed surgery on my husband's hand for Dupuytrens Contracture and scar tissue of the hand. He takes the time to do a complete and thorough job. My husband has complete and total relief in his hand and he could not be happier with the results. We highly recommend Dr. Khan to everyone who needs his service.

1 Deana in St. Clair Shores, MI – Jun 07, 2018


Dr. Khan did a wonderful job!

2 Colleen J – May 17, 2018


Dr. Khan is truly amazing. He is one of the most, if not the most, excellent doctor and surgeon I have ever gotten treatment from and he has the credentials that back up my opinion. Over and above that, he his so caring, kind and has a humility about his talents that is very rarely seen in most all of the medical profession. I highly recommend him for any procedure in his specialties and beyond.

1 Brownstown MI – Apr 26, 2018


Dr. Khan performed surgery on my finger and forehead Tuesday 04/17/18. I was having pain in my index finger since October 2017. Surgery was performed perfectly. I did not experience any pain at all after surgery. I did not even require the use of any pain medicine. Dr. Kahn has the nicest bed side manner I have ever experienced. I cannot speak highly enough about Dr. Kahn and his entire staff.

2 Rex in Westland, Mi – Mar 09, 2018


This DR is awesome, very professional and compassionate.His heart and soul is bound to the true description of what a Doctor is. On my hand surgery day after it was complete , he explained every thing while I was getting dressed. With out hesitation , he dropped to his knee to put my shoes on. He has also restored my faith in humanity, And now I know the reason for my injury,was to be blessed with his care.

DV & SV in South Lyon – Jan 23, 2018


We would highly recommend Dr. Khan and his staff. My husband was injured at work and we were directed to Dr. Khan. He operated on my husband that evening and was able to save his finger. After about 2 months of recovery, my husband was able to return back to work with full use of his finger. Dr. Khan is a great surgeon who truly cares about his patients. We wish more doctors were like him.

1 Ryan in Livonia, Mi – Jan 07, 2018


From the meeting prior to the procedure to the follow-ups Dr Khan has been very insightful and helpful throughout the entire process. Explaining each step and the motive behind each move, Dr. Khan instilled faith and trust in the process from myself. Amazing job on the surgery and I'm unsure it would have ever been as close to as successful given any surgeon was performing the task. Would strongly recommend Dr. Khan to all upcoming patients.

Shelia golden in Taylor Mi – Dec 22, 2017


II was treated by Dr Khan for tendon(2)severed and let me tell you after my surgery I never felt any pain at all.This surgeon is not only good at what he does but he is a fantastic person,he never rushed our visits and when you are done with him you feel like you have a new Freind,never in all my life have I encountered a Dr with his Manner,what a fantastic Dr and person,I highly recommend this Dr,and his staff was friendly and bubbly,excellent from beginning of treatment to end,Great job team

Joshua Trevino in Pontiac mi – Dec 21, 2017


Dr. Khan saved my hand! 9/21/17 a mini van fell on my had destroying it! Dr. Khan wasted no time helping me and directing me to get my hand back! In only 3 months of what it looked like when it happened to today....12/20/17 people are amazed and so am I! I'm just so blessed to have Dr. Khan in my life! If you want true results and a doctor that really cares Dr.khan is the guy!

Trenton – Dec 01, 2017


I lacerated my left hand middle finger tendon and immediately Dr. Khan immediately scheduled me for surgery the next day. Recovery went amazing, fast and better than expected for each check up date. I would recommend him every time!

1 Elizabeth Gregory in Lincoln park – Nov 16, 2017


best doctor I have ever been to. extremely thorough and knowledgeable. through surgery he has eased all pain in my hands and pinpointed problems that no other doctor has been able to do. He is very concerned about the patient's well-being and explains everything in detail. His staff is also excellent. Very personable and helpful. Elizabeth Gregory

Curtis Miller in Farmington, MI – Nov 09, 2017


Dr. Khan removed an Ganglion cyst on my right wrist. Amazing job. From the first consultation till the last, Dr. Khan was very professional thru a entire process. Dr. Khan and his staff answer all my question and concerns I had.

Elizabeth Lacey in Dearborn, MI – Oct 20, 2017


Absolutely the Best care and kindness after a health scare Dr. Khan rectified a potential melanoma issue with surgery the next day after my appointment and consult. The Surgery went well and he took very good care of me and my concerns very through Highly recommended Office Staff are very compassionate and caring and so his surgical team . Top Notch High Marks across the board!

Marivic Castillo in Ypsilanti, MI – Oct 09, 2017


I just had my Pilonidal cyst pap econstruction surgery with Dr. Shaher Khan.He is an excellent physician and plastic surgeon,very kind,gentle, and patience.He took time to explain the surgery and everything.He is extremely knowledgeable to his expertise.I highly recomend Dr. Khan .How i wish i can put more stars,5 stars is not enough.....Million of Thanks DR. Shaher Khan....THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!

Juanita Weston in Redford, MI – Oct 05, 2017


Dr.Khan did an amazing job he really showed me he cared.

