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Dr. Umbareen Mahmood, MD is a Cosmetic, Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery Specialist in New York, NY. She is affiliated with medical facilities Lenox Hill Hospital and Saint Michael's Medical Center. She is accepting new patients. Be sure to call ahead with Dr. Mahmood to book an appointment.

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Dr. Umbareen Mahmood, MD - Reviews

Robin – Jun 09, 2020


Im a 37 year old femal who was shaped like a box, no joke. After years of wanting to build the courage of getting a tummy tuck i started researching doctors. I came upon Dr. Mahmood profile and decided to do a consultation. Is she the first... No... but she was the last! I recieved my tummy tuck, lipo in the back and lipo in my chin and omg i am HAPPY. This doctor is GOD SEND. She is sweet, caring, gentle and patient! Boy is she patient. Every question is answered. She's HONEST and realistic which is sooooo important when making a life change. I love her. I have never dealt with any doctor that has given me the comfort as she has. I also want to mention this is a real review. I am a real patient and i gain nothing from reviewing, this doctor is simply THE BEST THERE IS!

Apr 24, 2019


It has been almost a year come May. I'm still loving my results. Dr. Mahmood was great,love her bedside manner. I feel great. I never felt more comfortable with myself. She made a difference. It took yrs to make this decision, her work has met my expectations. All questions were answered before asking, a little nervous but the staff made me feel comfortable. So far, good. Highly recommended.

2 Naz in FL – Dec 28, 2018


Dr. Umbareen Mahmood is a wonderful physician and plastic surgeon. She filled my lips to make them larger while keeping them natural looking. She also did a wonderful job making my wrinkles disappear with Dysport. While getting my routine botulinum I also consulted Dr. Mahmood on getting a breast reduction and liposuction. After a number of other consultations I am absolutely positive that she is the best plastic surgeon for the job.

2 New York City – Dec 06, 2018


For years I contemplated breast augmentation. After finally making the decision to do so, I had to find the right plastic surgeon who had a proven track record and expertise, and could make me feel comfortable about the entire process, and through a trusted friend Dr. Mahmood was highly recommended. An from the first consultation visit Dr. Mahmood was absolutely amazing! She was patient with me, answered all of my question, and really assured me. She not only answered all my questions but took t

Joy in NY – Sep 06, 2018


I’ve tried it all (dermatologists, steroid injections, rubbing different keloid reducing oils/creams,etc.)and nothing worked. I came across a LPS commercial and I was determined to surgically remove my chest keloids. Dr. Mahmood was my surgeon and I couldn’t be happier! She answered all my questions and is very professional. The incisions are nearly invisible at this point after have had my surgery almost 2 months ago. My chest is flat and I highly recommend Dr. Mahmood to anyone with keloids.

Jamel Saliba in New York , NY – Jul 28, 2018


My entire life I have had such bad medically induced anxiety. I’ve wanted to get Botox and lip fillers for a while - but my anxiety of going to the doctors would always get in the way. I couldn’t be happier with my entire experience. I highly recommend Dr. Mahmood, not only is she super informative and makes you feel comfortable she’s so relatable, young, and on trend - you feel like she’s a friend giving you lip fillers and Botox! She did such an AMAZING job - the only doctor I will go to!

Sherry Mohabir – Jun 20, 2018


AMAZING AMAZING AMAZING! I was very nervous at first about getting my breast reduction but Dr. Mahmood removed all nervousness I had. Her work is phenomenal, she is very precise and tries to make the procedure as comfortable as possible. She puts her all into each and every patient so that they get the best possible results! I can't explain how Happy I am with my breast reduction and its all thanks to her! she removed the right amount of boob to still give me boobs without it being too heavy on

Happy Patient – Jun 14, 2018


Dr. Mahmood is an amazing plastic surgeon. I always have a delightful experience when I visit her. Despite the procedure being a bit uncomfortable (it is needles in your face), her gentle approach and precision, is why she is my preferred doctor. Dr. Mahmood has a warm disposition and is extremely professional, I would highly recommend her.

