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Dr. Summit Kundaria, MD is a Cosmetic, Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery Specialist in Charlotte, NC. He is affiliated with Atrium Health's Carolinas Medical Center. He is accepting new patients. Be sure to call ahead with Dr. Kundaria to book an appointment.

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Dr. Summit Kundaria, MD - Reviews

Leah Allen – Jan 27, 2020


I received botulinum toxin injections (healthgrades wouldn’t allow me to put the product name), a chemical peel and a blepharoplasty (eyelids) from Dr. Kundaria....the care I received was phenomenal, the results natural and amazing! I also began his recommended skin care regimen to help further improve my skin and am extremely happy with the positive changes. I cannot say enough wonderful things about Dr. Kundaria! 5 Stars is simply not enough!

1 Jessica in Charlotte, NC – Jun 29, 2019


Dr. Kundaria and staff are professional and makes me feel at ease with every visit. He was consultative and answered all of my questions. Last week, I went in for Volbella fillers for the upper and lower lip and Xeomin. Very small and painless procedure but amazing results! Thank you, Dr. K and Nuance Facial Plastics. I highly recommend this team.

1 2 Annie in Charlotte , NC – Dec 15, 2018


I went to see Dr. Kundaria to get Botox and also talk about possibly getting some fillers. I am a nurse and have worked with MANY physicians and I can honestly say Dr. Kundaria is one of the nicest and most thorough physicians I have ever met. He spent so much time listening to my concerns and made recommendations based on what I want to achieve. He obviously cares about his patients and wants to help them to feel and look their best. I really just can’t emphasize enough how kind he was!

1 ZP – Oct 11, 2018


I’m getting married this summer need some help to look my best for the BIG day! Dr. Kundaria recently created a plan for my upcoming treatments (Botox, IPL treatments and skin care routine). I am extremely excited and trust his approach completely.

1 Ruth – Oct 09, 2018


Awesome practice! Thorough evaluation and professional treatment are the best!

2 Sep 14, 2018


Excellent results! I had my first filler treatment ever, and the images that come to mind when you hear "filler" are not good (at least to me). He showed me typical pictures of his patients, and I was impressed how they looked better without looking "filled". I love his "lightly done" look that he talks about!

1 Laurie – Sep 13, 2018


Love the attention of a facial plastic surgery expert! I had 3 laser treatments at a med spa, and never saw results. One treatment with the doctor (he delivered the treatment himself!) and I'm a happy camper. Results are even better than I expected!

Alexandra in Matthews, NC – Sep 07, 2018


Got Botox for the first time last month, and I can't believe it took me this long to take the plunge! I am glad I found Nuance Facial Plastics and Dr. Kundaria. Best service and follow-up EVER.

Christine – Sep 07, 2018


Wonderful doctor! I have seen a few plastic surgeons, and he was the first that seemed genuine, down to earth, and not pushy with all of the services he can do. I had said, "What should I do?", and he said "let's start what bothers you the most". The warmth in this office, with his staff and himself, is much more "organic" than any other office I have been to. The doctor called me after my treatment to check up on me!

Molly in Charlotte, NC – Sep 06, 2018


Great calm bed side manner. He’s in no rush and makes you feel like you are his only patient!

Maggie – Jun 29, 2018


Dr. Kundaria was very sensitive to my anxiety that I had about everything, and called me several times over the next few weeks after my treatment to check in on me. Great person!

1 Sara hughes – Jun 25, 2018


Dr. Kundaria and his staff deliver top quality service. My facelift went very well, and my results are great. I didn’t not realize that daily phone calls from the doctor himself were a part of the post recovery period. It gave me time to ask him all about my recovery and tell him how things were improving day by day. Highly recommend!

Teresa in Ballantyne, NC – Jun 24, 2018


I surely recommend Dr. Summit Kundaria. His staff is personal, and the experience of even making an appointment is more personal than anything I have ever seen. Every other doctor you call nowadays has a "Press 1 for scheduling..." type of phone line. You get a person right away, and she's helpful, answers your questions, and finds a time that works for you. The doctor's face to face personality matches the first impressions above.

1 AnnaB – Jun 23, 2018


Dr. Kandaria has a very nice, neat office that has beach themes. He took all of the pictures of the corals in the waiting room! I saw him for cosmetic as well as breathing issues, and he was very thorough with his step wise approach. He even suggested that we delay the surgery until we have given the medications a chance! A surgeon that tries to not operate on you is a first in my book!

