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Dr. Todd Hobgood, MD

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Dr. Todd Hobgood, MD is a Cosmetic, Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery Specialist in Scottsdale, AZ and has over 22 years of experience in the medical field. Dr. Hobgood has more experience with Pediatric Plastic Surgery than other specialists in his area. He graduated from Ohio State University College Of Medicine And Public Health medical school in 1998. He is affiliated with medical facilities Banner Desert Medical Center and HonorHealth Scottsdale Osborn Medical Center. He is accepting new patients. Be sure to call ahead with Dr. Hobgood to book an appointment.

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Dr. Todd Hobgood, MD - Reviews

1 Patient for Life – Mar 16, 2020


There is no way this man deserves less than 5 stars. His bedside manner, professionalism, and genuineness is seldom seen in this era of assembly line medicine. He never makes you feel rushed, answers every question thoroughly, and comports himself with confidence. I immediately trusted him and never felt like he was selling me a bill of goods. And his surgical skill is top notch. He corrected some previous poor surgical outcomes for me and I could not be happier. He surrounds himself with excellent personnel and clearly takes pride in his business. If more physicians were like Dr Hobgood the world would truly be a better place.

2 Kathy Bruno in Phoenix, AZ – Apr 26, 2018


Dr Hobgood is personable, caring, & the best at what he does. I’m so grateful I found him and his incredible team. Thank you all!

4 Mar 07, 2018


Phenomenal doctor. He put me at ease. Meticulous and highly skilled. If he ever left the state and I needed facial surgery, I would fly to wherever he was. He is that good.

1 Nat in Scottsdale, Arizona – Dec 29, 2017


Incredible experience. Not only is Dr. H extremely well versed in his field, he makes the whole process very understandable. He is also just a fabulous person and I looked forward to every appointment. You can't go wrong with him! I did a rhinoplasty with him and have never felt more confident and beautiful. Thank you!

2 2 J.E. in fairbanks, ak – Nov 19, 2017


My experience with Dr. Hobgood and his staff was absolutely excellent, from initial consultation, through surgery and post-operative care. Prior to meeting with him, I suffered from chronic sinusitis, as well as a deviated septum and collapsed nasal valves. Several months have now passed since the operation (which mainly entailed septoplasty & sinus surgery), and I'm now breathing, and feeling better than ever. Thank you Dr. Hobgood!

3 Patricia in Scottsdale, Arizona – Aug 10, 2017


I highly recommend Dr. Todd Hobgood and his friendly professional staff. After much research and consulting with 5 surgeons, I chose Dr. Hobgood to perform my face/neck/eyebrow lift. I am SO happy I did! My results are amazing, and it has only been 2 months since my procedure! If you are considering facial cosmetic surgery, Dr. Hobgood is the most capable, professional, ethical, meticulous, skillful surgeon you will find. I wish it was possible to give him more than 5 stars!!!

3 2 Anais in Scottsdale, AZ – Jul 21, 2017


Dr. Hobgood has changed my life! I had always contemplated getting a nose job since I was in 7th grade and I knew the minute I met Dr. Hobgood that he would be the one to do it. If you've never met Dr. Hobgood before, he is the most charismatic, genuine, and personable doctor I've ever met. He gave me the nose I should've been born with and it looks extremely natural. No one would ever know I've had anything done! I highly recommend seeing for yourself and scheduling a consultation with him!

2 Carla J in Anthem, AZ – Jun 02, 2017


Dr. Hobgood is so knowledgeable, professional and very caring. I will never go anywhere else. He has a great sense of humor and makes one feel relaxed. I have been elsewhere previous to Dr. Hobgood and he repaired what the previous doctor messed up.

4 Val in phoenix, az – Mar 29, 2017


Dr. Hobgood is one of the most professional physicians I have ever dealt with. He is kind, thorough and truly listens to you. I can not imagine recommending anyone as highly as I do him. I had a facelift and am very pleased. He is never too busy to answer a question and makes himself available as needed. I would rate him as excellent!

3 Chandler, AZ – Feb 08, 2017


I had a Mohs procedure by my dermatologist to remove a basal cell carcinoma from my face. I had Dr. Hobgood close up the dime sized quarter inch deep hole in my face. A month later you can barely see it. Dr. Hobgood was very friendly and did a great job of explaining what he was going to do and the aftercare. My only complaint is I was asked to pay for the procedure in advance and was charged the full rate instead of the insurance rate. I had to request a refund for the credit balance.

4 Amy W in Mesa, AZ – Jan 21, 2017


Couldn't find a better doctor who is more skilled, professional and talented. He has outstanding social skills, is confident, engaging and concerned about his patients. We interviewed three other cosmetic surgeons from La Jolla, CA to Scottsdale, AZ prior to meeting Dr. Hobgood. However, once my husband and I met with Dr. Hobgood for a consultation, we knew he was the right surgeon to perform my face lift procedure. Couldn't be happier. Grateful to have met Dr. Hobgood.

2 Jacqui C in Chandler, AZ – Dec 30, 2016


Dr Hobgood is the textbook definition of a Top Doc. I had a cancer event that required facial plastic surgery repair. Then, adding to the adventure, I ended up being a "challenging" healer. Cannot say enough about Dr. Hobgood's knowledge, professionalism, KINDNESS. I'm so glad my cancer doc sent me to Hobgood. Such a nice man on top of being an excellent doctor. Very hard to find these days. His staff is also the same, they are very supportive and positive. THANK YOU, so so much...

3 Phoenix, AZ – Dec 23, 2016


Dr. Hobgood is the best. He is an expert at what he does and if you choose him for surgery, you will not need to worry or second guess anything. He is also a great person and will spend time with you, make you laugh and feel comfortable. I would recommend him a million times over.

3 Mad4 in Phoenix, AZ – Oct 28, 2016


Doctors like this are Rare today. I was so overwhelmed with a decision I made elsewhere, before I knew better. I found Dr Hobgood through realself.com. I had a very unfortunate experience elsewhere and my previous Dr was of no help in explaining why I was having the symptoms I was. I sought out the expertise of Dr Hobgood and he was very thorough in explaining to me what I was dealing with and how we could proceed should I choose that route. I certainly wont go anywhere else in the future!!

3 Julia Mari in Scottsdale – Oct 13, 2016


Dr. Hobgood was very accessible...knowledgeable, kind, thorough, meticulous. He excels in all regards.

3 Lillian Hurley in Scottsdale, AZ 85258 – Oct 10, 2016


Well the doctor is very understanding and helpful....the nurses are all friendly as well....had a good experience here.

3 E.V. in Chandler, AZ – Sep 01, 2016


As soon as I met Dr. Hobgood I knew I wanted him to be my doctor. He is very kind, knowledgeable and incredibly helpful. He spent a lot of time with me and answered all of my questions. I feel like my new nose is the nose I was always meant to have. I can’t express how much more comfortable I am in my own skin. The only regret I have is not having found Dr. Hobgood 10 years earlier!

3 Melanie B in Chandler, AZ – Jul 29, 2016


I have had several procedures over the years by other doctors and Dr. Hobgood is the best by far...all around great skills and bedside manner. I recommend him to all my friends and family. He and his staff are OUTSTANDING!

2 Kristen C in Mesa, AZ – Apr 06, 2016


My experience with Dr. Hobgood and his staff had been exceptional! I am extremely happy with the results of my surgery. I made sure to follow all of the post-op instructions and I had no complications! Dr. Hobgood and his staff are extremely kind and professional. I would recommend Dr. Hobgood to...Read More

2 Scottsdale, AZ – Jan 20, 2016


Dr. Hobgood is an excellent doctor with the most caring bedside manner!