Neck Lift - Cervicoplasty

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A straight chin exudes confidence and a vibrant look. But what happens
when due to aging or genetics, the skin of your neck and under chin
starts to droop? A Neck Lift is a best option for men and women with
drooping neck and under chin line.
A Neck Lift, also known as a chin lift, offers a smoother and more toned
appearance to skin under the chin and neck area that has lost elasticity.
An elegant neck contour is not only associated with a youthful
appearance, but also with health and vitality.

What is it about?

Cervicoplasty is a surgical procedure that can be customized to a
patient's unique needs and desired results. The procedure aims to
subtly eliminate fat and loose skin from under the chin and around your
neck area. The procedure guarantees a smoother tone and a vibrant
Like most cosmetic surgical procedures, the Neck Lift can be performed
as a standalone procedure or as part of a facial contouring plan. Your
surgeon would talk you through the process and your options for
creating your ideal appearance.

The Most Important Thing to Look Out For in Your Surgeon.

The most important factors to consider in your choice of surgeon are
that they are board certified plastic surgeons, and have high
reputational image and client satisfaction.
There are a few other points to note:

Experience. The years of experience and number of surgeries the
surgeon has performed can help you determine if they are the
right fit for you.

Specialty. Are they specialist in this area of surgery or is the
procedure one of many they can handle? Answers to these
questions can help you filter your search.

Repuscore. The repuscore is the overall rating of the surgeon or
surgical practice on our platform. The score collates the ratings
under different metrics and assign a commiserate score to the
surgeon or surgical practice based on client reviews and
satisfaction surveys.

What to Expect

The procedure involves the removal of excess skin around your neck
region by making some incisions behind the ears. The procedure is

minimally invasive as such, there isn't going to be too much scarring.
However, you should expect a decent amount of swelling in the early
days. You are also likely to have some bruises and would experience
mild discomfort for some time.
The whole operation can last between 3 – 6 hours depending on the
amount of work to be done and the technique used in the procedure.
During consultation, your surgeon would discuss your options with you
and answer any questions that you might have.

Generally, what is the Recovery Time?

Patients should be back to work in 7 – 14 days. Normal activities can
resume after a few weeks but you should be patient with the process.
Avoid situations that can slow down your recovery time and adhere to
all instructions from your surgical team. Avoid over exerting yourself
and strenuous exercises for a while and always have your compression
pads on at all times during recovery.

How much does it cost?

The experiences of the surgeon, the location of the practice, your
health and medical history, and the extent of work to be done are some
of the most important variables that would determine how much it
would cost.

However, a standard procedure would cost anywhere between $2000
and $5000. The cost would usually include;
1. Surgeon’s fee
2. Operating room fees
3. Anesthesia fees
4. Medical tests
5. Prescriptions for medication
6. Post-surgical garments (compression pad, etc.)
Neck Lift is a cosmetic surgery and as such it is not covered by any
health insurance plans. However, some practice offer in-house
financing options for individuals looking to undergo this procedure.

Is it worth it?

The Neck Lift offers a toned, youthful and vibrant outlook to boost your
confidence all day. The procedure is minimally invasive and presents a
toned, sophisticated feeling of self worth every time.
The procedure is worth the expenses as overall, the results are
generally long lasting.

Eligible Candidates for Neck Lift

People of all ages can benefit from this procedure. But, the procedure is
usually performed on individuals 40 and above at the onset of aging.

Potential Risk

As with all surgical procedures, the Neck Lift presents its own set of
potential risks and complications. The most common problems that
could develop allergic reactions to medications, swelling, infection,
minor scarring or bleeding.
Your surgeon would talk you through the potential risks and steps to
take to avoid an occurrence of a complication. In order to prevent and
lessen the chance of developing post-operative complications, be sure
to follow ALL instructions from your surgeon.

Final Word

The Neck Lift is a fairly simple procedure. The procedure is quick and it
has a high acceptance rating. The procedure offers you an opportunity
to restore your body confidence, giving you a vibrant look and a toned

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