BREAST REDUCTION – Reduction Mammaplasty

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We know what it’s like to live with uncomfortably large breasts – the
shoulder and neck pain, skin irritation, the feelings of self-
consciousness, the difficulty exercising, the unwelcome stares. Having
breasts that are just too large for your frame can affect you in so many
Reduction mammaplasty is a highly personalized procedure. If you
consider going under the knife, you can count on us to provide you
access to the best medical professionals in the business.

What is it about?

Reduction Mammaplasty commonly referred to as breast reduction
provides relief from multiple physical problems that are as a result of
having large, pendulous breasts. The procedure is fairly simple and it
aims to improve aesthetic appearance by providing an overall flattering
shape and proportional breast size to the rest of the patient’s body. Or,
if medically indicated, to improve posture and eliminate back and neck
pain resulting from uncomfortably large breasts.

The procedure involves the removal of breast tissue masses, fat and
skin through a variety of incision techniques. Your surgeon would talk
you through the particular technique that would be applied to your
case during consultation.

The Most Important Thing to Look Out For in Your Surgeon.

There is a high satisfaction rate amongst patients who have undergone
this procedure. However, it is important that you only engage the
services of board certified plastic surgeons, and those with high
reputational image and client satisfaction.
There are a few other points to note:

Experience. The years of experience and number of surgeries the
surgeon has performed can help you determine if they are the
right fit for you.

Specialty. Are they specialist in this area of surgery or is the
procedure one of many they can handle? Answers to these
questions can help you filter your search.

Repuscore. The repuscore is the overall rating of the surgeon or
surgical practice on our platform. The score collates the ratings
under different metrics and assign a commiserate score to the

surgeon or surgical practice based on client reviews and
satisfaction surveys.

What to Expect

Depending on the technique applied in your procedure, you should
expect some scarring. The extent of scarring is largely dependent on
the size of the breast and extent of reduction.
Usually, in most cases, the procedure would involve bringing the skin
that was formerly located above the nipple down and together in order
to reshape the breast. And also liposuction to improve the contour of
the area under the arm.
Patients should expect to be placed under general anesthetics during
the procedure and should also pack for an overnight or even a few days
stay at the facility.

Generally, what is the Recovery Time?

Following a breast reduction surgery, the incisions will be dressed and
bandaged, and if necessary, a small, thin tube may be temporarily
placed under the skin to drain any excess blood or fluid. To help
minimize swelling and provide support to the breasts, as well as

diminish swelling and discoloration, an elastic bandage or support bra
may have to be worn for a few weeks.
Ideally, healing should occur within a couple of weeks but, patients
must avoid strenuous activities for at least several weeks up to 4 weeks
or more.
During the initial healing process, it is normal to feel some discomfort.
While this can be alleviated with prescribed medication, any severe
post-operative pain should be reported to your surgeon.

How much does it cost?

The cost is dependent on a few variables. The experience of the
surgeon and the location of the practice are the two most important
variables that often determine what you are likely to pay for your
procedure. However, it is not unlikely that you would receive invoices
north of $5000 for the operation.
A standard procedure would cost anywhere between $5000 and $7000.
The cost would usually include:
1. Surgeon’s fee
2. Operating room fees
3. Anesthesia fees
4. Medical tests

5. Prescriptions for medication
6. Post-surgical garments
If your breast mammaplasty is medically indicated, your insurance
providers can cover the cost. Breast reduction is often covered by
insurance if it can be proven that the size of your breasts is the cause of
certain health-related problems. You can discuss this option with your
surgeon during consultation.

Is it worth it?

Breast mammaplasty has a high satisfaction rate; it is one of the highest
in the industry. The procedure is not a permanent one as the skin and
tissues of your breast are likely to still expand overtime, however, the
procedure if done properly should remain in shape for a very long time.

Eligible Candidates for Brest Reduction

If you fall under any of these categories, you would benefit from the

Adult male or female with large, pendulous breast.

Man who suffer from gynecomastia.

Individuals who suffer back and should pains as a result of large
sized breast.

Individuals with breast that causes an overall body disproportion.

Large breast with nipples and areola pointing downwards.

Breasts that cause overall body disproportion.

Dramatic asymmetrical appearance with one breast much larger
than the other.

Potential Risk

Like every procedure reduction mammaplasty carries its own set of
potential risks and complications. The most common problems that
could develop after a breast reduction surgery include: asymmetry, risk
of skin or nipple loss, change or loss of sensation, and the loss of the
ability to produce milk.
It is common for patients to experience some change in their nipple
sensation after surgery, but this is usually temporary and can last about
six months to a year. In order to prevent and lessen the chance of
developing post-operative complications, be sure to follow the
instructions of your surgeon.

Final Word

Breast mammaplasty is a fairly simple procedure. You should start to
feel better after a couple of weeks and should be at your normal
activities in 4 to 5 weeks. Scarring is normal and would fade overtime.

Because of normal breast elasticity, the procedure is not a permanent
solution but if done properly, you should retain the shape and size for a
very long time.
It is also important that you adhere to all instructions from your

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