Woodhaven, MI – Oct 05, 2017


Dr. Kahn is wonderful! He is skilled, personable, and an exceptional hand surgeon. Amazingly, Dr. Kahn was at Beaumont Hospital and was able to operate on my hand in the ER Room after dog biites. He was amazing to me and my family. With each follow up office visit, Dr. Kahn was always friendly, kind, and answered all my questions. I am very pleased with my outcome, and thank God for Dr, Kahn.

Katherine Hundley in Trenton, Mi – Aug 10, 2017


Amazing! I felt like he truly looked at me as an individual. I wish there were more stars because he is an exceptional doctor and human being.

1 Alice Schneider in Garden City, MI – Jul 30, 2017


Dr. Khan is very patient, professional, and explains every thing he does. Very good patient interaction. I feel lucky that my PCP sent me to him.

Riverview, MI – Jul 13, 2017


Dr. Khan is an excellent physician and plastic surgeon. He performed a successful reattachment surgery that other surgeons never would have even attempted. Dr. Khan is the ultimate professional; he was prompt, efficient, extremely knowledgeable, and personable, too. He provided supreme care in a very serious situation, was honest and totally trustworthy. We are thankful that he happened to be the on-call surgeon at the time of the accident. Dr. Khan is truly a blessing to all.

John Everett in Trenton, MI – Jul 03, 2017


Very fortunate that we were referred to Dr. Khan. He was great! Very kind, gentle and compassionate. Took the time to explain the surgery and what to expect for recovery. He saved my finger tips. It is obvious that he is passionate about his work/art. Thank you Dr. Khan. You were wonderful.

1 Shane in Lincoln Park, MI – May 09, 2017


Dr. Khan is simply the BEST! Urgent appt was made right away & there was no wait time in the waiting room on my visits. He explained the injury, proper care, & the healing process. He's very informative and personable. I couldn't have asked for a better doctor. A doctor you can trust and feel comfortable and confident with.

Chanelle in Belleville – Apr 28, 2017


If your looking for a doctor who cares then look no further. Very thorough, smart and efficient. Respects your time and is committed to nothing less best 100% results.

Trenton, MI – Apr 18, 2017


Great Doctor he is very personal and does not try to rush his patients out of the room,i would definaely refer him. Karen and Gary Kissel

Mary B. in Trenton, MI – Mar 27, 2017


I consider myself so very lucky to be referred from the emergency room to Dr. Khan for treatment of severe dog bites and punctures to my hands and arms. He is brilliant in his profession and such a compassionate human being, he truly cares about his patients. Dr. Khan takes his time to listen and answer questions and he explains his treatment plan so you understand and know what to expect. Dr. Khan's staff is very professional and courteous as well. I highly recommend Dr.Khan!!

David Hakanson in Woodhaven, Mi – Mar 21, 2017


I first met Dr. Khan at Beaumont hospital after i crushed my hand at work. Thankfully, no surgery was required. Dr. Khan has a great bedside manner, told me what to expect, and treated me like family. He's very thorough and takes time to explain everything. He's not only a great surgeon, but a great person as well. He really cares about his patients. In the future if the need arises, he'll be my only choice. His staff is wonderful and cooperative as well. Thank You Dr. Shah!

Bob K. in Ann Arbor, MI – Jan 31, 2017


Doctor Khan ia an excellent surgeon, terrific manner and all around great guy.

1 Betty Banach in Riverview Mi. – Jan 25, 2017


He takes the time to explain the injury and what to expect thru the healing process. He is easy to talk to and take time to answer all questions you have.

1 Sharon S. in Trenton, MI – Nov 19, 2016


Dr. Khan was very thorough and found a problem that I did not know that I had. he encouraged me to read up about it, as I had never heard of it before. He did not recommend any unnecessary treatments.

1 Dennis Kurtz in Taylor, MI – Jul 27, 2016


Dr. Shaher Kahn was assigned as my surgeon after my emergency admission. His skills & dedication as a doctor are outstanding, & the results of his work-remarkable. Beyond that, his integrity, ethics, & egolessness left my wife and I feeling as if our souls & spirits were enriched by having met the man. We give him our highest recommendation! May all in need of a surgeons services have the good fortune to be under the care of a doctor such as Dr. Kahn. He was the silver lining in our cloud.

Gary B. in Grosse Ile, MI – May 17, 2016


Dr. Khan is the on call hand specialist at Beaumont Southshore Hospital in Trenton. He took care of my 92 year old father after he fell and required 25 stitches to close the back of his hand. Dr. Khan is very caring, patient and explains what he is doing and why. I highly recommend this man to...Read More

susanwickenheiser – Apr 13, 2016


I would highly recommend Dr. Khan. Doctor performed emergency surgery on my 16 yr. old daughter's severely injured finger with a wonderful outcome. He is very kind and caring,, explains procedures very thoroughly, takes his time with patient, encouraging, and professional. I am very grateful for the care my daughter received!

1 3 Dora Tucker in Wyandotte, MI – Jan 26, 2016


He is the kindest doctor, treats you with respect, explains everything he is going to do with great detail and answers all questions without hesitation. Very professional in his presentation upon meeting you and any follow up visits. Would recommend him to anyone. The surgical scar was almost invisible, did a great job.