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Dr. Zachary Gerut, MD is a Cosmetic, Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery Specialist in Hewlett, NY. He is affiliated with North Shore University Hospital. He is accepting new patients. Be sure to call ahead with Dr. Gerut to book an appointment.

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Dr. Zachary Gerut, MD - Reviews

1 Jul 23, 2020


If you are hesitant to book with Dr. Gerut YOU WILL NOT REGRET IT!! Him and his whole team are awesome and will make you feel comfortable and at home. I have had multiple procedures with him and have also recommended him to my best friend who is also extremely happy with her results. I would...Read More

1 Jul 14, 2020


I originally saw Dr. Gerut after a friend recommended him as a highly skilled plastic surgeon. I went to see Dr. Gerut after having procedures done by two other physicians that resulted in a very poor outcome. Dr. Gerut in his very calm and confident manner explained in detail why I was not...Read More

2 Jul 06, 2020


Dr. Gerut is one of the best plastic surgeons there is. He is not only personable and kind- he has an amazing eye. Ten years ago I had a neck lift with a different doctor, it left big noticeable scars in front of ears and my neck was still droopy, I was so unhappy with it. Dr. Gerut not only...Read More

5 Sandra S Ferreira – Jun 14, 2020


Is more two years since 05/08/18 I had my surgery breast implant thru the arm pet (d.r Gerut recommend not to do thru the arm pet) I insist him dit. D.r Gerut and the staff specialy Mandy care about after the surgery wen I wass home. I'm so happy my breast look natural without scare I recommend ...Read More

3 Jun 10, 2020


I cannot day enough good things about Dr. Gerut, Jess (PA) and Mindy. I received upper arm Lipo and from the beginning Dr. Gerut was honest with me and didn’t just tell me what I wanted to hear. They took AMAZING care of me and my results are incredible. I could not have had a better experience.

3 Yailda – May 30, 2020


Everyone is just so polite and welcoming. Dr. Gerut never fails to make me happy with my results. I recommend him 100 percent.

6 Alla – May 25, 2020


It’s now been several months since my surgery (12/18/19), and I am extremely happy with my results. Dr. Gerut performed a flawless breast lift along side his incredible staff who have been with me every step of the way during this process, thank you Karina for being there for me 24/7! From our...Read More

6 May 19, 2020


I have been a patient of Dr. Gerut for many years. He is above all extremely talented, professional, and caring beyond my expectations. What's also important to me is that Dr. Gerut keeps up with the latest procedures. I was back at work within 3 days after my face lift. My face looks natural,...Read More

4 May 16, 2020


I had an upper eyelid surgery with Dr. Gerut and I super thrilled with the results. Very natural and exactly what I wanted. Excellent doctor. Actually, the entire staff is. Very kind and supportive. If you are considering some anti-aging surgery, highly recommend.

5 stacy falk – May 16, 2020


Dr Gerut , is one of the most gifted plastic surgeons on the planet, he is brilliant as well as extremely compassionate, and of course knowledgeable beyond, Dr Gerut did my daughters rhinoplasty, the most beautiful natural stunning nose you could ever imagine having, Dr Gerut Also did a facelift,...Read More

5 Brett Saslow – May 11, 2020


Dr Gerut and his entire team are fantastic. Dr Gerut himself is the finest doctor I know. He always shoots you straight, and is so careful and prudent. And his work is spectacular. I have used him as well as many people I know. And he has exceeded all of our expectations.

6 Apr 27, 2020


I had my nose done by Dr. Gerut and I cannot recommend him highly enough! He and his staff and patient and kind from start to finish and always made sure I was comfortable and happy with my care. Dr. Gerut gave me the nose that was always meant to be on my face and I cannot thank him enough! I’m...Read More

5 A very happy patient – Apr 26, 2020


I had surgery with Dr. Gerut and I have to say that it I am so glad that I did!! I had wanted to have my neck lifted for years and I am so happy that I waited until I found this doctor!!! I had gone for consultations to other doctors and it just never felt right. From my first phone call to Dr....Read More