Nicole in Brooklyn – May 30, 2018


Dr. Mahmood performed a liposuction procedure on my outer thighs and I am extremely happy with the results. She is thorough, professional, compassionate, intelligent and talented. I was nervous about getting the surgery but she explained the entire procedure pre-op and post-op and she made me feel very comfortable. She even reached out to me after the surgery to follow-up and to make sure I was recovering well. I couldn't have asked for a better doctor. She is amazing.

1 Eva in New york – Mar 13, 2018


Dr. Mahmood is fantastic. She is very pleasant, and goes above and beyond to meet a patients expectations. Dr. Mahmood is extremely skillful and precise. I still can not believe the beautiful results of the tummy tuck that she performed on me. I call her my “miracle worker” because the results of the procedure was an absolute miracle for me, far beyond what I expected. I definitely recommend Dr. Mahmood for any cosmetic procedures.

Ana in New York, NY – Mar 05, 2018


My experience with Dr. Mahmood was incredible! I am 46 years old and after losing over 100lbs through WLS I ended up with too much excess skin. Because of this she suggested fleur de lis tummy tuck but I really didn't want the extra scar. So she said she would try to give me the best results with a regular tummy tuck. And she did! I am beyond happy and amazed with the results! Dr. Mahmood listened to all of my questions and concerns. She was so sweet and caring. I HIGHLY recommend her!

Jen in NY – Feb 05, 2018


Dr. Mahmood did an excellent job and has a warm personality.

Lasean Smith in Brooklyn, NY – Sep 13, 2017


My name is Lasean Smith I had my Breast Reconstruction on May 22nd 2017. I Luv them now 17yrs later, I absolutely luv Dr. Unbareen Mahmood she's my angel. Luv my results I would recommend any and everyone who is thinking of having Cosmectic Surgery. Awesome

1 Kristen in Manhattan, NY – Aug 31, 2017


I had alot of aprehensions going into my breast augmentation. I was an athlete all my life, started lifting weights early in life & never developed a chest. Completely flat & always felt like I needed to wear a bra under a sports bra to feel like a woman. I didn't want to have my boobs done to have big boobs..I even expressed over and over in my appointments with her that I wanted to look as natural as I could...I wanted no one to be able to tell that I had a surgery. I am very happy w/ outcome!

Antonia – Aug 05, 2017


From my preop to postop Dr. Mahmood has been spectacular every step of the way. She returns emails & phone calls immediately despite her hectic schedule; no question was too minor (especially coming from me where everything's an emergency :-) ) her level of professionalism & honesty helps you achieve your body goals long after the surgery is complete

Newark, NJ – Jun 16, 2017


I had a breast augmentation with Dr. Mahmood, I didn't get a chance to see her previous work being that she was new to the location where I had my surgery. But I have to say I am very impressed and satisfied with the outcome with my surgery, for years I have been insecure about my breast due to pregnancy. But Dr. Mahmood has changed that for me and made me a new woman, she was polite, patient with me and knew exactly what would fit me. I appreciate her for this experience.

New York, NY – May 23, 2017


Dr. Mahmood has provided great care and understanding with helping me to look my best! My surgery had the best possible outcome and I could not be happier!! I think she is one of the best surgeons out there! Also the staff at Lexington Plastic Surgeons went above and beyond to take great care of me. I could not recommend Dr Mahmood more!

Brooklyn, NY – May 18, 2017


Dr. Mahmood is an amazing listener and is very understanding when it comes to wanting your goal body . I am amazed with her results and outstanding character. She is absolutely professional but still makes you feel like you know her on a personal level . Definitely a doctor to consider if you want your dream body .

Felicia Lowe-Howard in West Orange, NJ – May 16, 2017


I would recommend Dr Mahmood to my friends and family if they ever needed a procedure done. She was very pleasant and nice, she listened to me and explained to me what to expect during my procedure and healing process. So far I am loving my end results from getting a mommy makeover.

Melanie in New York, NY – May 15, 2017


She is an amazing physician with exceptional skill AND integrity. She also has an unparalleled aesthetic eye!