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Dr. Yael Halaas, MD is a Cosmetic, Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery Specialist in New York, NY and has over 24 years of experience in the medical field. She graduated from Joan Sanford I Weill Medical College Of Cornell University medical school in 1996. She is accepting new patients. Be sure to call ahead with Dr. Halaas to book an appointment.

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Dr. Yael Halaas, MD - Reviews

Jul 27, 2019


I am very satisfied with the results I feel confident and so happy I came to Dr. Halaas.

Jul 20, 2019


Loved everything.

M.L. – Jun 27, 2019


Most natural result I have seen!

May 09, 2019


I have been coming for 9 yrs and have always been happy with my injections. They are not watered down and last longer and longer because I started young and do minimal injections. Halaas never pushes me to do more.

Apr 17, 2019


Experience was great! Great Dr. and staff.

Apr 13, 2019


All results from procedure are amazing. The staff are very nice and caring.

L.F. – Feb 17, 2019



Susan Cohen – Jan 26, 2019


My overall experience with this practice was fantastic. The doctor was amazing as well as the staff. From the initial consultation through the follow up visit, everything was perfect.

Susan G. – Sep 22, 2018


Facelift took 20years away!

1 Ahmed NY – Aug 19, 2018


Dr is talented,honest,attentive, friendly. Dr took a lot of time to answer all of my questions. Surgery was so smooth, and after the surgery I felt ZERO pain, ZERO discomfort, I did not even feel that I had been through the surgery. I recommend Dr. Halaas to anyone and everyone Thousands of thanks to Dr. Halaas!!!

Debra C. in New York, NY – Jul 15, 2018


I have been coming here for years. I always leave feeling brand new!

Patrick in New York, NY – Jun 29, 2018


Dr. Halaas is the go to for beard transplants. It's been a year since my beard transplant and the hairs have grown in perfectly. I no longer have those awkward empty patches on my beard. It finally is shaped the way I want it. Recovery wasn't even that bad. Also during the procedure I was very comfortable as the dr and her staff were extremely friendly.

Lauren O. in New York, NY – May 18, 2018


Had the best facial ever. HydraFacial was by far the best facial experience I have ever had. Dr. Halaas suggested I do the Britenol Booster. I left the office with such a glow. I purchased a package because I am hooked!

Heidi Oneal in New York, NY – Dec 03, 2017


Dr. Halaas is so sweet and genuine. I trust her with my life and I know she will always do outstanding work.I love walking into her office, the ladies there are so warming. Her office is all around a great experience.

Patti L. in New York, NY – Dec 01, 2017


Excellent work. True professionals. Deeply caring.

G.G. in New York, NY – Nov 30, 2017


I had lower blepharoplasty and my only regret is not having it done sooner. I am truly amazed at how everything turned out and could not have asked for a better surgeon and overall experience! As if her expertise wasn't enough, her top notch staff was icing on the cake. Sheyla (patient services coordinator) and Priscilla (medical assistant) were excellent.

Corey63753 in New York, NY – Apr 16, 2017


Everything was wonderful from start to finish and I could not be happier with the results!! Dr. Halaas was amazing and really listened to my concerns and requests and was so wonderful to work with.

Shelby34 in New York, NY – Apr 15, 2017


Dr Halaas is a great doctor. My eyes were horrible- it was baggy and made me looked old and tired. After my first consultant with Dr Halaas I was positive she was the perfect doctor. My eyes now look amazing and now I feel so confident, happy - and young.

Donna8172 in New York, NY – Apr 13, 2017


I love the work I had done.

Ken688010 in New York, NY – Apr 04, 2017


Very pleasant and professional Dr and crew!

2 Ali929135 in New York, NY – Dec 02, 2016


Very friendly and professional. Noticeable affects from treatments.

Igal62452 in New York, NY – Nov 20, 2016


dr Halaas has a great bedside manner,she makes you feel like you are her only patient

Stuart319 in New York, NY – Nov 04, 2016


Always a pleasure to see the staff and physician. They make me feel comfortable and informed.

Taylor825 in New York, NY – Nov 02, 2016


Excellent communication and very helpful advise.

1 Pamela in New York, NY – Jul 28, 2016


Amazing experience. As soon as you walk in to the office you are greeted by a super friendly staff. The wait time is understandable since Dr. Halaas spends so much time with her patients. I felt so comfortable asking question about the procedure I needed. Did not feel rushed as I have with other doctors. Best plastic surgeon in the state by far.

Stacey401 in New York, NY – Jun 10, 2016


My experience with the doctor and staff is excellent ,every visit.

Marion01 in New York, NY – Jun 03, 2016


Listens to patient needs.