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Dr. Vijay Mukhija, MD is a Cosmetic, Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery Specialist in Melville, NY. Dr. Mukhija has more experience with Upper Respiratory Conditions than other specialists in his area. He is affiliated with medical facilities Mercy Medical Center and Nassau University Medical Center. He is accepting new patients and has indicated that he accepts telehealth appointments. Be sure to call ahead with Dr. Mukhija to book an appointment.

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Dr. Vijay Mukhija, MD - Reviews

J. Cortese – Apr 09, 2020


I was recommended to Dr Mukhija to address my oversized nasal turbinates. He thoroughly explained options and I agreed to an in office reduction surgery. Six months later I can report sustained improvement in my ability to breathe clearly, especially during the night which was a chronic problem for me. I found Dr Mukhija easy to talk to, a good listener and truly interested in helping with my issue. I am comfortable to highly recommend him.

1 Apr 16, 2019


Available last minute/very professional staff and process/ Dr.Mukhija I am voting Doctor of the year. He found ear canal blockage i have had for years and cured it! Had my first hearing test in years and he reviewed all questions i had. Get your ears cleaned annually and do it here!

1 Mary Beth in Lindenhurst, NY – Dec 13, 2018


Dr. Mukhija is a very kind an caring doctor. He takes his time explaining everything and answers all questions. I highly recommend him.

1 Josephine Barry in NY – Aug 01, 2018


Pleasant,Professional. Explained everything he did. Highly recommend.

1 Lindenhurst – Apr 19, 2018


Had nasal surgery a couple of weeks ago was nervous but felt confident i was in good hands with Dr. Mukhija. He eased my mind with his knowledge and concern. Highly recommend!!

1 Apr 06, 2018


Dr. Mukhija was incredibly knowledgeable, friendly, and reassuring! He was one of the best doctors I’ve ever had. He made sure I got all of the tests and proper care that I needed! I highly recommend seeing Dr. Mukhija!

4 Mar 03, 2018


Never will see this doctor. Doesn’t care or spend any time with patient. Does not escript to pharmacy for the meds he said I should have. Had to call The office 3 times and only got one script. This Dr. is like Jiffy Lube in and out in next patient

1 Fresh Meadows, NY – Sep 30, 2017


Dr. Vijay Mukhija is a great doctor and also an incredible surgeon, he did a brilliant job, with the operation on my nose. I highly recommend Dr. Mukhija, and his staff at ENT Allergy. He is punctual, relatable, well spoken and very professional. I will recommend without hesitation this doctor to anyone, he is absolutely the best.

1 Guy in Bethpage, NY – Sep 12, 2017


I have been going to Dr. Mukhija for approximately 2 years and have nothing but positive experience with him. I strongly recommend him.

1 Garrett Zollo in Bellport, ny – Sep 07, 2017


What more can I say about this guy. He was punctual, relatable, well spoken & professional enough to meet me on my level as to communicate things so I understood them. I happen to be the kind of person that likes to know things in detail to become a wiser human being for the future (especially with my health). Not only did he do the proper testing which I felt was absolutely necessary moving forward, but he alleviated my concerns at every turn with each question I asked. I have offices that a

1 Stephanie G. in NY – Aug 17, 2017


Dr. Mukhija has a warm, kind and caring demeanor. During both of my office visits he put me at ease immediately. He took the time to explain what my symptoms meant and explained the likely cause. He then gave me a course of treatment to follow always listening to my questions and answering in kind. I would recommend Dr. Mukhija without hesitation.

Robert Piper in Catonsville, MD – Aug 16, 2017


My elderly mom, who has dementia, saw her GP for her checkup and was told to see an ENT to clear up a hearing concern. I called around for an appointment without much luck. Called ENT and Allergy Associates in Melville and the folks there could not have been more helpful. From the receptionist who squeezed us in the next day to the nurses, to Dr Mukhija, they were all professional, helpful and kind. Dr. Mukhija could not have been more patient and kind to my mom. We left happy with my mom well.

East Northport, NY – Aug 10, 2017


Very professional and competent.

I can sleep again in Westbury, NY – Aug 02, 2017


Snoring has been such a difficult task there with every night but thanks to Dr. Mukhija and his team, sleeping at night is once again possible. MY husband is able to sleep without being tormented because of his snoring.

3 Ronkonkoma, NY – Aug 02, 2017


The worst. Distant, uncaring, does not listen tothe patient but think she knows everythng. will never go back again

2 Nick – Jul 29, 2017


Dr. Vijay Mukhija, I can`t praise Dr. Mukhija enough, he did a brilliant job, with the operation on my nose. Been receiving nothing but positive respond form friends and family. I highly recommend Dr. Mukhija, and his staff at ENT Allergy, from moment I entered their office, for a wonderful experience

Abayomi in New York, NY – May 06, 2017


DR.Mukhija is a great doctor and also an incredible surgeon, I had surgery and recovered in a short period of time he took his time explaining everything. I will recommend this doctor to anyone he is absolutely the best.

Jacqueline in Melville, NY – May 05, 2017


First time visit to an ENT and was so happy with Dr. Mukhija. He was thorough and informative through out the visit. The new Melville office location he is working is brand new and running smoothly.

Annemarie in Garden City, NY – May 02, 2017


I brought my 2-month old son to Dr. Mukhija to have his tongue tie evaluated and subsequently snipped. Dr. Mukhija was very personable and explained the process to myself and my husband thoroughly. He made a heart-wrenching process for a mom as smooth and as quick as possible, and I would definitely and highly recommend him to any friends and family.

Brooklyn, NY – May 02, 2017


I saw Dr. M in his new office and I'm glad that I was able to follow him from his old practice. He did my sinus surgery several years ago and I have been a whole new person since then. He explained everything including what options I had and what to expect from surgery. He was spot on. I can breathe well and haven't had a sinus infection or headache. Thanks Dr. M!!

3 Brooklyn, NY – May 03, 2016


Horrible the staff was horrible the worst experience never come here again would give no stars but gave me no choice

3 1 Kelvin in Far Rockaway, NY – Jan 06, 2016


All my life I had issues breathing, along with the migraines and snoring. I made an appointment with my primary doctor Juliana, she recommend me to Dr. Mukhija, I schedule an appointment with Dr Mukhija. When I arrived to his office in 401 franklin ave, the nurses and assistance were friendly. He examined my nostrils and found out that I had a deviated septum. And that surgery would be the best option to fix it. My surgery was a success and now I can breath better. Thank you Dr Mukhija.