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Dr. Theodore Gerstle, MD is a Cosmetic, Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery Specialist in Lexington, KY. He is accepting new patients. Be sure to call ahead with Dr. Gerstle to book an appointment.

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Dr. Theodore Gerstle, MD - Reviews

S.Washington – Mar 24, 2020


I went to see Dr. Gerstle for a consultation for breast augmentation and a BBL after the almost immediate reply to my inquiry. I loved the atmosphere, knowledge, and most importantly service and reviews so much that I made my appointment that very day and within a week had my procedures performed. I’m healing at a rapid rate based on the two follow-up appointments that I’ve had since my procedures less than a week ago,in addition to the personal calls just to check up on me! I am BEYOND PLEASED with my results and my personal self image has really began to heal with Dr. Gerstle’s amazing work and random encouraging comments and remarks the entire team didn’t even know meant so much!!!. Dr. Gerstle, Amber, Ms.G, Dr.H : ABSOLUTELY DEDICATED, AMAZING and HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!! So Positively Life changing and the clincher......Shockingly Affordable!!!!

2 Brittany C from Pikeville, KY – Feb 29, 2020


I recently had a tummy tuck and breast lift with augmentation. I needed a lot of work due to weight loss of 100lbs. Dr. Gerstle has been amazing and he has been there for me every step of the way before and after surgery. I am very pleased with my results. Office visits pre and post op are very quick. I’ve been taken straight back to a room each visit. Not only is Dr. Gerstle great, but he also has a wonderful staff. He has addressed any question or concern I have had and made this a very pleasant experience. I would recommend him for any plastic surgery needs!

1 Kimberly Kern – Feb 04, 2020


Had a great experience with Dr. Gerstle. Was very pleased with my results from a breast reduction and lift. Just before Christmas. Very talented and great bedside manner. He called and checked on me personally. A excellent doctor.

3 1 Jan 19, 2020


Zero Stars. Absolutely HORRIBLE results by Dr. Gerstle. I'm in my mid 40's and this was the worst experience of my life. I regret the day I ever walked into his office and wasted thousands of dollars and months of my precious time. Unbelievable! Thankfully, I was able to find an honest doctor to help me. I would NOT recommend Theo Gerstle to anyone!!!

1 Nov 24, 2019


My overall experience was phenomenal. Dr. Gerstle was an absolute pleasure. He is definitely an artist. Amber and the rest of his team was very professional and very friendly. 42 year old Richmond KY

1 Nov 18, 2019


I had an excellent experience with my lip filler administered by Dr. Gerstle. There was no pain and the result looks completely natural.

2 Jul 15, 2019


Each time I go there the staff is so welcoming. And Dr. Gerstle always remembers my name. And takes time to talk with me for a few minutes. I've never had a doctor make himself so available when you need him.

3 1 Brittany in Paris, KY – Jan 24, 2019


Not only is Dr.G good with his hands(steady)and making sure his patience are 100% satisfied. He is also very kind and makes sure his patience can contact him if you need anything or are worried about anything. All-in-All, he's the best!!!

1 1 Grenda Sanders in KY – Jan 22, 2019


Dr.Gerstle and his staff are friendly and professional. I was well informed about the cosmetic and reconstructive surgery I elected to have Dr. Gerstle preform. Dr. Gerstle's ease and confidence throughout the procedure inspired the same in me. Dr. Gerstle personally called me at home the following day to check on me. The entire experience was positive and the results are lovely. I recommend him to my family and friends.

1 Jan 22, 2019


Dr. Gerstle is an amazing surgeon, I would recommend him to anyone!!!!

1 Kristy S. in Lexington, KY – Jan 21, 2019


Dr. Gerstle is amazing! During my visit he was very patient, thorough, and reassuring. He explained the process of any procedures that I asked about. He was very personable which I appreciate very much. His staff was very pleasant as soon as I walked in. They offered refreshments and were very kind and welcoming! The office is very nicely decorated and clean. I will be a returning patient from now on!

2 Jan 20, 2019


I HIGHLY recommend Dr. Gerstle! He goes above and beyond. My son had an emergency on a Saturday and with one quick phone call Dr. Gerstle had us in office within 30 minutes. Thank you so much Dr. Gerstle for saving my son from lifetime damage! You are a blessing!

1 Tammy foley in Georgetown , KY – Jan 19, 2019


Great plastic surgeon with great bedside manner. He recently performed multiple procedures on me and I couldn’t be more pleased with the results. Has a great staff as well.

1 Lexington, KY – Jan 19, 2019


Dr. Gerstle went above and beyond with his care and service. Dr. Gerstle met us at his office on a HOLIDAY because our son had a head wound that required immediate attention. Dr. Gerstle was extremely knowledgable and had the best bedside manner with children! Our pediatrician was so impressed that the wound has healed so well that he is now recommending Gerstle to all patients.

