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Dr. Sidney Rabinowitz, MD

Cosmetic, Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery

305 Route 17 S , Paramus, NJ




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Dr. Sidney Rabinowitz, MD is a Cosmetic, Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery Specialist in Paramus, NJ. He is affiliated with medical facilities Hackensack University Medical Center and Valley Hospital. He is accepting new patients. Be sure to call ahead with Dr. Rabinowitz to book an appointment.

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Dr. Sidney Rabinowitz, MD - Reviews

4 1 Krystal in Hackensack, NJ – Oct 10, 2017


I was introduced to Dr. Rabinowitz as a little girl back in 1995. When I was 4 years old I was attacked by a dog while on vacation in another country. The left side of my face was literally hanging off and the dog almost took my eye out. I had 3 reconstructive facial surgeries throughout my childhood. You can't even tell I went through this journey. Because of him, I am able to live a normal life and feel beautiful. 26 years later and I am forever in his debt. This man literally changed my life.

3 1 Rutherford, NJ – Mar 29, 2017


My 9 year old son had a bad gash on his arm that required plastic surgery care in the ER. Dr. Rabinowitz was a great blessing to us this day. He served as a wonderful (calming) doctor that attended to my son with excellent bedside demeanor and excellent medical care. His practice followed up with weekly check-ups on my son for no added fee and the rest of his staff was incredibly pleasant and attentive. I highly recommend Dr. Rabinowitz!

3 Debbie in Lodi NJ – Mar 25, 2017


I'm a 55 year old woman, suffered with horrible bags under my eyes. I tried to hide them, but you can't hide what you see each and everyday. I made an appointment to meed Dr. Rabinowitz, I can tell you he walked in the room and looked right into my eyes, I felt relief at that moment. He was just amazing he showed me with a mirror what he was going to do. I just knew I was going to see ME again. Surgery went well as the days go on it's better than i imagined. He is a very caring Doctor. A 10

4 Mike in Midland Park, NJ – Mar 12, 2017


Could not have been any luckier to be granted Dr Rabinowitz and his partners after an accident left my right arm mutilated. I was in a bad motorcycle wreck where i was told that there was no chance to save my right hand. Now its still a big blur but miraculously woke up to see it still there. Being one hell of a year later exactly, he has been with me every step of the way and he is truly the one surgeon who makes you feel that he will everything he can for you. Could not be anymore thankful.

3 Frank in Hawthorne – Mar 08, 2017


He treated and had to operate on a nerve in my elbow. very good doctor and a good man highly recommended

2 TJP in Upper Saddle River – Sep 16, 2016


I had been to two other doctors without relief. Immediately upon seeing Dr. Rabinowitz he quickly diagnosed the issue and treated me. Within days I had relief, upon my follow up 3 weeks later, I was back to 95%. His presence is calming, confident and most of all he clearly knows what he is doing. I would not hesitate to recommend him to family and friends. Very glad I was told about him.

1 MM in Wyckoff, NJ – Sep 15, 2016


My son and I met Dr. Rabinowitz at Valley Hospital's emergency department.. In June, my son needed stitches very close to his eye. Dr. Rabinowitz was on call and presented with the best bedside manner I've experienced in a long time. He actually spoke to my son directly and explained everything he was going to do before the doctor even touched an instrument. My son's anxieties were immediately relieved with Dr. R's demeanor. Office staff is very helpful. I would recommend him over and over.

1 Joe M in Lincoln Park NJ – Jul 15, 2016


Highly recommended by HUMC staff and employee

1 1 Emily in Allendale, NJ – Jun 14, 2016


When my toddler got her thumb slammed in a door hinge, I didn't know how serious it was. Upon taking her to the ER, I learned that she needed stitches, as half of her nail bed was coming out. Dr. Rabinowitz came in to HackensackUMC pediatric ER from home on the weekend, and was very warm, reassuring, and professional. I learned that her nail may have never grown right without stitches. Three months later and the nail bed looks perfect-- you can't tell she was injured at all. I am so grateful!

1 1 Bob in Hackensack, NJ – May 20, 2016


My wife, Nancy, had to have her small toe amputated. Dr. Rabinowitz did a wonderful job repairing her wound. You have to look twice and count her toes to know that one is missing. Dr. Rabinowitz is comforting, reassuring and pays attention to every detail. He gave my wife the confidence that she needed going into her surgery. His genuine concern and post surgery follow up are remarkable. His staff is second to none. I would strongly recommend Dr. Rabinowitz.

2 Feb 06, 2016


I have recommended Dr. Rabinowitz to a friend and her experience was wonderful also! I would highly recommend Dr. Rabinowitz.