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Dr. Shepherd Pryor, MD is a Otolaryngology (Ear, Nose & Throat) Specialist in Scottsdale, AZ and has over 19 years of experience in the medical field. Dr. Pryor has more experience with Pediatric Plastic Surgery, Upper Respiratory Conditions, and Otologic Care than other specialists in his area. He graduated from Rush Medical College Of Rush University medical school in 2001. He is affiliated with HonorHealth Scottsdale Shea Medical Center. He is accepting new patients. Be sure to call ahead with Dr. Pryor to book an appointment.

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Dr. Shepherd Pryor, MD - Reviews

Make sure you ask before booking an appt and wasti – Jan 21, 2020


I was taken to Deer Valley Honor health due to a bleeding nose that wouldnt quit. Was then transferred to Honor Health Shea Medical and told Dr Pryor would be coming to see me. Finally, he appeared after several hours to tell me that he looked at my meds and chart and said due to the Eliquis blood thinner i was on, it wasnt an ENT problem but a cardiology problem. He said to leave in the rhino rocket that was put in at Deer Valley to book an appt to have it removed. This morning before appt which was supposed to be tomorrow his office called to say they dont take VA insurance

Dec 13, 2019


Both my wife and I have had appointments with Dr. Pryor. We have been very pleased with the way he has interacted with us, and have been very confident about the quality of his diagnosis. We give him five stars. However it is very difficult to set an appointment with Dr. Pryor. His office staff does not return calls. I have been trying to set up an appointment for four days. No one answers the phones.

1 Jack H Tanowitz – Sep 03, 2019


From start to finish I couldn't be happier with Dr. Pryor and his staff! You cannot see the scar from the surgery! Bedside manner is excellent and Dr. Pryor made me feel comfortable prior to the surgery. Top notch!!

2 Amber – Aug 09, 2019


I had seen Dr Pryor for an initial consultation. We discussed a couple solutions to my problem. I admittedly went to another Dr for a second opinion. The Dr not only agreed with Dr Pryor, he actually suggested Dr Pryor to do the surgery. Im very happy how everything turned out.

Brad – Aug 08, 2019


Dr. Pryor was very patient and took his time with me to discuss several nose related issues, and solutions. Overall I couldn’t be happier. Im able to breathe better, and my wife says I don’t snore as much

Christine GAINES-Shangraw in NC – Nov 25, 2018


Dr Pryor and Jocelyn are the best ever!!! I was suffering with sinus disease and chronic headaches. Dr Pryor was always very kind, gentle and always throughly explained everything to me; I never felt rushed by him or his staff. When ever I had questions or concerns Jocelyn was always there to help me too. I Have gone to other ENT doctors in the area and they don't compare to the care and treatment I received with Dr Pryor, Jocelyn and Valley ENT Top notch !!!

Rick – May 18, 2018


Septoplasty didn't work out well. No difference.

1 Lauren Bromley in Arizona – Jan 03, 2018


After waiting a month for an emergency ear tube surgery for our one and a half year old daughter who had been unable to combat a consist two month long ear infection and had been on every antibiotic possible (none of which worked on her), the office staff called us at 6:30 the night before her surgery to tell us that we were going to own another $300 prior to her surgery the next morning. I had already schedule payments with the facility for equal payments and had everything handled and ready to

Fullerton, CA – Dec 19, 2017


I have much respect and trust in Dr Shepherd Pryor. Office wait times are minimum and the staff is amazing.

3 Beth W in Phoenix, AZ – Dec 15, 2017


Dr. Pryor is the best! I’ve been a patient of his for 7 years and have never had anything but a 100% positive experience. From thyroid surgery to Botox, he is incredibly skilled, professional and gets fantastic results. My other doctors rave about him and his personality is absolutely delightful. The office staff are easy to coordinate with and efficient.

1 Mesa, AZ – Dec 02, 2017


I had a rhinoplasty and septoplasty in 20212. I originally left a good review for the fact that I could breath a lot better but as times gone by and the healing process is complete I do not like the look of my nose at all. I specifically asked him to make my nose longer so nostrils wouldn’t show so much he said no you don’t want that we will make tip stick out more to appear longer ? Huh? How does a larger profile make it look longer ? At any rate I was right this looks awful will have to redo

1 William in Chandler, AZ – Aug 06, 2017


I had 3 issues addressed in one surgical session by Dr. Pryor. Turbinate Reduction, Septoplasty, and nasal pathway reconstruction. My initial consultation with Dr. Pryor went very smooth when he put me at ease with his personable and friendly personality as well as being very knowledgeable and experienced in his description of the process I would go through in correcting these issues. All Post-Op visits have been GREAT and I am now enjoying a BETTER quality of life because of him!!

J N in Phoenix, AZ – Aug 04, 2017


Dr Pryor was very kind and understanding. I would recommend him to any family and friends!

2 1 Julianne in Tempe, AZ – Sep 18, 2016


I got my nose done by Dr. Shepherd Pryor back in 2013 and my nose turned out crooked and not much smaller than my original nose. When I asked him about it on my last appointment, he told me people will not notice it and that another surgery would not be necessary. I have people tell me that it is...Read More

2 4 al in Scottsdale, AZ – Jun 09, 2016


Did a lousy job with septoplasty. Worse than before