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Dr. Thomas Loeb, MD is a Cosmetic, Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery Specialist in New York, NY and has over 40 years of experience in the medical field. He graduated from Wash U, School of Medicine medical school in 1980. He is accepting new patients. Be sure to call ahead with Dr. Loeb to book an appointment.

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Dr. Thomas Loeb, MD - Reviews

Jul 20, 2019


I came to Dr. Loeb with a labiaplasty that was done by a different doctor (over a year ago) , and unfortunately for me, one side hasn’t healed properly. It has made me very depressed. After the first consultation with Dr.Loeb I knew I had to chose him! He was able to understand exactly what I wanted without giving me unrealistic solutions to my problem. The actual procedure took around half hour. I was mainly concerned with pain, since I had that unpleasant past experience from a different doctor. But wow! I didn’t feel a thing! Dr.Loeb was attentive and communicated with me throughout the procedure which put me at ease. The staff was very friendly and I was able to communicate with Dr.Loeb easily through email. I really appreciated how quick they were to respond to any of my questions. Both of his offices are beautiful (one in LI and one in NYC) and it was a pleasant experience at each location. I enjoyed my experience with Dr. Loeb and his staff, and highly recommend him!

2 May 29, 2019


I have wanted a rhinoplasty for nearly ten years, and have come close many times, but I am so glad I waited until I found Dr. Loeb. When I had my consultation, Dr. Loeb understood exactly what I wanted - a nose that fit MY face and accentuated the rest of my facial features. Unlike doctors I had had consultations with in the past, he listened to what I wanted and did not try to sell me anything else. He made images of what my nose would look like after surgery and addressed any questions/concerns I had. Between then and surgery, I called the office a couple of times and was always able to speak to Irina (the nurse) and ask questions. This was the first time I had ever had surgery or gone under anesthesia, so naturally I was nervous. The morning of surgery, Dr. Loeb was positive and excited and his team made me feel completely at ease. Before and after surgery, Irina, Heidi, and my anaesthesiologist comforted me (and my very nervous mother) and took such great care of me. I was so surp

Apr 25, 2019


Threading ... an alternative to a facelift. Whole thing took less than an hour; much less expensive; same results. Go with the best for this; Dr. Loeb.

1 Mar 28, 2019


I’m one week out from a revision rhinoplasty with Dr. Loeb and am already thrilled with my result. My nose was overprojected, bulbous and just too big for my face. He was able to achieve a significant reduction (something my first surgeon was unable to do) while still keeping a natural look. I traveled from DC to NY and it was so worth it. I healed so well that I was able to return home after a few days and remove the cast at home over FaceTime. I highly recommend him to anyone. Amazing surgeon!

1 Margaret Dougherty in Cranford, NJ – Dec 13, 2018


Margaret Dougherty I'd like to share my thanks for Dr. Loeb and his staff. Dr. Loeb was my first rhinoplasty consultation and my last. I had a very good feeling about him from the first consultation. The doctor has a wonderful bedside manner. He will answer your questions. He will let you know what is and is not possible. And did I mention the doctors staff?! They are a wonderful bunch. They are professional and very kind. They make you feel comfortable and secure during the whole proc

Brooklyn, NY – Nov 12, 2018


During my primary rhinoplasty consultation with Dr. Loeb, I felt at ease and understood. Dr. Loeb was able to produce a digital image of the results I was seeking without much elaboration. Not one of my questions went unanswered. I I am a very squeamish person, but that morning of the surgery, I felt as comfortable as I do at home. The team - Heidi at the front desk, Irina the surgical nurse, and Dr. Loeb made it a breeze. The recovery was quick and results super-natural. So grateful!

none – Nov 06, 2018


Dr. Loeb was my first rhinoplasty consultation – and my last. He and his entire staff are absolutely beautiful, inside and out. My experience, of course, began with a consult with Dr. Loeb, and afterwards, a discussion with Lisa. I explained to both that I had looked through what seemed like hundreds of before/after photos online and nothing compared to the rhinoplasty results shared on Dr. Loeb’s site. In fact, I had saved some of the photos that best depicted what I wanted to achieve and Dr

marnyc in brooklyn, NY – Jul 23, 2018


I couldn't be happier with my new nose! I contemplated getting a nose job for years and am so happy I went to Dr. Loeb.