1 1 Julie in Rock Hill, SC – Jun 03, 2018


My experience with Dr. Kundaria and his staff has been nothing short of outstanding. I love my face lift and eyelid lift results, and can't rave enough about how private and personal this whole journey has been. The relaxed but professional atmosphere is striking when comparing it to other practices (especially medical ones), but even more so when comparing it to other plastic surgeons (he was the third I saw). No pushy sales team or other staff members.

Olivia in Charlotte, NC – Apr 15, 2018


Dr. Kundaria is the most honest and humble doctor I have encountered. I wanted a neck lift, and he talked me out of it and treated me with Kybella instead. There was an honesty in this that was very genuine to me. Imagine a car salesman that told you that you didn't need a car!

1 Jan in Charlotte, NC – Apr 13, 2018


Very compassionate doc! You can tell which doctors sympathize with you and which want don't, and within 30 seconds of meeting Dr. Kundaria, I knew he was the one I wanted treating me.

Mallory in Hickory, NC – Apr 12, 2018


Dr. Summit Kundaria is a very meticulous surgeon, and gave me results that were even better than he had explained I could get before the procedure. I just love my new nose, and just wish I had met him and had the surgery years ago!

Tess in Waxhaw, NC – Apr 12, 2018


Every surgeon and spa claims "boutique" treatment, but when I tell Dr. Kundaria that I need privacy (I am a little compulsive about this), I get it. Nobody in the waiting room before or after, and I never overlap with anyone in the public spaces in the building. This is really a practice that gives you the golden treatment.

Ingrid in Concord, NC – Apr 12, 2018


Dr. Kundaria is a very caring, thoughtful, and thorough doctor. He makes me laugh and I love the results I get with his treatments!

SaraK in Charlotte, NC – Apr 03, 2018


Try finding a more compassionate, genuine doctor! I have gone for multiple different treatments, and each time I feel like a family member. Great staff!

Michi in Cary, NC – Apr 01, 2018


Dr. Kundaria is very nice and has a real concern for his patients. He calls me after treatments to check in on me! I have never had a doctor do that before.

Cynthia in Matthews, NC – Mar 30, 2018


Great combination of professional and personal service!

1 Henry in Charlotte, NC – Mar 28, 2018


This doc puts me at ease every visit, and I look forward to each visit. I think he schedules extra time for me because I'm a talker!

Sherry in Huntersville, NC – Mar 22, 2018


Great doctor, staff, and office! Feels like family when I walk in unannounced and Jessica knows my husband's name!

Julia in Waxhaw, NC – Mar 20, 2018


Doc is a lot of fun! Nice to have a skilled doctor that I look forward to seeing again.

Annie in Charlotte, NC – Mar 17, 2018


Dr. Kundaria and his staff are wonderful. Jessica is always helpful, and always facilitates great experiences! The doctor is not like most others.

Nikki in Charlotte, NC – Mar 14, 2018


Great Doc! Jessica and Cindy are also amazing!

Mary Strickland in Charlotte, NC – Mar 09, 2018


I got Botox by Dr. Kundaria and it was a great experience!

TNguyen in Charlotte, NC – Mar 09, 2018


Dr. Kundaria did my mini facelift and I love the results!

Amber w. in NC – Feb 28, 2018


Very happy with a first time visit. Dr. Kundaria took time to explain risks and benefits of procedure, answered all questions and explained what to expect as we went. He was very precise and gentle. Office is bright, welcoming and clean. Very pleased and will be returning again for future needs!

1 Angela Taber in Cornelius, NC – Feb 17, 2018


If ever you are looking to have any facial work done, be sure to see Dr. Kundaria first! He did an amazing job answering the thousand questions I had, which erased any hesitation that I could have had. His demeanor was very friendly and relaxed and he explained everything so I would thoroughly understand it. He was also very honest about what I did and did not need to have done. He was clearly there to help me and not just push procedures and products on me. I felt as though he truly cared abou

Feb 15, 2018


Dr. Kundaria is an excellent doctor. He took the time to sit and talk to me about what I wanted done.. When it came time to having the actual procedure he was able to put me at ease. I am very happy with the results.

Jan 24, 2018


Dr.Kundaria is friendly, knowledgeable and concise. He took his time explaining the procedure and answered all of my questions. I’ve been very satisfied with the procedures I’ve had done. I would highly recommend.

1 2 Charlotte, NC – Aug 15, 2017


I recently had a procedure with Dr. Kundaria. I can not say enough about this doctor and the whole practice. He was very informative and sat down and answered each question thoroughly. After the procedure, he was inviting and knowledgeable at each scheduled post op appointment. I HIGHLY recommend this doctor to all my friends and family. I will be back for my future appointments as well.