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Dr. Ziyad Hammoudeh, MD is a Cosmetic, Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery Specialist in Miami, FL and has over 12 years of experience in the medical field. He graduated from Temple University medical school in 2008. He is affiliated with Marina Del Rey Hospital. He is accepting new patients. Be sure to call ahead with Dr. Hammoudeh to book an appointment.

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Dr. Ziyad Hammoudeh, MD - Reviews

Jul 18, 2020


I had a surgery last month. I had breast implants, 360 lipo And legs lipo with J plasma, also did my ears. He is awesome I trusted him on the size of my implants, and my breast look beautiful and super natural. Everything else looks amazing. No wonder people come from all over the country to see him.

2 Tekeah Harris – Jun 06, 2020


My surgery was a posterior back lift with lipo and fat transfer. I highly recommend him for complex procedures. I originally just wanted a BBL (who doesn't these days) and fought adamantly for it but my very busy Surgeon Dr. Ziyad Hammoudeh was kind and patient enough to explain to me why it would not render the best results. I am a major weight loss patient and we need skin removal and repositioning unlike others who can get away with a little lipo and fat transfer. I fell like any other surgeon would have just given me what I wanted knowing it wasn't a good choice. I am so happy that i went with Dr. Ziyad Hammoudeh. He walked me through several other options that would give me superior results and of course he was absolutely correct. I am extremely satisfied with his skills and bedside manor. I never felt rushed or coerced. This was very important to me. His results are consistent and amazing. His follow ups for out of state patients such as myself ate done through messages a

6 Luciana Gerrish – Apr 15, 2020


A friend of mine recommend me Dr. Ziyad a while ago. I was a little worried to go Miami since I had no idea what to expect, where to stay, recovery, etc. I started to research about him and fell in love with his work. I had an online consultation and he made me feel very comfortable. He is very pleasant, professional and knowledgeable. I had my surgery about 3 months ago and I am so happy with my results. I had Vertical Sleeve gastrectomy in 2015, had lost 90lbs and Dr. Ziyad made me look better than ever dreamed of. I had Tummy Tuck with HD lipo, lipo on flanks, breast lift with silicone implants. He is very realistic to your goal. He is amazing and I cant wait to have my next surgery.I highly recommend Dr. Zyiad work.

3 Carolee in Bloomington – Jun 22, 2019


I had a facelift, neck lift, lower eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty), and fat transfer to the face and hands with liposuction of my abdomen to remove the fat. I look way younger. My neck is really beautiful. I am so happy with my results. These are the results I have wanted for a long time. And I love my doctor! He is the best!

6 May 26, 2019


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3 1 May 19, 2019


Dr. Ziad is a very talented doctor, He is confident in his work, and he knows how to achieve the right shape. he cares about his patients and interested in making sure that everything is going well through the healing process.

3 Apr 30, 2019


By far the most fantastic doctor i have ever had! Your search for an amazing plastics surgeon ends here. This is my experience: I just recently had a septoplasty and rhinoplasty done by Dr. Ziyad--and it has turned out amazing. I was struggling a long time with a nasal fracture, severe deviated septum, and my overall all nasal appearance was deformed. All this was due to a trauma injury to my nose years earlier. My nose made me extremely self conscious because my nose was terribly damaged. I could feel my bone on the left side of nose, my nasal passageway was blocked which made it extremely hard to breath, constantly dealing with headaches, and it even got worse at night when I found myself gasping for air if I turned and accidently slept on my stomach. This is when I told myself that I couldn't take this anymore. It wasn't getting any better from sprays or over the counter drugs. I ended up calling Dr. Ziyad's office and they were able to schedule me in for a consultation.

3 Mar 21, 2019


I had a transaxillary breast augmentation (implants through the armpit). I had very little discomfort throughout the whole recovery. I woke after surgery with a super happy feeling and no pain whatsoever. I could not be happier!

3 1 Vickie A Saucedo in LA, CA – Feb 23, 2019


I had a botched tummy tuck 5 years ago. I was unhappy because I had hanging pubic skin and fat remaining. I decided to see Dr. Hammoudeh to fix this because of his reputation for fixing complex problems after previous botched surgeries. I was very happy with what he did for me. He totally fixed the hanging skin with no additional scars. I am so happy I am planning to go back for a thigh lift.

1 Dec 06, 2018


I cannot express in words, how highly I think of Dr. Hammoudeh and his staff. Dr. Z is the most professional, very talented, highly skilled, and most attentive doctor I have ever met. Before having my surgery done, I met with a few other doctors and no one came close to him in explaining the procedure, and the aftermath as well as he did. All his staff members are very professional and attentive as well. Overall a great experience & outstanding results. I am Extremely satisfied with the results!