2 Kyleigh Wright in Lexington, KY – Nov 13, 2018


Dr. Gerstle is truly an amazing doctor. From his education, bedside manner, expertise, and comfortable office. He made me feel right at home and saved my arm from not only the ugly scar but from preventing a frightening medical emergency. He acted fast on my situation from the moment I reached out to him and he took the time to contact me after his normal hours due to his genuine concern of my health. You don’t find that very often and I could not think of going to anything else for my wellness

2 Lexington, KY – Nov 12, 2018


Dr. Gerstle did some work on my eyelids. The results look fabulous. He's very personable and caring. I recommend him highly

1 Nov 11, 2018


Dr. Gerstle did my tommy tuck. The results are outstanding. The healing time was minimal and I am 73 year old diabetic. His bedside manner was so soothing. The procedure took very little time and almost no downtime. He also followed up with phone calls and answered all my questions.

1 Amber in Lexington, KY – Sep 26, 2018


Dr. Gerstle has been following me for the past four years for my Neurofibromastosis. It’s been a life long struggle having NF, but finding Dr. Gerstle has helped tremendously. I recently went back to him to have some Neurofibromas removed from by back. It was a quick and easy in office procedure. He always takes his time and goes over everything throughly. I would recommend him to anyone!!!!!

1 Sep 23, 2018


Outstanding! I went to Dr. Gerstle for basic Botox but he ended up helping me with a situation with my wrist (ganglion cyst) - I was so incredibly grateful. The Botox was successful also of course. He also noted another medical condition that I have (something that nobody else notices, at least not on observation) - I remark on that to people frequently that he is extremely observant.

2 Kaleena in Georgetown, KY – Sep 14, 2018


He worked closely with me, to find the right procedures to reconstruct my body after MAJOR weight loss, so that I would get the best results. He kept up with my after care, seeing me regulary, and making sure I had the appropriate compression garments for a comfortable recovery.

1 Vickie in KY – Sep 03, 2018


I just had a neck & face lift along with fat transfer and a slight chin reduction done. His staff was so easy to get to know, very friendly and willing to help me in anyway they could. Dr. Gerstle is so kind, gentle and so down to earth when talking with you. He is there taking such good care of you even after work hours. I LOVED, LOVED the results I got. He is a fantastic surgeon and puts forth every effort to please you. His main concern is that you get the results that you want.

Donny Wilson in Lexington, KY – Sep 02, 2018


I had a finger injury. I work with my hands daily. I was a bad patient and went back to work the same day. After he removed a cyst from my tendon. Two weeks later totally healed. No scar. So crazy. I feel so secure having a doctor from Harvard working on me.

1 Lilian O in Lexington , KY – Aug 18, 2018


Dr. Gerstle's artistic approach performing fat transfer to my face was phenomenal. It took 8 years off & looks so natural. He listened to all my concerns and took them into consideration while I was under his care. His approachable and kind personality made my experience enjoyable. I would highly recommend him to others considering fat transfer.

Crystal in Lexington, KY – Jul 23, 2018


I LOVE Dr. Gerstle and his staff was amazing. Very passionate about what he does! Loving the new office!

Bella in Lexington KY – May 19, 2018


I had a major injury to my lip and cheek and I just thank God Dr Gerstle was in that emergency room to save my face. The results are truly extraordinary and you’d never believe the damage that was there’d before if you hadn’t seen it. I have minimal scarring 18mths later. He is a wonderful surgeon and a perfectionist and I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone.

Tara in Lexington, KY – Feb 15, 2018


Dr. Gerstle is experienced & excellent with patients. He did a wonderful job for me and I would recommend him to anyone looking for a plastic surgeon.

Michelle in Lexington, KY – Nov 20, 2017


Incredible Facelift, so glad I did it. Dr. Gerstle and his staff and warm and ALWAYS available. As a nervous person, having a surgeon who is skilled AND reachable at all times is almost impossible to find. Highly recommend.

1 Julie Hawley in Simpsonville, KY – Nov 01, 2017


I had an amazing experience with Dr. Gerstle and his staff and his surger center. If I had concerns, I could communicate very easily with the doctor which I really liked. I would highly recommend this doctor!

1 Versailles – Jul 15, 2017


Dr. Gerstle’s has advanced surgical training and an unmatched level of skill. Not only are his results impeccable, but he is completely focused and takes as much time as anyone could possibly need for consultations and post-op visits. Moreover, he is extremely detail oriented and holds himself to the highest standards. His level of attention to each patient is beyond anything I have ever seen. Regardless of the day or hour, he always has a smile on his face and shows a positive, amazing energy.

