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Dr. Sina Joorabchi, DO

Cosmetic, Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery

500 N Hiatus Rd Ste 101 , Pembroke Pines, FL




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Dr. Sina Joorabchi, DO is a Cosmetic, Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery Specialist in Pembroke Pines, FL and has over 12 years of experience in the medical field. He graduated from Michigan State Univ College of Osteopathic Med medical school in 2008. He is affiliated with medical facilities such as Joe DiMaggio Children's Hospital and Memorial Hospital Miramar. He is accepting new patients and has indicated that he accepts telehealth appointments. Be sure to call ahead with Dr. Joorabchi to book an appointment.

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Dr. Sina Joorabchi, DO - Reviews

Kay – Nov 20, 2019


Dr. Joorabchi is the BEST allergist/ENT specialist that there is. He is attentive, thorough, caring and always makes sure you not only receive the best care, but also understand what is happening and why. He treats my whole family and is absolutely AMAZING with my toddler. He deserves the highest recognition there is. His staff is also wonderful (Robert & Brenda to name a couple) and the wait time in always under 10 mins.

1 P. Fishman – Nov 12, 2019


If you need an ENT specialist look no further than Dr. Joorabchi. I recently saw him for an ear issue and associated dizziness. He took the time to explain the issue and the course of treatment. He is knowledgeable, kind and put me at ease. I never felt rushed and he was extremely thorough in his exam. He is a class act and has a wonderful manner. I highly recommend Dr. Joorabchi!

1 1 Debra lauren – Sep 28, 2019


I suffered for over ten years with nasal discomfort ,sinusitis and congestion.Including two nasal surgeries with no relief.On my first visit to Dr Joorabachi diagnosed me matching and explaining my nasal problem. Including “Vivaer”,a in office procedure that would help eleavate my symptoms.The procedure was approximately 15 minutes sitting in a chair comfortably. Everything was throughly explained prior,during,and after surgery. I drove myself home without any pain. The following days I then experienced the phases of healing and breathing more freely. I Highly recommend Vivaer medical procedure for a better breathing ,and a better quality of life. Sooner the better .Such a nasal surgery without any down time. A little saline spray and TLC and on your way.Thanks Dr J. And staff for such great care. Debra Lauren

2 Thi Bui – Aug 18, 2019


We scheduled an appointment with short notice. The Doctor was on time with no long wait. There was something stuck in my ear from ear candling and I was unable to hear. I was very nervous and he made me feel calm. He was able to remove the wax very gently and without pain. I would highly recommend him. Thank you Doctor Joorabchi. Thi Bui

2 Feb 01, 2018


My doctor for life!!! He was the first doctor to diagnose my sleep apnea just by look inside my mouth. Ever since we started treatment, I have lost 83lbs and it has honestly changed my life. Truly one of the best!!

1 Jan 30, 2018


Dr. Sina is great, very happy with him. He did the vertigo maneuver on me and after 3 days it was gone!

1 Cathy Davis in Davie, Fl – Jun 10, 2016


Wonderful bedside manner. Dr. Joorabchi was thorough and patient. I was very impressed.

2 Eric in Pompano Beach, FL – Apr 24, 2016


Dr. Joorabchi performed surgery to fixed my nose and I have to say I am extremely happy with the result! I have not breathed this well in 20 years! During my time with him, he was very compassionate, patient and thorough in his explanation of my condition. I highly recommend him.

3 New York, NY – Jan 29, 2016


Dr. Joorabchi was not only attentive and focused on my care but he couldn't have been nicer. He spent the time to understand me and my situation without making me feel rushed. In today's day and age its rare to find a doctor of his quality. Couldn't give a high enough recommendation!!