2 Marina del rey , CA – Nov 23, 2018


I had 400cc gummy bear teardrop shaped breast augmentation about 4 months ago . They have dropped into place nicely. The symmetry is very nice, and the size is the right fit for my body. I am 100% satisfy with the result and would like to thank Dr. Hammoudeh for his great job. He is very knowledgeable,professional and friendly. He is always available for any concern or question regarding the surgery. There are a lot of plastic surgeons in LA but it’s hard to find the the one who you can trust.

3 Elizabeth Reyes in Inglewood, CA – Nov 14, 2018


I had a tummy tuck by Dr. Hammoudeh 6 months ago. I am super happy with the results! I feel very confident about my body. Highly recommend!

2 Christine K in Huntington Beach, CA – Oct 07, 2018


I had a mommy makeover by Dr. Hammoudeh. That included liposuction, tummy tuck, breast lift with fat tranfer to the breasts. It was the best decision I ever made! He truly changed my life! He was wonderful throughout the whole process. He was always available to answer questions after surgery. I feel much more secure about my body now. I love my results!

1 Dr, Sharon Friedman in Santa Monica, CA – Oct 02, 2018


I suffered a severe and extensive tear of the skin of my shin. Dr. Hammoudeh helped me to avoid the necessity of a skin graft by carefully nurturing the surviving skin during daily home visits in which he painstakingly cared for my wound until it healed. He was always kind, caring and skillful. I can recommend him without reservation.

1 Marisela in South Gate, CA – Sep 25, 2018


I am 2 months out from breast implant removal. After reading many reviews I decided to select Dr. Hammoudeh for my surgery. I was initially hesitant about having the procedure, but after meeting him, I felt very comfortable choosing him as my plastic surgeon. The procedure was very easy, and I did not even need the pain meds. I had upper back pain every day, and that was gone ever since surgery. My clothes fot better and everyone tells me I lool skinnier. The recovery was very easy with NO DRAIN

1 Lorrie in Huntington Beach, CA – Sep 25, 2018


I had upper and lower eyelid surgery with fat grafting to the face a year and a half ago. I am 100% happy with the results. I would recommend Dr. Hammoudeh for any of your plastic surgery needs! I just came back to see him for a tummy tuck!

1 Teresa Figueroa in CA – Sep 19, 2018


I am very very happy with the results of my operation! Doctor Hammoudeh is amazing, So professional and friendly. I had a very bad experience with my previous treatment and I had some complications, Dr Hammoudeh advised me for the better solution for my problem. he just wanted to help me to get the best results! And he did! All the staff was very friendly! Thank you! -Teresa.

1 Vanessa in Downtown LA, CA – Sep 18, 2018


Dr. Hammoudeh does the best Botox ever! He injected my forehead, between my eyebrows, and my crow's feet. My wrinkles went away completely and it lifted my brow very nicely. It was super even everywhere. If you are considering a plastic surgeon, go to him!

1 Natalie in Los Angeles, CA – Sep 11, 2018


I have gotten Botox from Dr. Hammoudeh about 5 times. He is excellent! His technique is so gentle and he is very strategic about his injection location placements. That makes the results look amazing! I have had Botox by several other plastic surgery offices, and he does it the best! He listens and has great follow up on the results.

4 Nancy in Huntington Beach, CA – Sep 07, 2018


I had a bbl and tummy tuck revision by Dr. Hammoudeh almost 2 years ago. He is an excellent surgeon! Before my surgery, we went over exactly the kind of buttock shape that I desired and let me tell you, he nailed it! I have also recommended him to several girls that have gone to him as well and they are very pleased. Two of them are nurses so what does that tell you? My tummy tuck scar is no longer a scar. It is barely visible. Look no further!

2 Caroline G in SANTA MONICA, CA – Sep 06, 2018


Dr. Hammoudeh has given me a new light on life. My confidence has been restored since Dr. Hammoudeh preformed my lower body lift. I highly recommend Dr. Hammoudeh if you are seeking a professional, caring and overall AMAZING plastic surgeon.

1 Jan in El Segundo, CA – Sep 05, 2018


Dr. Z. Hammoudeh injected Dysport to my face. He is very professional , very gentle. He explains everything he is going to do. I had a great result with long lasting effects.

3 Gigi in CA – Sep 01, 2018


Dr. Hammoudeh is the best of the best! From his care and concern during the consultation, to his easing me pre surgery, and then his availability to swiftly answer texts after surgery, I have been in excellent hands each step of the way. I am thrilled with my new nose and I continue to sing his praises. Dr Hammoudeh is a doctor of the highest of the high caliber with the unique blend of genuine kindness and incredible expertise.

