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11725 Illinois St , Carmel, IN

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Dr. Taha Shipchandler, MD is a Otolaryngology (Ear, Nose & Throat) Specialist in Carmel, IN. Dr. Shipchandler has more experience with Pediatric Plastic Surgery than other specialists in his area. He is affiliated with Indiana University Health Methodist Hospital. He is accepting new patients and has indicated that he accepts telehealth appointments. Be sure to call ahead with Dr. Shipchandler to book an appointment.

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Dr. Taha Shipchandler, MD - Reviews

1 Apr 20, 2020


My experience with this Dr was a terrible one .Poor one-on-one communication, lack of transparency as well as negligence towards aesthetics . I am now left with a nasal deformity following the procedure I had with him . It takes a highly skilled physician to perform a procedure properly while being honest with the patient and their family .It seemed as though very little to no preparation was done prior to surgery as well as poor execution . Trying to find and discuss a solution with him afterwards was a waste of time because he abruptly walked out of the appointment when he saw I had questions and concerns . That is not an honorable behavior . I was compelled to write this review to hopefully help someone else make a more informed decision .

1 Lillian Newman – Oct 14, 2019


I want to update my review. Dr. Taha Shipchandler removed the metal plate. The first couple of days of post op narcotic helped greatly with nerve pain. When that ended, irritation returned. However. I do have a mixed paralysis and irritated nerve, not due to this doctor, but due to the surgery before. I believe this doctor did his best with a situation that was created before him. I still would go through the surgery again. On the septoplasty part, I have had three in my life and this one had the easiest recovery. In summary, Dr. Shipchandler took a bad situation and tried to make it better. The nerve is not touching a metal plate anymore. Time will tell what my final outcome will bebut this surgeon did his best and I strongly believe he's excellent.

2 Brenda Bundy in Lafayette, IN – Feb 15, 2019


Dr.Shipchandler is wonderful!! I am shocked to see some of negative reviews! He is the #1 plastic surgeon in Indiana! He reconstructed my nose and put stints in.. due to a collapsed valve and a lot of other stuff wrong with my nose. Him and Dr. Ting did my surgery together..Dr. Ting reconstructed my sinuses.. They are a great team! I haven't been able to breathe good for years.. And since my surgery I am finally feeling more normal and feels so good to breathe right again! Him & staff are great!

1 3 Irini in Indianapolis, IN – Sep 14, 2018


Dr S - arrogant, cold, rigid. His words “never too many questions”, until you ask them. Met with him 3 times to understand procedure (functional/cosmetic), Had 3 previous failed attempts (septoplasty). Dr S is also plastic surgeon- thought he could fix bump from previous ones. Sent him reports from other Drs and he said it made no difference. He then accused me of being emotional- I challenged him and he didn’t like it. Wasted 3 months of back and forth. Don’t do it!

2 BARBARA PRICE in Indianapolis,IN – Nov 08, 2017


I had an eye lift and facelift. The tests are amazing! I credit the best practices of Dr. Shipchandler. I didn't take one painkiller, no ice applications, and little bruising. No more turkey goblet neck! Very very pleased.

5 Carmel, IN – Dec 05, 2016


Waited over an hour to be seen, phone calls not returned promptly- overall subpar treatment at best

13 2 Michael in Indianapolis, IN – Mar 12, 2016


Referred to Dr Shipchandler from VA med center as a follow up visit from Surgery at R. Roudebush VA Medl Hospital in Indianapolis. Date of service 10/30/2014. The office visit was short & bill for looking into my nose with a small scope was $1,642.00 Service with Dr Shipchandler rushed, overpriced and instead of billing VA like they were suppose to, they billed my insurance on record (info from unrelated visit). They wouldn't fix it.100% VA disability coverage and I got stuck with bill.

15 2 JILL R. in Carmel, IN – Mar 08, 2016


Absolutely awful! If I could give negative stars, I would. I just now paid off bills from 2014 for Dr. Shipchandler. He charged me almost $2000 for an in office procedure which he billed as surgery without even asking/telling me!!! He, in my opinion, doesn't care about his patients...only his bottom line.