5 Rona S – Apr 13, 2020


Dr Gerut is the most meticulous, talented, artistic and caring Plastic Surgeon I have EVER had the pleasure of having work done with. Not only is he the most caring & indredible Doctor, his staff is also incredible. From start to finish, the whole experience couldn't have been better. Dr Gerut did...Read More

5 Asya – Mar 31, 2020


Superb ??!!!! Dr. Gerut is excellently skilled plastic surgeon and an amazing human being!!! He is caring above and beyond!!! I know him since 1997. He fixed my nose . And I cannot thank him enough!!!! Great result, super natural outcome. It looks like I was born with this nose. Everyone...Read More

1 4 Mar 18, 2020


After being told three times that I was not a candidate for a tummy tuck, I saw Dr Gerut. He told me I was a perfect candidate! I had the surgery and from that day forward, my physical and mental health declined. I was in 24/7 pain and had a bulge on my right side. Dr Gerut gave me injections for...Read More

1 Rosanne B – Mar 16, 2020


I have been a patient of Dr. Gerut for the past 5 years. His surgical skill, professionalism and dedication as an accomplished Plastic Surgeon makes him stand out among his peers. Dr. Gerut is professional, honest, kind and genuine in his compassion and concern for his patients. I have had numerous...Read More

1 Mar 13, 2020


I recently had a mommy makeover from Dr Gerut. I am so happy with my amazing care and especially my results. It included a breast lift and tummy tuck. I never thought I would be looking forward to the beach again, but now with my flat stomach, I can’t wait to be in a two-piece! I saw the one bad...Read More

Mar 13, 2020


I had the best experience and amazing result using Dr Gerut for my mommy make-over. This included a breast lift and a tummy tuck. I never thought I would be able to even be seen on a beach again, but now can’t wait for this summer to be back in a two-piece. Dr Gerut is an amazing surgeon and a...Read More

2 I got my body back! – Nov 19, 2019


Amazing! I waiting a long time to get my body back and a week ago today i finally did. From the moment i walked into the office it was so comfortable! Dr Gerut and jessica his pa were so knowledgeable and always accessible! They checked up on me constantly and being a provider myself that means...Read More

June Feigelman – Oct 30, 2019


Amazing plastic surgeon!

Anita – Jun 07, 2019


Dr. Gerut is a compassionate skilled plastic surgeon. Staff is amazing and so helpful. Wonderful results with my breast augmentation and hardly any discomfort

2 Mar 21, 2019


Dr. Gerut’s professionalism, compassion, attentiveness, and skill set are unmatched by any other. I have never met a surgeon who is so relatable and leaves you with a feeling of insurmountable confidence. I have since relocated from New York to North Carolina, but travel back to see Dr. Gerut for...Read More

3 Mar 27, 2018


Doctor Gerut is one of the most professional, caring and talented doctors I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. His warm and patient demeanor create an instantly comfortable doctor patient relationship. He is extremely knowledgeable and honest. highly recommend a visit!

3 1 Rockaway Park, NY – Aug 02, 2017


Best experience ever. As scared as I was before the procedure Doctor Gerut and his amazing staff put my mind and heart at ease. And my results after my TT are amazing!

2 1 Bonnie Farber in Jamaica ests – Jun 05, 2017


Dr Gerut & his staff are empathic & comforting. I had a procedure with Dr Gerut 11 years ago & would only consider Dr Gerut when deciding to do anything additional.After your initial consultation with Dr Gerut you will see how special he is.

2 1 Marielle G. in Long Beach, NY – Apr 18, 2017


Dr. Gerut performed a rhinoplasty on me two years ago. I could not be more pleased with the results. I get compliment upon compliment on my nose saying how gorgeous it is and if I tell them it was worked on they are so surprised (in a good way- it's so natural looking) I told Dr. Gerut upon...Read More

1 1 Lala in New York, NY – Mar 08, 2017


When for a consultation with him and he mad me feel very comfortable and was very easy to speak too and give me good advice

2 1 Nataliya Muzikovskaya in Brooklyn, NY – Dec 15, 2016


I would highly recomend Dr.Gerut to everybody,I totaly satisfied with the procidure.Tne recavery was less than expected.Now I look 15 years younger. Thank you doctor.HAPPY HOLIDAYS. Nataliya Muzikovskaya