3 Jennifer in Calvert City, KY – May 30, 2017


In March of 2017 I had my breast implants removed via en bloc and had a mastopexy and nipple reduction. I couldn't be happier with my results. Dr. G has an outstanding bedside manner and has been available for any questions or concerns that I have had. I would highly recommend him.

1 Stacey in Lexington, KY – Feb 16, 2017


My facelift result is more than I could have ever expected. Dr. Gerstle was very clear with what I could expect and exceeded every expectation that my husband and I had. He also cured my migraines!

2 Happy patient in Lexington, KY – Feb 03, 2017


I recently had plastic surgery done by another MD which was disappointing. I had bad scarring of my upper arms with one incision splitting open, necessitating months of wound care. Another scar on my neck puckered skin on one side, making me self-conscious. I contacted Dr. Gristle after reviewing his credentials, feeling he may be able to reverse my problems. He corrected these issues and my skin is smooth and natural. The arm scar revision is healing well and I am very happy with Dr. Gerstle!

2 1 Brandy in Lexington, KY – Dec 30, 2016


The entire process with Dr. Gerstle and his staff has been wonderful. At the recommendation of my primary care physician, I met with Dr. Gerstle. He took the time to listen to my concerns, what I wanted to achieve from the surgery, and confirmed that he could perform a breast reduction correct gigantomastia. Surgery went well without complication. Two months after surgery, my silhouette and my well-being have remarkably improved. I am very pleased with my decision to undergo the procedure.

1 1 Marci J in Lexington, KY – Aug 28, 2016


Knowledgeable, straightforward and amazing results

2 1 Bowling Green, KY – Aug 02, 2016


I had four fist sized tattoos on my body.Two on my chest, and one on each shoulder blade.For personal reasons I needed to get rid of these tattoos. I tried laser removal for three consecutive years and they still wouldn't come out. I was starting to think there was nothing I could do. I finally met Dr. Gerstle. He confidently showed me how easy it would be to remove the tattoos and took care of it. He's the best. All other surgeons I got appointments with were too scared to tackle the procedure.

2 Michelle B in Lexington, KY – Jul 20, 2016


An outstanding experience from start to finish. I felt time, sun and gravity had taken a toll on me and it showed most in my face. After discussing some choices we decided on a facial rejuvenation that included a chin lift, repair to droopy eyes and fat grafting to fill in and add some youthful contour to my face. He and his staff were so attentive in the follow up to my procedure. So much more than expected. He is an excellent surgeon with an outstanding staff.

1 Lexington, KY – Jul 14, 2016


I went to Dr. Gerstle for labiaplasty, and I cannot say enough good things about him . He spent almost an hour and a half talking to us at the first consultation, and is at every appointment you have in the office to talk to you and answer questions. He is a fantastic surgeon, I had absolutely no bruising or swelling AT ALL. Additionally, he gives you his cell phone number and answered a call from us on Friday night at 10:30, then called again Saturday morning to make sure everything was okay.

2 Bryce in Lexington, KY – Jun 02, 2016


Great! He was a great doctor and he made my experience very pleasant

4 Isaac in Lexington, KY – Mar 20, 2016


After accompanying my partner to an Eyelid plastic surgery I decided to switch and use Dr. Gerstle for my Botox injections to the forehead. He is straight forward - explains in detail what he will do, what to expect, any possible side effects and was available by phone and email to answer any further questions- He takes his time when explaining what he will do - I never felt rushed - This will be my regular Dr. for both Botox injections and any future plastic surgery.

3 Lexington, KY – Mar 11, 2016


Throughout the years I have seen other plastic surgeons, but Dr. Gerstle has become my favorite. His emphasis on educating me regarding the expectations of my surgery, his accessibility, and his meticulous attention to detail have convinced me that I am receiving the best care possible. His staff is exceptional as well-always so warm and welcoming.

2 Robin J. in Washington, DC – Mar 09, 2016


Dr. Gerstle and his professional team at Lexington Plastic Surgery went over and beyond to make the entire experience comfortable. I was absolutely pleased with the quality of care and the attentiveness to my concerns. Most importantly, I am thrilled with the results. I would highly recommend Dr. Gerstle to anyone.

2 Lexington, KY – Feb 23, 2016


Dr Gerstle is truly amazing. He makes you feel at ease, he takes the time to explain and draw what he will do, he does not make you feel rushed, and he has the best bed-side manners I have experienced. The visits easily take 1 hr as he takes the time to go over everything in great detail. He is a...Read More

2 DOUG in Lexington, KY – Jan 07, 2016