2 Stacy in Los Angeles, CA – Aug 28, 2018


I highly recommend Dr. Ziyad Hammoudeh! I couldn’t be happier with my breast augmentation results. Dr. Z’s attention to detail and insight on which technique will look best on his client makes all the difference. He is a highly qualified surgeon with an exceptional amount of experience. I wanted a more natural look and that’s exactly what I received. He has a brilliant eye for aesthetics and symmetry. Dr. Z is extremely knowledgeable and gifted at what he does.

1 Jorge in Hawthorne , CA – Aug 27, 2018


Had the Gynecomastia surgery and scar removal surgery. I couldn't not be more happy with the results. Now I'm excited and came in for a consultation to get the fat removed from my cheeks. Great Dr highly recommend!

2 Adri87 in Marina del Rey , CA – Aug 27, 2018


I had my breast augmentation with Dr. Hammoudeh, and I couldn't be anymore pleased. Dr. Hammoudeh has such a stellar bedside manner and his work speaks for itself. I've referred my family and friends all with the same stellar results. By far the best !!

4 Cathy St George in Los Angeles, CA – Aug 22, 2018


I just want to say how amazing Dr. Hammoudeh is and incredible artist as well. I had to have a breast implant revision for severe capsular contractures. For me it was very mportant for the surgery to go well as I was not only a Playboy centerfold but also cover girl. My body and any changes would surely be noticed. Not only did the surgery go well, my breast were far more beautiful than before. Add that with an incredible bedside manner, a good listener, and you have a great doctor! Thanks Dr Z

1 Vernetta Morrow in Lawndale, CA – Aug 22, 2018


Dr. Ziyad Hammoudeh was great! My results was just the way I visioned. However, I recommend any and every one to visit him. He has good advise and honestly he knows what’s best when it comes to the results. My visits hs been a learning experience and if I need to go for something else I would love to come back to Dr. Hammoudeh soon for something new really soon.

3 DebD in Los Angeles, CA – Jul 24, 2018


Dr. H is an extremely talented surgeon with an amazingly warm personality. He genuinely cares about you. He listens to and makes note of all of your concerns. Excellent follow up care. If you are looking for fabulous results and a surgeon who cares, listens, and goes above and beyond to make your transformation spectacular...please go see Dr. Hammoudeh! I had upper eyelid surgery and brow lift....fantastic job! Quick recovery: no scars for me. (His nurses and staff are also truly wonderful!)

7 patricia in santa monica – Jul 19, 2018


Dr. Hammoudeh is an exceptional cosmetic surgeon. He performed my facelift surgery more than one year ago. I continue getting rave comments for his work. My face looks completely natural, just younger and healthier. Dr. Hammoudeh treats every patient as an individual with individual hopes and desires. I trust him and I recommend him completely.

2 Robert S in Redondo Beach, CA – Jul 14, 2018


I had Botox with Dr. Hammoudeh three times. It took away the wrinkles around brow and forehead. Always a great job! Very friendly and professional staff! Highly recommend!

7 Ptovar in Los Angeles, CA – Jul 14, 2018


Dr. Hammoudeh did a mommy makeover with breast implants through my armpit and a tummy tuck with liposuction 6 months ago. I love my results!!! My breasts look really natural and very symmetric. My belly is super flat and toned now after having 2 kids. I get a lot of compliments when I wear crop...Read More

3 Fatemeh in Delray, FL – Jul 05, 2018


I went to Dr. Hammoudeh for liposuction of my abdomen and thighs. He was very professional and did a great job for me. I am very happy with his care. Very skilled surgeon. Super nice and friendly. A+ plastic surgeon!!!

5 Giselle in Temecula, CA – Jul 05, 2018


I saw Dr. Hammoudeh for facial rejuvenation. He did an outstanding job! Very personable and caring. Exceptional training. I send all of my family members and friends to him. Look no further for any of your face or body plastic surgery needs!

5 John James in Cabazon, CA – Jul 02, 2018


Dr. Ziyad Hammoudeh is an outstanding plastic surgeon. I had a hugh gash and scar on my forehead from a slip and fall injury. After his surgery and period of healing, you can not see the scar on my forehead. I will use him in the future to repair the bags under my eyes. Also, my dear friend wife saw him for a face lift revision and eye lid surgery. They were amazed at how personal and friendly he was including spending plenty of time on focusing on the needs of his wife. I definitely recom