1 Feb 27, 2018


I was recommended Dr. Loeb by someone who did rhinoplasty and was extremely satisfied. I personally found her results incredible and didn’t look no further. I have to say I wasn’t disappointed. The professionalism, bedside manner, office staff, recovery, follow ups absolutely amazing results are some things that Dr Loebs office provides. I assure you 100% satisfaction is guaranteed every step of the way. Dr Loeb is one of the few that actually listens to you and asks you what you want.

1 Dec 18, 2017


Dr Loeb is a cosmetic surgery genius and anyone considering rhinoplasty should look no further. He is knowledgeable not just about closed surgery but also dealing with unexpected consequences after. His results are incredible. The nurses and Heidi the receptionist are also very attentive and professional and really look after you after surgery.

Brooklyn, NY – Aug 23, 2017


Dr Loeb is a genius ! For years I've struggled w back fat ! After 2 babies and approaching 40 I knew it was time. He spent an incredible amount of time w me . He was completely honest and told me lipo would not give the results I wanted to achieve . The only way to get rid of it was to do a bra line back lift in combination w lipo . Dr Loeb held my hand and the next thing I knew I was in recovery . My recovery was amazing and I love my new body ! Dr Loeb changed my life .

Marco in New York, NY – Aug 08, 2017


I don't think you will find a better doctor if you are looking for rhinoplasty. Aside from the fact that Dr. Loeb has a stellar reputation in New York, his results are phenomenal. It was a struggle for me to decide to do this . I had a deviated septum and experiencing breathing problem, snoring and sleep apnea. I wanted a plastic surgeon who could fix this problem. He was able to make me breath again and reshape my nose. The surgery was so easy. I was there for two hours and his team is so pro

New York, NY – Jul 22, 2017


I recently had upper and lower eyelid surgery with Dr. Loeb. From start to finish it was a wonderful experience. Dr Loeb really listened and understood my concerns. I had complete confidence in Dr Loeb, the anesthesiologist, and his staff. I love my results and would highly recommend Dr Loeb.

Joy E. in New York, NY – Apr 26, 2017


I have been a patient of Dr. Loeb for years for botox, fillers and eye surgery. He is kind, patient, honest and caring, but most importantly, he is an artist. His work is absolutely beautiful and natural and never overdone. I recently went to him for lipo on multiple areas after wasting thousands of dollars on Ultrashape and Sculpsure with other Drs. as the results were beyond minimal. He did an unbelievable job and gave me my old shape back! I am forever grateful to him! He is the very best!

2 Middle Village, NY – Apr 06, 2017


Dr Loeb is truly amazing. My friend referred me to him as Dr Loeb is friends with her parents. I am a very nervous patient and Dr Loeb calmed all my nerves and I now have good view on male doctors. Before I made my appointment the nurse offered me to send Dr Loeb pictures of my problem area to make sure this was something he could do before coming in to pay the consultation fee. Once he said he could definitely help me, I met with Dr Loeb probably for about a good half hour, which I really l

R. Murin in Brooklyn, NY – Mar 30, 2017


I have known Dr. Loeb for 16 years. He did an excellent rhinoplasty on me. I had a mini-lift & upper/lower eye lids done @ age 49. Results still there. At age 59 I had a full face lift. At 66 years old, people tell me I look like 45. He is extremely meticulous and a caring doctor. He has an impeccable operating room with excellent staff. I look totally natural and not pulled. I would recommend him highly to anyone and have. I plan to go back when necessary. Robin Murin

New York, NY – Feb 01, 2017


Dr. Loeb is an incredibly talented plastic surgeon, and I highly recommend him if you are considering plastic surgery.

Liz in New York, NY – Oct 21, 2016


Dr. Loeb is the absolute A-list choice, and crème de la crème when there is a discussion of any plastic surgeon. His demeanor is outstanding, and his work is impeccable. He’s performed rhinoplasty, liposuction, and breast lift/enlargement on me and the results are stellar. I strongly recommend consulting Dr. Loeb. You won't be sorry. He is THE BEST!

1 Hailey in Boca Raton, FL – Aug 16, 2016


Dr. Loeb is the best of the best. A talented doctor and a very nice man, who is very passionate about his work and truly cares for his patients. He gave me the nose of my dreams and I couldn't be happier.