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Dr. Wayne Foster, MD

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Dr. Wayne Foster, MD is a Cosmetic, Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery Specialist in Toms River, NJ. Dr. Foster has more experience with Upper Respiratory Conditions and Otologic Care than other specialists in his area. He is affiliated with medical facilities Community Medical Center and Monmouth Medical Center- Southern Campus. He is accepting new patients. Be sure to call ahead with Dr. Foster to book an appointment.

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Dr. Wayne Foster, MD - Reviews

4 MT – Mar 09, 2020


Have been a cosmetic patient for many years. Dr. Foster has always taken good care of me and is always very honest with what I do and don't need. I really appreciate that! I highly recommend Dr. Foster not only for plastic surgery but also ear nose and throat issues.

4 Mar 03, 2020


My first visit was good, however, and Unfortunately I needed to change my appointment from a surgical procedure to a less invasive procedure to use my $500 deposit due to extenuating circumstances beyond my control. I was told basically that I could not apply that large deposit to anything else. So in essence the doctor gets to keep my deposit for doing absolutely nothing. I would’ve paid additional money to Apply towards another procedure so in essence the good doctor would still be receiving addition money, which is really what this boils down to, money. This Was on top of another fee for the consultation. Not bad for a 20 minute meeting. Will never go to this doctor again!

5 MB – Feb 07, 2020


Wonderful doc and staff. I am always very happy with the care and results! I recommend Dr. Foster to everyone! He is that good!

7 RK – Dec 27, 2019


Very pleased with Dr. Foster and the outcome of my surgery. He came highly recommended by colleagues. From my first appointment until my final postop my experience was exceptional. I highly recommend Dr. Foster and his amazing support staff.

7 Ismay E Ramus – Dec 09, 2019


Wish I could give more than 5 stars. Dr Foster's impressive excellent medical background is demonstrated in the end results of my upper and lower eyelid surgery. His staff members are amazing and very efficient. Dr Foster is very caring and truly dedicated to the needs of his patients. I was very happy with my whole experience.

7 FU – Dec 03, 2019


Great doctor and experience. I highly recommend Dr. Foster for cosmetic and ent issues.

8 RW – Nov 08, 2019


Dr. Foster is the BEST! He came highly recommended by a colleague and I cannot say enough about his kindness and compassion. He and his staff made a very stressful and anxiety provoking circumstance tolerable.

9 Olivia – Aug 13, 2019


I did my research as i wanted to make sure I went to the best and thats when I found Dr. Foster! He came highly recommended by so many. I had an elective cosmetic procedure and I'm thrilled with my results. Dr. Foster is so kind and caring. You can see that he really cares about his patients as his staff is the same way. They ALL go above and beyond. I cant say enough about Dr. Foster and his amazing team. If I could give six stars I would!!!

5 Apr 23, 2019


Great doc and staff. I recommend family and friends. Have been coming here for over 10 years. Love this guy!

5 Apr 09, 2019


great doctor and staff.

5 Derek in Wall, NJ – Jan 18, 2019


Great surgeon.. Knowledgeable. Had a nasal fracture repaired. Highly recommend

5 JS in Toms River , NJ – Jan 09, 2019


Very happy with Dr. Foster and staff. highly recommend.

4 HD in Wall , NJ – Dec 01, 2018


Great experience! I’ve been To multiple offices for Coolsculpting and decided on Dr. Foster. I was most impressed by his staff and results their patients had. I can’t wait to see my results!

3 John C. in Rumson, NJ – Aug 11, 2018


Awesome ear, nose and throat and facial plastic surgeon. Love this guy!

1 KL in NYC – Apr 25, 2018


Dr. Foster is a class act. I drove from NYC to see Dr. Foster for revision rhinoplasty. My results are exceptional. I highly recommend!

1 Amanda in Bayville – Apr 20, 2018


Absolutely amazing! Hardly any wait time (being a first time visit) the staff and Dr. Foster are extremely friendly and definitely made my daughter and I very comfortable! Would highly recommend!!

1 John in Toms River – Oct 30, 2017


Good doc, fantastic office staff. Was having severe sinus issues and they were able to squeeze me in.

6 7 Aug 09, 2017


This doctor lacks something called... common sense!! He is arrogant and inept. Please do not trust / listen to what he recommends and have your health / life permanently destroyed like mine was!!

7 8 DM in Point Pleasant Beach, NJ – Jun 12, 2017


Dr Foster is awful. He is incompetent & is mean. I have tried to leave reviews before to warn other possible victims but only the 5 star reviews probably from his staff are shown. He has scarred me horribly after what should have been a fairly minor procedure. Since then I have met at least 3 other former patients who despise him. I wish there had been more accurate reviews before I went to him. This man is NOT a good Dr. Run away & see someone else!

4 2 NJ – Apr 26, 2017


Stacey was courteous and understanding at every level of service that was provided.

5 Margaret E in Toms River, NJ – Jun 24, 2016


having been a patient of this great doctor this year 2016. I immediately experienced his wonderful chair-side manner which made me feel at ease and by his sheer confidence in his abilities and proven by the procedures I had done. I never felt uncomfortable and indeed was comforted by his cheerful conversations and smile as he went about the business of my procedures. His nurses being great also. I would recommend Doctor Foster to anyone looking for professional expertise and great outcomes.

16 8 Toms River, NJ – Jun 08, 2016


so mean

4 1 sarah pingrey in princeton, nj – May 07, 2016


I highly recommend dr Foster. He cares and is exceptionally skilled.

4 james hilton in hamilton, nj – Apr 23, 2016


Exceptional. Professionalism beyond my experience with others nearby. I had problems with no nose and sinus problems for years. He straightened me out without going to surgery. He used a balloon to open my nose and sinuses. No more headaches and I breath great. Took great care of me, like a brother. Thanks again.

9 14 Brick – Feb 10, 2016


Simply the worst decision of my life. He attempted to fix my fractured nose and all he managed to do was shape it like something that was smashed with a baseball bat and breathing is now nearly impossible. When I told him of this he just said I don't know what you're talking about you have good airflow and don't worry the swelling will go down Literally can't even recognize myself, please,please do yourself a favor and choose another actually competent doctor.